Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nana drove Mum to the Hospital on Monday morning, and then she took me to Gym Tots using a Clever Computer to tell her were to go. We had a great time at Gym Tots, and then afterwards we went to Ikea for Lunch (I had pasta!). Nana used the Clever Computer on the way back to tell her how to get back to the Hospital so we could pick Mum up; I fell asleep in the car but I woke up when we got home. I took Nana down the village to get some bits and pieces while Mum had a rest, and on the way back we went to the Park!

We went to Funtastic on Tuesday morning and met all of my friends there. It was great; but I got really hot from all the running around. After lunch, Mum had a sleep and I played with Nana. Later on, we went to the Doctors but not for Mum: I had to go and get some Injections. The Nurses were very kind and said I was very brave, but the last one hurt quite a lot. We had to wait at the Doctors for a bit afterwards, so Nana went off to the Shop and brought me back some yummy Sweets. We went to the Park after that and then we had to go and drop Nana off at the Station (I saw lots of trains). I was sad to see her go but I'm pretty sure she'll be back soon. On the way home we collected Dad from his Work. I helped Dad draw some technical diagrams in the Board Room while Mum chatted to the people in the office.

We had a quiet day today, because I was feeling a bit hot and funny after my Injections and Mum was also a bit tired. We had to go back to the Doctors in the morning to drop off my Red Book. The afternoon was a bit more exciting because Aunty Jenny came round to play (I showed her my new bedroom), and then we went to Jamie's house to play. All my friends were there and we all had a great time.

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