Thursday, May 29, 2008

We met up with Bella at Funtastic on Tuesday morning. I had a lovely time charging about and climbing over everything. We did lots of jobs in the afternoon: we went to get some more Mog Biscuits, and then we went to the Library (I got another Noddy DVD). We finished it off by going to Cadelyn Park, where a passing Train scared the life out of me when it went "Toot Toot!"

We met up with some of my friends at Cafe Junior on Wednesday morning. It was a bit odd to go to Cafe Junior and not go to Monkey Music, and I had to keep checking with Mum to make sure that we had it right and it really wasn't on today. It was also very busy; I'm used to having the place pretty much to myself so it was a bit hard to share the best toys with other children. And I got into bother once or twice for trying to steal toys from other people too (Mum was very disappointed).

We met up with Becca at Roath Park this morning. We all had a great time running about, and I had the biggest Ice Lolly I've ever seen! I also managed to walk all the way round the Lake (Mum was very pleased).

Ewan and Ellie came round to play this afternoon, and we even managed to play out in the Garden (it's finally stopped raining!) I did lots of Digging with Ellie in the Pumpkin Patch, and we all played together really nicely. When Dad came home, we took The Mog to the V.E.T (we have to spell it out so she doesn't know), because she had a poorly tummy. I sat next to her in the Car, and I helped calm her down by poking my fingers through the box so that she could lick them. I was very excited at the V.E.T and I couldn't sit still at all, but The Mog was fine. She's not allowed to have any food until the morning though: she's going to be very hungry!

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