Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mum had to go see the Doctor at the Hospital on Thursday morning, so I went to play with my friend Lewis at his house. His mum is very nice, and we had lots of fun (my favourite was the Play-Doh ball throwing game we invented). Mum was ages at the Hospital, and it was Lunchtime by the time she came to collect me, so we ended up staying for Lunch. When we got back, we played in the Garden for a bit and then Aunty Jenny came round and I chased her round and round until she was quite worn out!

We went to the Library on Friday morning. I found a found a really good book about Bulldozers, and then we went off to the Village to do some more jobs. When we were we went to the Train Park, where we saw a train three times! Mum was a bit tired after all the running about, so we ended up watching the Olympics on the Sofa. Before we knew it, we were both fast asleep! When we woke up we went to the Farm Shop where we met Jamie and Morgan. Just before tea, I went round to play with Aunty Jenny for a bit just before tea, and I found this!

It was a bit wet on Saturday. I helped Dad at the Big Shop in the morning (we stopped for some yummy Toast on the way in), and then when we got home we took The Mog to the Vee Eee Tee for her injections. She was very brave, and hardly complained at all, but I made sure she was alright the whole way there. On the way back, Mum dropped me and Dad off at the Park, where we spent a happy (but soggy hour) playing on the Swings. It was very wet in the afternoon, so we spent the rest of the day watching the Olympics and doing housework.

We had fun on Sunday. We went to Cardiff Castle on the Bus! When we arrived, we found that there were some Events on: we went to a funny Puppet Show about Sir Gawain (Hurrah!) and the Green Knight (Booo!). Mum and Dad did lots of shouting at the puppets, and at the end we were allowed to play with the Puppets (I liked the Horsey the best).

We went to see some people shooting some Arrows after that, and then Mum had a Rest while me and Dad ran to the top of the Castle (you can see a long way from up there). Then we went to get some Lunch at China China (I had some yummy Pasta... Only kidding! I had lots of yummy Noodles). We went back home on the Bus after that. I like riding on the Bus. When we got home, I played in the Garden with Dad for a bit, and then we all collapsed in front of the TV until it was time for tea. I was very tired!

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