Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We went to Gym Tots on Monday morning as usual. I had a lovely time chasing Mum around, and then we went home for Lunch with Aunty Aimee and Bella. They had such a lovely time that they stayed for the afternoon. I had a little nap, and when I woke up the Paddling Pool had been set up in the Garden and Jamie had arrived too! We all had a lovely time splashing about and trying to get our Mums wet.

We went to Tots on Tuesday morning. It was very sunny, so we did lots of playing outside. We had to leave a bit early because Mum had a nasty Cough and we had to got to the Doctors. Mum had to blow into a Tube at the Doctors, and she was very proud of me because I was a very good boy. In the afternoon we went to my Swimming Lesson, which was very exciting. I think I managed to embarrass Mum a bit with my high-pitched squealing; I can be very loud when I want to be.

After Swimming, we went round to George's house for another Pool Party. Me and my friends invented a great game that involved carrying squashy balls from the Paddling Pool across the Garden and back in your mouth. It was very funny, although Becca and Bella didn't seem to think so (they seemed much more interested in playing Tea Parties like our Mums).

Ewan's Mum had to go to Work on Wednesday, so Ewan came round just after breakfast. It was very exciting: we played with the TrickTrack until it was time to go to Monkey Music.

We had a lovely time at Cafe Junior and I showed Ewan what to do at Monkey Music (he was great at banging his drum). After lunch, we took Ewan to Nursery. I thought Nursery looked like great fun: Mum says I will be going to Nursery at the end of the Summer, but I want to go now!

Later on, we went to see the Speech Therapist. The lady we saw was very nice, and said my speach was coming along nicely. She told Mum about some special games that I can play to help me in some areas, and I will go back again in six weeks or so.

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