Thursday, July 24, 2008

As Mum was in Hospital, I went to my Childminder's on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week. I had a lovely time as usual, but it was a bit sad on Friday because it was the last time I'll be going there (I'll be going to Nursery in September). I got a fantastic set of Noisy Trucks from her though; she knows me very well!

Mum came out of Hospital on Thursday; she was waiting for me when we got home and I was very pleased to see her. Both Mum and the Baby are fine now.

We had a quiet weekend, at least until Sunday afternoon when Ma and Pa arrived. I was very pleased to see them! It's been great having them here, as I think I've managed to have Cake every day.

Mum had to go into Hospital for a check on Monday morning, so I took Ma and Pa to two different Parks while we were waiting. We went to Heath Park first where I went on the Swings and the Curly Slide, and then we went over to Roath Park for a Cake and I did some more playing on the Swings and the Big Slide. I like going to the Park.

Went to pick Mum up, bit unusual because Mum was coming out rather than staying
Had a snooze, Ma and Pa bought some new Curtains for my room (it's been very light in the mornings and I've been getting up very early)

Mum took me to help clean the toys at Tots on Tuesday morning. I think this is better than normal Tots because it's a lot quieter (just me and some of my friends), and you can get the good toys all to yourself. The other Mums made Mum sit down on a chair for the whole things, but we were all a bit excited and were charging around the place being Giddy Kippers. However, it all ended in tears when I landed badly after jumping off the Stage with Ben and my nose hit the ground first (OK, I probably shouldn't have been playinbg on the Stage anyway, but it was fun while it lasted). It hurt alot and there was quite a bit of blood as I also managed to bite my lip. I felt very sorry for myself, and I think I'm going to have a big bruise for a while.

I didn't eat much at lunchtime because my mouth hurt, but I did manage a Cake when I took Ma and Pa the Farm Shop later in the afternoon. I also spent a lot of time playing Ball with Pa in the Garden. I like playing Ball.

We potted around the house on Wednesday morning. I played with Ma in the house while Pa dn Mum went out to do some jobs. We had a lovely time making Jigsaws and reading Stories. In the afternoon, I went back to Roath Park with Ma and Pa and we went on a Rowing Boat! Pa rowed us all over the lake and right round the Lighthouse. I trailed my fingers in the water, and we nearly got stuck in the Weeds. We went to the Swings afterwards, and I had a lovely time until I managed to hurt my tummy on the slide (it was a bit hot and I went down on my front).

Mum had to go back to the Hospital again on Thursday for a check, so I took Ma and Pa to the Park by the Trains. We stopped off at the Snail Cafe on the way home (for some Cake) and then we had to go and collect Mum. Ma and Pa had to go home after lunch: it's been great to have them here and we all want to say a big thank you for looking after me and Mum so well and for doing loads of things around the house.

It turned into a lovely day, so we spent the rest of the afternoon in the Garden with three of my favourite things: the Paddling Pool, The Hosepipe and the Squirt-Squirt. Aunty Aimee came round to talk to Mum but I was very happy playing. I had a lovely time!.

We enjoyed it too! The cakes were good, weren't they? See if you can get Mum to put her feet up for an hour or so in the afternoons. See you soon. G'ma & G'dad
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