Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's been a week of many Grandparents! Mum had to go to Hospital on Monday morning, so I went to Gym Tots with Aunty Cheryl with Aunty Aimee and Bella. We all had a great time. We came home for lunch, and we played in the house waiting for Mum to come back. She took ages! She got back a really long time later (the Hospital was very busy). We played in the house with Aunty Cheryl for the rest of the afternoon.

On Tuesday morning, we went to Boots with Aunty Jenny from Next Door to get some things for the Baby. Later on, Aunty Libby came round for a quick chat (well, it was actually quite a long chat) and then we went to Jamie's Party. It was at the place we normally do Tots and there was a Bouncy Castle and lots of Party Food. It was great!

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, Grandma and Grandad were here! I was very excited to see them. Mum had to go to the hospital, so Grandma and Grandad took me to Cafe Junior for the morning. We also managed to get into Monkey Music, which was great. Me and Mum had a snooze after lunch, and while we were asleep Grandma and Grandad were Magic Pixies and had cleaned the Front Room (Mum was very pleased: she doesn't like cleaning).

We went to the Train Park on Thursday morning, and this time we actually saw some trains! When we got back, one of Grandma's friends came to see us and I showed them all my toys. We ended up going to the Farm Shop for Lunch (I had some yummy Pasta), and after lunch me and Mum went to play at Ewan's house. When we got back, Grandma and Grandad had been Cleaning again (they'd done a really good job).

Mum had to the Hospital again on Friday, so Grandma and Grandad took me to Roath Park. We went on the Big Boat, which was great! We collected Mum on the way home, and then Grandma and Grandad had to go home after Lunch. I was a bit sad to see them go: I've really enjoyed having them around to play with me! After they'd gone, we watched some of the Olympic Opening Ceremony (I liked the Fireworks and the Tai Chi), and then we went to Jamie's house for the rest of the afternoon.

It was very wet on Saturday, so we did some jobs around the house. I was a bit bored: Mum and Dad aren't as much fun as Grandma and Grandad, especially when there are jobs to do! We went to the Big Shop in the morning (I had Toast!), and then in the afternoon we played in the house until Dad took me to the Wacky Warehouse. It was really hot there, and quite busy, but I had a great time dragging Dad around.

Dad took me to the Train park on the Bike again on Sunday morning. It was very windy, and we got a bit wet when it rained, but we had a great time anyway. After we got back, we watched the Gymnastics on the Olympics for a bit (it's just like Gym Tots; I reckon I could do it). Then I helped Mum make some Biscuits, and after we'd cooked and decorated them we went to the Station to collect Nana! She was a bit late, but I didn't mind because I got to see lots of trains. I was very excited to see Nana: we're going to have lots of fun over the next few days.

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