Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's been a rather special week as Catrin, my baby sister, arrived on Friday evening. her full name is Catrin Grace, but I like to call her "Kitty". She weighs just 2.1kg (that's 4lb 13 oz). I think she's lovely.

Ma and Pa have been staying for a few days (of which more later), and I've loved having them around. They took me to the Big Shop on Saturday morning, and then they dropped me off at the Hosptial so I could meet Kitty. She was hiding in an Incubator when I arrived because she was a bit cold:

She's a very sleepy baby:

Ma and Pa had to go home when we got back from visiting Mum. I was a bit sad to see them go. I played with Dad and Aunty Jenny in the afternoon (we washed the car and played Ball on the Road), and then Aunty Ceri and Nana turned up (Aunty Ceri is very funny). It was all very exciting!

Dad went to see Mum again this morning, so I helped Aunty Ceri and Nana at the Big Shop. I found the perfect present for Kitty: a Bear with a Muggy Square. I originally thought she might like a Digger, but as soon as I saw the Bear with a Muggy Square I knew that was the right thing to get her. Dad took me in again just before lunch so I could give it to her:

We all played Trains on Mum's bed:

Later on in the afternoon, I went Swimming with Dad while Nana and Aunty Ceri went to see Catrin again. I'm looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow.

Earlier this week...

We went to Funtastic with Ben, Bella and Jamie on Tuesday morning. I had a lovely time charging about and playing with all my friends. And in the afternoon, Ma and Pa arrived! It was great to see them again, and we played all afternoon.

I helped take the Car to the Garage on Wednesday morning. We started by using the NooNoo on the inside, because it was Boggin. Then we went in Ma and Pa's car to Penarth, where we played for a bit on the beach (Ma was very surprised to find sand there). Me and Pa threw stones into the Sea; Pa can make stones jump and bounce when they hit the water. Even better was that we ended up going to a Pub for lunch. In the afternoon, Mum stayed home for a rest while I took Ma and Pa to Aunty Cheryl's house to play.

Mum had to go to the Hospital on Thursday morning, so me, Ma and Pa went on an Expedition on the Trains. We took the Train all the way to the Central Station, and then we stayed there for a bit to look at all the Trains. I saw lots of small trains but there were a few Gordan Trains too (Gordan pulls the Express Train). Then we went to get some Cake from the Cafe, and after that we found a Digger moving some Stones into a Lorry. It was all very exciting.

In the afternoon, Becca came to play at my house for a bit. Then Dad came home early because the Hospital wouldn't let Mum come home, on account of the Baby being ready to come out. We all went in to see her before me, Ma and Pa came home for tea. Dad stayed to look after Mum, so Ma and Pa had to put me to bed.

Dad was here on Friday morning, but Mum was still in the Hospital. Dad went off to the Hospital after breakfast to see Mum, so I spent most of the day with Ma and Pa again. We went to the Train Park, where one of the Trains beeped at me! Mum was still in Hospital and after lunch we went to see her for a bit. Dad took me to the Park on the way back, and then we all went home for tea. Dad had to rush off back to the Hospital to see Mum just after tea, so Ma and Pa ended up putting me to bed. It's been great to have them around these last few days.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thursday was very exciting, because Aunty Cheryl took us out to buy my Skateboard for the Pushchair. It's blue, and I'm very pleased with it. We also went out for Lunch at an Italian Cafe (and for once I had Pizza instead of Pasta, and it was so yummy I ate it all!) We also saw a whole load of Diggers at a building site, and we watched then for at least 20 minutes.

Friday was pretty quiet, but we had a lot of fun when we went out for a Picnic with George and Lewis at the park near Ewans house.

Me and Dad went to Dad's Work on Saturday morning, because he wanted to pick up his Computer. While he was sorting things out, I played with the Ball and drew some Diagrams on the board. Then we went off to the Big Shop, where I had some yummy Toast. The Big Shop was a bit boring, but there was just time to go to the Park when we were done. After lunch, we played in the house for a bit, and then we all went Swimming. I've not been for ages, but it was great fun (especially the the Wave Machine).

We got up early on Sunday and went down the Bay with Aunty Aimee and Bella. There were loads of things going on and lots of things to see and it was great. We ran around a lot, then we stopped for a drink and some Cake, and after that we played in a big Sand Pit for a bit before Bella and Aunty Aimee had to go home. We had a Cheesey Pancake for lunch, and after that some people did some Sky Diving (one of them had the Olympic Flag). Then I took Dad on a Pirate Ship for an explore and then we had to go home. I was a bit tired after all the excitement and fell asleep on the way home. We spent the rest of the day playing in the garden.

Mum went to the Hospital again on Monday morning, but it was a Bank Holiday and Dad wasn't at Work. However, after we'd dropped Mum off at the Hospital, we went back to Dad's Work to drop off his Computer. I saw three trains while we were there, and one of them saw me waving and beeped at me! Then we went off to Roath Park, and as it was a bit wet we were the only people in the Playground for ages! We stopped off at the Cafe on the way back, and then we headed home to get some Lunch. Mum was ages at the Hospital, and we'd finished lunch and were busy playing with Lego when she called to ask us to come and get her.

After we'd got Mum, we went to Heath Park to go on the Little Trains. The were fantastic! I went on three different trains, including two Steam Trains. I also stood and watched the trains go round the track for a long time. The people who work there are very lucky! We were all a bit tired when we got back, and we spent the rest of the day watching Cars. Neeeeowmmm!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I went over to Ewan's house on Monday, while Mum went to the Hospital again. We had a lovely time playing, and after a while we went out to the Library and then we went to the Big Shop to get Ewan some Wellies. After lunch Aunty Clair drove me back to my house to find Mum, and we all played some more.

We went to Funtastic on Tuesday morning and it was great. All my friends were there, and it was very busy and I got so hot I needed a change of clothes when we got home. In the afternoon, we went to my Childminder's house with Mum. It was great to see her again, and I had fun throwing blocks at her Big Boys. Even more excitingly, Ewan and Ellie came over to play too, as my Childminder used to look after Ellie when she was younger. We all had lots of fun.

Mum had to go back to the Hosptial today, so Aunty Cheryl came over to look after me. We had a great time playing Ball in the Kitchen ("Gooooaaallll!"), and doing Jigsaws and reading Stories. We watched some Olympics over lunch (I nearly did the great Horrocks tradition of falling asleep in front of Sport), and then we went to Jessica's house to meet some of my friends.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mum had to go see the Doctor at the Hospital on Thursday morning, so I went to play with my friend Lewis at his house. His mum is very nice, and we had lots of fun (my favourite was the Play-Doh ball throwing game we invented). Mum was ages at the Hospital, and it was Lunchtime by the time she came to collect me, so we ended up staying for Lunch. When we got back, we played in the Garden for a bit and then Aunty Jenny came round and I chased her round and round until she was quite worn out!

We went to the Library on Friday morning. I found a found a really good book about Bulldozers, and then we went off to the Village to do some more jobs. When we were we went to the Train Park, where we saw a train three times! Mum was a bit tired after all the running about, so we ended up watching the Olympics on the Sofa. Before we knew it, we were both fast asleep! When we woke up we went to the Farm Shop where we met Jamie and Morgan. Just before tea, I went round to play with Aunty Jenny for a bit just before tea, and I found this!

It was a bit wet on Saturday. I helped Dad at the Big Shop in the morning (we stopped for some yummy Toast on the way in), and then when we got home we took The Mog to the Vee Eee Tee for her injections. She was very brave, and hardly complained at all, but I made sure she was alright the whole way there. On the way back, Mum dropped me and Dad off at the Park, where we spent a happy (but soggy hour) playing on the Swings. It was very wet in the afternoon, so we spent the rest of the day watching the Olympics and doing housework.

We had fun on Sunday. We went to Cardiff Castle on the Bus! When we arrived, we found that there were some Events on: we went to a funny Puppet Show about Sir Gawain (Hurrah!) and the Green Knight (Booo!). Mum and Dad did lots of shouting at the puppets, and at the end we were allowed to play with the Puppets (I liked the Horsey the best).

We went to see some people shooting some Arrows after that, and then Mum had a Rest while me and Dad ran to the top of the Castle (you can see a long way from up there). Then we went to get some Lunch at China China (I had some yummy Pasta... Only kidding! I had lots of yummy Noodles). We went back home on the Bus after that. I like riding on the Bus. When we got home, I played in the Garden with Dad for a bit, and then we all collapsed in front of the TV until it was time for tea. I was very tired!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nana drove Mum to the Hospital on Monday morning, and then she took me to Gym Tots using a Clever Computer to tell her were to go. We had a great time at Gym Tots, and then afterwards we went to Ikea for Lunch (I had pasta!). Nana used the Clever Computer on the way back to tell her how to get back to the Hospital so we could pick Mum up; I fell asleep in the car but I woke up when we got home. I took Nana down the village to get some bits and pieces while Mum had a rest, and on the way back we went to the Park!

We went to Funtastic on Tuesday morning and met all of my friends there. It was great; but I got really hot from all the running around. After lunch, Mum had a sleep and I played with Nana. Later on, we went to the Doctors but not for Mum: I had to go and get some Injections. The Nurses were very kind and said I was very brave, but the last one hurt quite a lot. We had to wait at the Doctors for a bit afterwards, so Nana went off to the Shop and brought me back some yummy Sweets. We went to the Park after that and then we had to go and drop Nana off at the Station (I saw lots of trains). I was sad to see her go but I'm pretty sure she'll be back soon. On the way home we collected Dad from his Work. I helped Dad draw some technical diagrams in the Board Room while Mum chatted to the people in the office.

We had a quiet day today, because I was feeling a bit hot and funny after my Injections and Mum was also a bit tired. We had to go back to the Doctors in the morning to drop off my Red Book. The afternoon was a bit more exciting because Aunty Jenny came round to play (I showed her my new bedroom), and then we went to Jamie's house to play. All my friends were there and we all had a great time.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's been a week of many Grandparents! Mum had to go to Hospital on Monday morning, so I went to Gym Tots with Aunty Cheryl with Aunty Aimee and Bella. We all had a great time. We came home for lunch, and we played in the house waiting for Mum to come back. She took ages! She got back a really long time later (the Hospital was very busy). We played in the house with Aunty Cheryl for the rest of the afternoon.

On Tuesday morning, we went to Boots with Aunty Jenny from Next Door to get some things for the Baby. Later on, Aunty Libby came round for a quick chat (well, it was actually quite a long chat) and then we went to Jamie's Party. It was at the place we normally do Tots and there was a Bouncy Castle and lots of Party Food. It was great!

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, Grandma and Grandad were here! I was very excited to see them. Mum had to go to the hospital, so Grandma and Grandad took me to Cafe Junior for the morning. We also managed to get into Monkey Music, which was great. Me and Mum had a snooze after lunch, and while we were asleep Grandma and Grandad were Magic Pixies and had cleaned the Front Room (Mum was very pleased: she doesn't like cleaning).

We went to the Train Park on Thursday morning, and this time we actually saw some trains! When we got back, one of Grandma's friends came to see us and I showed them all my toys. We ended up going to the Farm Shop for Lunch (I had some yummy Pasta), and after lunch me and Mum went to play at Ewan's house. When we got back, Grandma and Grandad had been Cleaning again (they'd done a really good job).

Mum had to the Hospital again on Friday, so Grandma and Grandad took me to Roath Park. We went on the Big Boat, which was great! We collected Mum on the way home, and then Grandma and Grandad had to go home after Lunch. I was a bit sad to see them go: I've really enjoyed having them around to play with me! After they'd gone, we watched some of the Olympic Opening Ceremony (I liked the Fireworks and the Tai Chi), and then we went to Jamie's house for the rest of the afternoon.

It was very wet on Saturday, so we did some jobs around the house. I was a bit bored: Mum and Dad aren't as much fun as Grandma and Grandad, especially when there are jobs to do! We went to the Big Shop in the morning (I had Toast!), and then in the afternoon we played in the house until Dad took me to the Wacky Warehouse. It was really hot there, and quite busy, but I had a great time dragging Dad around.

Dad took me to the Train park on the Bike again on Sunday morning. It was very windy, and we got a bit wet when it rained, but we had a great time anyway. After we got back, we watched the Gymnastics on the Olympics for a bit (it's just like Gym Tots; I reckon I could do it). Then I helped Mum make some Biscuits, and after we'd cooked and decorated them we went to the Station to collect Nana! She was a bit late, but I didn't mind because I got to see lots of trains. I was very excited to see Nana: we're going to have lots of fun over the next few days.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I went to the hospital with Aunty Cheryl and Mum on Monday morning. There was a bit of waiting around, but I got to see the Baby on the Special TV! I was very pleased because the Baby waved at me. Mum had to stay for some more tests after that, me and Aunty Cheryl went to Heath Park for a bit until Mum was finished. We ended up having lunch at Snails, where I had an enormous Toasty.

When we got home, Nana arrived! It was very exciting! We played in the Garden after that, and as it was very hot we decided to get the Paddling Pool out. However just as it was ready, it started to rain! I was very upset.

On Tuesday we went to the farm shop with Nana, Aunty Aimee and Bella. Lots of my friends were there, had a lovely time eating Cake and playing with all the Toys. In the afternoon, I took Nana to the library and then I helped Nana paint the Cardboard Rocket in my New Room. Nana said I was a very good helper.

Mum had to go to the Hosptial again on Wednesday, so Nana was very brave and drove me in Mum's car to Cafe Junior. Nana didn't know about the importance of having Cake at Cafe Junior, but I soon showed her how it should be done. I had a lovely time playing, and I even managed to get into Monkey Music too! In the afternoon. we did some sorting through some boxes and I found some very exciting Technical Lego that used to belong to Uncle Dave! I could hardly wait until Dad got home so we could play with it.

We went to the Big MotherCare on Thursday morning. It used to be really boring at MotherCare, but now they have lots of toys you can play with so it wasn't too bad. Mum and Nana too ages though, and it was lunchtime by the time we were done (we shopped for lunch at a Big Shop). After that, we went to the Park for a bit and we were having so much fun that Nana nearly missed her train! It's been great having Nana around: I've really enjoyed playing with her and she's done lots of useful jobs for Mum and Dad too. I like playing with Nana.

Me and Mum were all a bit tired in the afternoon, and it was all wet and rainy so we watched Monsters Inc.

Mum had to go to the Hospital again on Friday, so Dad came home from Work early to look after me. We took Mum to the Hospital and then he took me for a Haircut. I quite liked having my hair cut, and I sat very still for the Hairdresser (she gave me a sweet for being such a good boy). We went to Heath Park after that, and it turned out that some of the Nurses from the Unit were having a Teddy Bears Picnic! It was good to see some of my Nurses again.

We picked Mum up after Lunch, and shortly after that Mum's friend Angela arrived (she liked my new room). And a little while later, Aunty Cheryl arrived too! Then they all left in Aunty Cheryl's Car: they were going to see a Play (I thought it sounds like fun). Dad said that they would be back on Saturday. Me and Dad also left at the same time, as we were going to the Cinema to see Wall-E. The film was great, but there were loads of Adverts before the Film and I got really bored waiting for it to start.

I went with Dad to the Big Shop for some Toast on Saturday morning. Once we'd done the shopping, we went to the Park for a bit and then we went home to wait for Mum to come back. Mum and Aunty Cheryl had had a lovely time at the Play, and I was very pleased to see Mum again. We played in the house for the rest of the day.

Dad took me out on the Bike to the Train Park this morning. It started to rain when we got there, so we had a bit of a Picnic underneath the play house until it stopped, but otherwise I had a lovely time playing on everything (especially the Swings). In the afternoon, we went to Naimh's Christening party, and Rowan and Ella and Mabli where there too. After the Church, we all went back to Rowan's house for a bit of a Party Tea (I played with Rowan's Digger a lot). We all had a great tine, particularly when Rowan's Mum got out the Bubble Machine.

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