Sunday, August 03, 2008

I went to the hospital with Aunty Cheryl and Mum on Monday morning. There was a bit of waiting around, but I got to see the Baby on the Special TV! I was very pleased because the Baby waved at me. Mum had to stay for some more tests after that, me and Aunty Cheryl went to Heath Park for a bit until Mum was finished. We ended up having lunch at Snails, where I had an enormous Toasty.

When we got home, Nana arrived! It was very exciting! We played in the Garden after that, and as it was very hot we decided to get the Paddling Pool out. However just as it was ready, it started to rain! I was very upset.

On Tuesday we went to the farm shop with Nana, Aunty Aimee and Bella. Lots of my friends were there, had a lovely time eating Cake and playing with all the Toys. In the afternoon, I took Nana to the library and then I helped Nana paint the Cardboard Rocket in my New Room. Nana said I was a very good helper.

Mum had to go to the Hosptial again on Wednesday, so Nana was very brave and drove me in Mum's car to Cafe Junior. Nana didn't know about the importance of having Cake at Cafe Junior, but I soon showed her how it should be done. I had a lovely time playing, and I even managed to get into Monkey Music too! In the afternoon. we did some sorting through some boxes and I found some very exciting Technical Lego that used to belong to Uncle Dave! I could hardly wait until Dad got home so we could play with it.

We went to the Big MotherCare on Thursday morning. It used to be really boring at MotherCare, but now they have lots of toys you can play with so it wasn't too bad. Mum and Nana too ages though, and it was lunchtime by the time we were done (we shopped for lunch at a Big Shop). After that, we went to the Park for a bit and we were having so much fun that Nana nearly missed her train! It's been great having Nana around: I've really enjoyed playing with her and she's done lots of useful jobs for Mum and Dad too. I like playing with Nana.

Me and Mum were all a bit tired in the afternoon, and it was all wet and rainy so we watched Monsters Inc.

Mum had to go to the Hospital again on Friday, so Dad came home from Work early to look after me. We took Mum to the Hospital and then he took me for a Haircut. I quite liked having my hair cut, and I sat very still for the Hairdresser (she gave me a sweet for being such a good boy). We went to Heath Park after that, and it turned out that some of the Nurses from the Unit were having a Teddy Bears Picnic! It was good to see some of my Nurses again.

We picked Mum up after Lunch, and shortly after that Mum's friend Angela arrived (she liked my new room). And a little while later, Aunty Cheryl arrived too! Then they all left in Aunty Cheryl's Car: they were going to see a Play (I thought it sounds like fun). Dad said that they would be back on Saturday. Me and Dad also left at the same time, as we were going to the Cinema to see Wall-E. The film was great, but there were loads of Adverts before the Film and I got really bored waiting for it to start.

I went with Dad to the Big Shop for some Toast on Saturday morning. Once we'd done the shopping, we went to the Park for a bit and then we went home to wait for Mum to come back. Mum and Aunty Cheryl had had a lovely time at the Play, and I was very pleased to see Mum again. We played in the house for the rest of the day.

Dad took me out on the Bike to the Train Park this morning. It started to rain when we got there, so we had a bit of a Picnic underneath the play house until it stopped, but otherwise I had a lovely time playing on everything (especially the Swings). In the afternoon, we went to Naimh's Christening party, and Rowan and Ella and Mabli where there too. After the Church, we all went back to Rowan's house for a bit of a Party Tea (I played with Rowan's Digger a lot). We all had a great tine, particularly when Rowan's Mum got out the Bubble Machine.

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