Sunday, July 27, 2008

We went over to Jamie's house on Friday morning to play. There were lots of his friends from his Tumble Tots class, and I was a bit shy to start with, but I soon got to know them. Ellie and Ewan came over to play in the afternoon: we all had a great time playing in my new bedroom, and everyone thought my Rocket Picture was fantastic.

I went with Dad to the Big Shop on Saturday morning: we had Toast in the Cafe! And then on the way home we went to the Park where I went on the Swings a lot. After lunch, we went out in the Car to do a few jobs: we stopped off at a Pram Shop to get a Mattress for the Baby, and then we dropped some spare bits from my Wardrobes at Ikea, and then we ended up going to Victoria Park! It was a bit busy, but it was great! We weren't really expecting to go so I had not swimming trunks, but Mum found an old pair of Shorts that did just as well. I had a lovely time splashing about with Dad:

When I got a bit cold, we went to play on the Swings. They've got some really good climbing things there, and I showed Dad how to do them all. We all had a lovely time, but I was very tired by the time we got home.

Sunday morning turned out to be very exciting: we went to the International Pool! It was great, although I was a bit worried by all the things that could spray and squirt you (I don't like getting water in my eyes). My favourite bit was the Rapids thing that pushed you round and round: I thought it was fantastic. I also wanted to go on the Big Slide, but I was a bit small (Dad went on the Blue one and said it was great). On the way out we all went in a big Hairdryer thing that blew warm air at us until we were all dry. This is great and I hope we can go again soon.

When we got home, the sun was still shining so we played in the Garden for the whole afternoon. Me and Mum had a bit of a Waterfight:

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