Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thursday turned out to be rather exciting. I went to my lovely Childminder's as usual, but when it was time to go home, Dad turned up instead of Mum! I went all the way home on his shoulders. Then just after tea, Mum turned up and then just after that, Uncle Dave turned up too! It was all very exciting!

I showed Uncle Dave all my favourite toys, and then he helped put me to bed. He also brought me a fantastic elephant called "Chang", which I love.

I also went to my Childminder's on Friday. Dad didn't come with us to drop me off because he was staying with Uncle Dave for a bit. Uncle Dave was going to see Nana and Grandpa. I wanted to go too. Things didn't work out too badly as my lovely Childminder took us all on a Rainy Walk. I jumped in lots of puddles, and generally got very muddy. It was great!

We went to the Church Fair on Saturday morning and it was great. I saw my friend Ben, we had some yummy Cakes and we looked at all the exciting things on the stalls. Mum found me a really cool bath toy that looks like a water wheel. I also tuned into a Tiger:

I Raaahhed Dad when he opened the door and he was very scared indeed!

We didn't do much the rest of the day: I helped Dad do the shopping in the afternoon, and then we went to the Park until it was time for tea.

We went to Church on Sunday morning, and I had a lovely time in Creche. Mum was really proud of me on the way home because I walked the whole way! And I held onto her hand or the buggy the whole time!

In the afternoon, we all went to Niamh's party at Rowan house. Mabli and her Mum was there too. Niamh is a very smiley baby and she impressed everyone by doing lots of walking. I had a lovely time playing on Rowan's Digger, which was almost as big as me! We also had a yummy party tea.

When we got home, Dad managed to get Nana and Grandpa on his laptop. It was very exciting, and I brought them lots of my favourite toys to look at, including my new elephant, Chang, from Uncle Dave.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's been a fairly quiet but busy weekend. I got up Really Early on Saturday morning: by 9am me and Dad were sitting in the Cafe at the Big Shop having our second breakfast (I managed four slices!) I managed to persuade Dad to take me to the Park on the way home which was great because we were the only people there (it was still quite early) and I got to go on everything I wanted.

After lunch, I helped Dad take the shelves apart in the spare room, and then Mum managed to persuade me to fall asleep for a bit (she had a bit of a snooze too!) It was still raining when we woke up, so we played with my Lego for a bit and then we watched Shrek (I liked the Dragon the best).

Me and Mum were going to go to Church on Sunday morning, but we got a message from Bella and Uncle Mark to say that they were going to Roath Park, so we went there instead. I had a great time playing on the Swings and the Slides, although I got a bit frustrated that I couldn't climb up the Big Rocket on my own (Dad says I'll have to wait until I'm bigger, but I want to do it now!) We stopped off at the Cafe for some yummy Cake and a drink and then we all went home.

After lunch, I helped Dad NooNoo the Lawn, and then we went out to Carys' Birthday Party. She's got lots of fun toys, including a Big Slide and a Jumpaline. I spent a lot of time playing on them both. There was lots of yummy food (I really enjoyed the Pizza) and then there was Cake. I had a great time, and I was really tired by the time we got home.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I've had a very busy few days!

Dad was out on Saturday morning, and
Me and Mum went to St Fagans to help her School at a Welsh Dancing Festival on Saturday morning. It was great: I had a lovely time playing with all the Big Children, and me and Mum even got to do some Dancing too! We had a lovely Picnic afterwards, and I discovered a really good Digger that you could rotate into the ground (Mum said it was a "Corkscrew").

After that, we went to the Station to collect Nana! I like watching the Trains, and it was good to see Nana again. We went to the Park after that, where I ran around faster and faster until I fell over (I was really rather tired by this point). We went to pick Dad up after that, and then we all went home.

It was Dad's Birthday on Sunday (I said he was "10"; he thought that was funny). I helped him open all his presents: my favourite was a Super Squirter from Ma (I wanted to play with it straight away). After breakfast we went off to Raglan Castle for a run around and a birthday Picnic:


On the way home, we stopped off at the Amphitheatre at Caerleon: it's a really good place for running about and hiding. We all went home after that and I spent the rest of the day playing with Mum and Dad and Nana.

Monday was also a really busy day: We took Nana to Gym Tots on Monday morning. We all had a great time running about and playing on all the exciting equipment. Afterwards, we decided to go down to the Bay for some Lunch, where we ended up in my favourite Restaurant again (and yes, I had some yummy pasta!). After lunch, I somehow managed to persuade Mum and Nana to go on a Boat Trip round the Bay. I've been desperate to go on one of the Boats for ages and I'm really pleased that we did because it was great!

When we got back, we took Nana to the Station. We had to wait on the platform for a bit so Nana decided to go and find a drink. But while she was gone, her Train arrived! I was a bit worried that she might miss it, but she came back just in time. I like watching the trains. I've enjoyed having Nana around to play with.

Mum had to go see the Midwife when we got home. We listened to the Baby for a bit (everything seems fine so far) and then I helped the Midwife do some checks on Mum (she's fine too). I was very tired by the end of the day though.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We were all a bit tired on Monday. Mum and Dad had to go to the Hospital in the morning to see the about the Baby, so ended up going to Gym Tots with Aunty Clair and Ellie and Ewan. We all had a fantastic time: Ellie is great! We all went back to Ewan's house for Lunch, and just after that Mum and Dad came to collect me. We took Dad to work and then I ended up falling on the way home. I was very tired: Mum had terrible trouble waking me up! She gave up in the end and gave me a cuddle instead, and somehow after that we both ended up going back to sleep! We spent the rest of the day playing in the Garden.

We went to Tots on Tuesday morning and we all had a great time as usual. Then after lunch we went to my Swimming lesson, but we got stuck in some Traffic Jam on the way there and it took ages so we were nearly late! I don't think we've ever got changed so quickly! It was nice and cool in the pool so and stayed in for ages afterwards to play. I invented a good game where I pretended to be the Swimming Instructor and I had to tell Mum what to do. Later in the afternoon we went to Jamie's house to play: he's got lots of great toys.

We went to Monkey Music at Cafe Junior today. It was great, and Mum said I was a very good boy (I even managed to share some toys with some of the other people). We did two of my favourite songs today: one about the three bears and one about a rabbit running from something in the woods (Mum says that this one has all the words wrong, but I don't know what she means). I was a bit tired afterwards though, and ended up falling asleep in the car, and I didn't wake up properly until Aunty Jenny came round to play (Aunty Jenny is very exciting!) When she'd left, I helped Mum do some cleaning until it was time for tea.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

We went to the Shop as soon as I got up on Saturday. When we got back, we went to "Mrs Woodings Splendid Garden Party", which happens every year around this time. We had some yummy Cake, and I ended up playing in a Sandpit with some other children. I had so much fun in the Sandpit that after lunch Mum and Dad decided to got out and get me some Sand to put in my Watertable. I spent the rest of the day.playing happily in it. Sand is fun!

I took Mum to Church on Sunday morning. We couldn't find the key to get into Creche so we ended up with the Big Children instead, but that was OK because I had lots of fun chopping up a piece of paper with some huge scissors.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the Garden. We got the paddling pool out, then I spent a lot of time doing this:

I got very soggy, but it was fantastic!

Later on, me and Dad went to the Shop on the Bike to get some bits and pieces, but I was so tired after all the splashing about that I fell asleep on the way there. I needed three squares of chocolate before I was awake enough to travel back again! Dad fired up the Barbecue when we got back and I helped him cook some Sausages. I was very tired by bedtime!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

We've been back in the normal swing of things this week, and it's been a bit of a change from all the excitement of Half Term and Nana's Party. We went to Tots on Tuesday morning, which was great fun as normal and in the afternoon we went to my Swimming Lesson (Mum says that I'll never get my Duckling Four unless I learn to put my head under the water). Later on in the afternoon, me and Mum played Jig Saws and with my Trick Track.

We went to see Mr Hedgehog the Dentist this morning. Dad went in the Chair first, followed by Mum and then I got to go in. Mr Hedgehog made the Chair go Really High, which I thought was very funny indeed. After we'd taken Dad to Work, me and Mum went to Cafe Junior for Monkey Music, where we all had a lovely time. I was very sleepy by the time we got home, and I fell asleep before I'd had my Lunch. In the afternoon, we went round to Lewis's house to play. It was great because Lewis's Dad is building their house and there's lots of builder stuff to look at.

Monday, June 02, 2008

We went to "Come and Play" at Tots on Friday morning and it was great. I spent a lot of time on the Bouncy Castle, and we had lots of Cake. I did some Sticking, and I had a lovely time doing some funny painting by blowing Bubbles with a Straw for Nana's Birthday (apart from when I forgot to blow and sucked instead: paint tastes horrid!) When we went home, Aunty Cheryl came round and we went to the Farm Shop for Lunch. We were going to stay to look at the animals, but it was very wet so we went home. Aunty Cheryl read me lots of stories.

Later on, I helped Mum do some Packing and then we all got in the car to go see Nana for her Party. I woke up just before we arrived, and I was very sleepy. Nana's house had all changed! I went to bed soon after, but I woke up in the middle of the night and I got lost! I was a bit frightened when I couldn't find anyone, and it took me a long time to calm down.

Grandad came round on Saturday, and me and Dad went round to Aunty Ceri's house to help lift some Big Stones. Aunty Ceri was very pleased to see me, and I liked her new Garden (particularly the stones). I also got to meet Bertie, her new Mog before he ran away and hid.

The afternoon was Nana's 60th Birthday Party! (She was pleased because I said she was three). It was great fun: there was lots of nice food and I played on the Swings and the Bouncy Castle and the Climbing Frame a lot (even Aunty Ceri played on the Climging frame).

There were lots of people there, including Amirah, Aunty Emma, Granny, Aunty Jean, Grandma and Grandad. I got very tired by the end, and I had to ask Mum and Dad to put me to bed!

We all went to Aunty Ceri's house on Sunday morning, so that Mum could meet Bertie and see her new Garden. We had some yummy Cake and I played with some of Bertie's toys. Afterwards, we went back to Nana's house for Lunch.

Later on, we went to the Park and everyone had great time playing on all the things.

Then after tea it was time to drive home. I was a bit sad to say goodbye, but I really enjoyed seeing everyone. On the way home, Mum and Dad were very surprised by how long I managed to stay awake: I was still not asleep at nearly nine o'clock!

We were all a bit tired on Monday morning and we all got up a bit late so we took Dad to work on the way to Gym Tots. I had a lovely time charging about, and Mum was very pleased because I joined in with everything. We went to Ikea for Lunch with Bella, Jess and George for some yummy Pasta. I got into a bit of bother on the way out: we were waiting at the bottom at the end of the Escalator when I spotted a really interesting red button. Quick as a flash I dashed over to it and pressed it. The Escalator stopped! Mum was very cross, and we all had to go outside very quickly.

In the afternoon, Mum took me to see the Midwife and we listened to the Baby (I thought the Baby sounds a bit like a Fire Engine). On the way home, we stopped off at the School so that we could tell them that I'd like to go there in the Autumn. I can't wait!

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