Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's been another set of exciting days! Mum had to stay home on Thursday and Friday, so Dad took me to my Childminders. I had a lovely time as normal.

Saturday started out pretty normally: after we got up we went to the Big Shop and bought lots of food. But after that, we went to the Station to meet Aunty Ceri! We got there a bit early, but I didn't mind because I got to watch the trains coming and going. I was very pleased to see Aunty Ceri: she's very funny!

After we'd collected her, we headed down to the Bay to get some food from my favourite restaurant (and yes, I had lots of Pasta again). We went for a bit of a wander around after that: there was a big Food Festival going on and there were lots of people in Tents selling Beer. We went home after that, and then I helped Dad NooNoo the Lawn while Aunty Ceri went to the Shop for some Paint. When she got back, she started Drawing and Painting a Rocket on the wall in my bedroom! It was very exciting! I wanted to help paint too:

I think the finished Rocket looks fantastic. Aunty Ceri is very clever!

We didn't do much on Sunday morning as it was quite late by the time everyone was up and dressed. After lunch, we went to the Pumping Station for a look around. I liked running round all the corridors and up and down the stairs, but there was lots of stuff there and I found it very hard to Look with my Eyes and not with my Hands, like Dad kept on telling me. We went on to Penarth after that, and ended up at the Playground at the top of the Cliffs. There was a Summer Fair going on there which had free Cake and a Bouncy Castle and lots of Pirates, so it was great fun.

When we got home, Aunty Ceri did some more painting on my Rocket and then we moved everything from my old room into the new one. I think it looks great:

I took Aunty Ceri to Gym Tots on Monday morning. We also took Aunty Aimee and Bella too, which was a bit of a squeeze but we all had a great time. Aunty Ceri and Aunty Aimee spent a lot of time on the Jumpaline (it was very funny), and Aunty Ceri got stuck Upside Down on the Parallel Bars! We came home for Lunch because the Midwife wanted to see Mum and the Baby.

In the afternoon, Aunty Ceri read me lots of stories (and I had a little sleep) and then Aunty Cheryl came round to play. We ended up playing in the Garden and we all had lots of fun.

Today was the Tots Party. I woke Aunty Ceri up with a new Squirt-Squirt I got from Grandma (She wasn't very pleased, but I thought it was funny). Mum had to do some Resting so I took Aunty Ceri and it was fab. There was a Bouncy Castle and I had lots of yummy Party Food and we all had a great time. After lunch, we saw the Midwife again and then we had to take Mum to the Hospital so that the Doctors could look at her and the Baby. I wasn't sure about Aunty Ceri driving the car on the way back, but we got home without mishap. Dad arrived shortly after that and then we all set off in the car to take Aunty Ceri to the Station. There were lots of Trains at the Station and it was very exciting. I was a bit sad to see her go though, as I've really enjoyed having her around.

After leaving the Station, Dad took me to my last Swimming Lesson (they start again in September). I had a great time splashing about, but the water was very cold and we didn't stay long to play after the lesson because I started to go blue (the Wave Machine was fun though). After that, we went home briefly to get some things for Mum and then we went to see Mum in Hospital. I spent several happy minutes playing with the bed (it goes Up and Down!) and then Mum found CBeebies on the Little TV by her bed, so I watched that too. I was very tired by the end of the day. I hope Mum comes home tomorrow.

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