Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I went over to Ewan's house on Monday, while Mum went to the Hospital again. We had a lovely time playing, and after a while we went out to the Library and then we went to the Big Shop to get Ewan some Wellies. After lunch Aunty Clair drove me back to my house to find Mum, and we all played some more.

We went to Funtastic on Tuesday morning and it was great. All my friends were there, and it was very busy and I got so hot I needed a change of clothes when we got home. In the afternoon, we went to my Childminder's house with Mum. It was great to see her again, and I had fun throwing blocks at her Big Boys. Even more excitingly, Ewan and Ellie came over to play too, as my Childminder used to look after Ellie when she was younger. We all had lots of fun.

Mum had to go back to the Hosptial today, so Aunty Cheryl came over to look after me. We had a great time playing Ball in the Kitchen ("Gooooaaallll!"), and doing Jigsaws and reading Stories. We watched some Olympics over lunch (I nearly did the great Horrocks tradition of falling asleep in front of Sport), and then we went to Jessica's house to meet some of my friends.

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