Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's been a rather special week as Catrin, my baby sister, arrived on Friday evening. her full name is Catrin Grace, but I like to call her "Kitty". She weighs just 2.1kg (that's 4lb 13 oz). I think she's lovely.

Ma and Pa have been staying for a few days (of which more later), and I've loved having them around. They took me to the Big Shop on Saturday morning, and then they dropped me off at the Hosptial so I could meet Kitty. She was hiding in an Incubator when I arrived because she was a bit cold:

She's a very sleepy baby:

Ma and Pa had to go home when we got back from visiting Mum. I was a bit sad to see them go. I played with Dad and Aunty Jenny in the afternoon (we washed the car and played Ball on the Road), and then Aunty Ceri and Nana turned up (Aunty Ceri is very funny). It was all very exciting!

Dad went to see Mum again this morning, so I helped Aunty Ceri and Nana at the Big Shop. I found the perfect present for Kitty: a Bear with a Muggy Square. I originally thought she might like a Digger, but as soon as I saw the Bear with a Muggy Square I knew that was the right thing to get her. Dad took me in again just before lunch so I could give it to her:

We all played Trains on Mum's bed:

Later on in the afternoon, I went Swimming with Dad while Nana and Aunty Ceri went to see Catrin again. I'm looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow.

Earlier this week...

We went to Funtastic with Ben, Bella and Jamie on Tuesday morning. I had a lovely time charging about and playing with all my friends. And in the afternoon, Ma and Pa arrived! It was great to see them again, and we played all afternoon.

I helped take the Car to the Garage on Wednesday morning. We started by using the NooNoo on the inside, because it was Boggin. Then we went in Ma and Pa's car to Penarth, where we played for a bit on the beach (Ma was very surprised to find sand there). Me and Pa threw stones into the Sea; Pa can make stones jump and bounce when they hit the water. Even better was that we ended up going to a Pub for lunch. In the afternoon, Mum stayed home for a rest while I took Ma and Pa to Aunty Cheryl's house to play.

Mum had to go to the Hospital on Thursday morning, so me, Ma and Pa went on an Expedition on the Trains. We took the Train all the way to the Central Station, and then we stayed there for a bit to look at all the Trains. I saw lots of small trains but there were a few Gordan Trains too (Gordan pulls the Express Train). Then we went to get some Cake from the Cafe, and after that we found a Digger moving some Stones into a Lorry. It was all very exciting.

In the afternoon, Becca came to play at my house for a bit. Then Dad came home early because the Hospital wouldn't let Mum come home, on account of the Baby being ready to come out. We all went in to see her before me, Ma and Pa came home for tea. Dad stayed to look after Mum, so Ma and Pa had to put me to bed.

Dad was here on Friday morning, but Mum was still in the Hospital. Dad went off to the Hospital after breakfast to see Mum, so I spent most of the day with Ma and Pa again. We went to the Train Park, where one of the Trains beeped at me! Mum was still in Hospital and after lunch we went to see her for a bit. Dad took me to the Park on the way back, and then we all went home for tea. Dad had to rush off back to the Hospital to see Mum just after tea, so Ma and Pa ended up putting me to bed. It's been great to have them around these last few days.

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