Thursday, May 29, 2008

We met up with Bella at Funtastic on Tuesday morning. I had a lovely time charging about and climbing over everything. We did lots of jobs in the afternoon: we went to get some more Mog Biscuits, and then we went to the Library (I got another Noddy DVD). We finished it off by going to Cadelyn Park, where a passing Train scared the life out of me when it went "Toot Toot!"

We met up with some of my friends at Cafe Junior on Wednesday morning. It was a bit odd to go to Cafe Junior and not go to Monkey Music, and I had to keep checking with Mum to make sure that we had it right and it really wasn't on today. It was also very busy; I'm used to having the place pretty much to myself so it was a bit hard to share the best toys with other children. And I got into bother once or twice for trying to steal toys from other people too (Mum was very disappointed).

We met up with Becca at Roath Park this morning. We all had a great time running about, and I had the biggest Ice Lolly I've ever seen! I also managed to walk all the way round the Lake (Mum was very pleased).

Ewan and Ellie came round to play this afternoon, and we even managed to play out in the Garden (it's finally stopped raining!) I did lots of Digging with Ellie in the Pumpkin Patch, and we all played together really nicely. When Dad came home, we took The Mog to the V.E.T (we have to spell it out so she doesn't know), because she had a poorly tummy. I sat next to her in the Car, and I helped calm her down by poking my fingers through the box so that she could lick them. I was very excited at the V.E.T and I couldn't sit still at all, but The Mog was fine. She's not allowed to have any food until the morning though: she's going to be very hungry!

Monday, May 26, 2008

I went to my lovely Childminder's on Thursday and Friday, and I had lots of fun even though I was a bit tired and grumpy.

Saturday was good fun too: we went to Funtastic with all my friends! It was really sunny afterwards, so we all went to the Ty Mawr for Lunch. We sat outside near the Playground, which made everyone happy: we could all play while our Mums and Dads sat down with their drinks. I was very tired after lunch and everything got a bit beyond when I realised we didn't have a Muggy Square. The only thing that would fix it was a chocolate biscuit! I fell asleep in Mums arms after I'd eaten it.

It was wet on Sunday morning, so me and Mum went to Church. Creche was closed for some reason, so we spent the entire service in the Church, but I was very good (Mum was very proud). The afternoon was very exciting because a Doctor came to see me! He came because I'm part of a medical trial, and they wanted to see how I was doing. We started by playing lots of fun games with blocks, beads and flash cards, and I showed him how well I could count and draw. Then we did some running and jumping games which were great fun too. I was quite sad to see him leave. Mum and Dad said that he'd write to us soon with some results.

It was very wet on Monday, so we ended up going to Techniquest. I had a great time running around all the exhibits and playing with everything I could get my hands on (Dad was just the same). It got really busy at lunchtime, so we left to go get some Lunch at Ikea. I had some yummy pasta, but it was really busy (even my Childminder was there!) and we came home soon after. We spent the rest of the day doing jobs and playing with Lego.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We met up with Ewan and Aunty Clair at Gym Tots on Monday morning: both of us had a great time chasing each other round. I was very tired when we got back and fell asleep at 12:15! In the afternoon, went to the Village to do jobs. After tea, Dad took me out to a shop to buy some Paper for Work. I tried to help carry it, but it was very heavy. It was quite exciting to be out so late though.

Tuesday was very busy as normal with Tots in the morning and Swimming in the afternoon. I enjoy swimming, but I really don't like putting my face in the water. We went to Jamie's house afterwards, and played with his new Sand Pit. I really enjoyed pouring sand through the water wheel things.

Today was Monkey Music at Cafe Junior, one of my favourite activities. We played for a bit before the lesson, then we had some Cake, and then we had fun at Monkey Music. Today's session was all about Colours, and we all had to wear our favourite colours to the class. I wore a Red T-Shirt.

We stopped off at Dad's Work on the way home to deliver the Paper we bought on Monday, and we ended up going to the little Park over the road for Lunch. Mum and Dad tried to get me to sit down and eat a Sandwich, but I was much more interested in playing on the Climbing Frame. After lunch, we went to play at Jessica's house. Mum pushed me all the way up the big hill, and then when we were done she pushed me all the way home again too! I think she was a bit tired after all of that.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a busy few days! My lovely Childminder was on Holiday on Thursday and Friday, but Mum and Dad had to go to Work. So Grandma and Granddad came down to look after me instead. It's been very exciting, and I've loved having them here.

We went on the Brecon Mountain Railway on Thursday. The Train was very noisy, but very exciting, and we even stopped for lunch there.

I took Granddad and Grandma to Cafe Junior on Friday morning. I had a lovely time (Granddad said I was the fastest person there), and I made sure that we all had some Cakes. I took them to Roath Park afterwards, where we all had a lovely time running about and looking at the ducks. I really enjoyed playing on the Big Slide and the Swings. We stopped for Lunch at the Cafe, and then we all went home to play with the Trick Track. I was very tired and had a long sleep in the afternoon, and I was still a bit tired when Mum got home later on.

Dad was out on Saturday, so we went to St Fagans. I ran around everywhere looking for Fires, and I told Grandpa all about the Chimneys (we found one that was big enough for me and Granddad to stand up in!). We went on the Little Train, and we also went on the Horse and Cart. The Horse was called Luke, and he was very well behaved.

Dad and Granddad had to move some furniture on Sunday morning, but we all met up at Heath Park afterwards and I showed everyone how to go down the Curly Slide. Monkey came to the Park too, and nearly got stuck in a tree!

Granddad and Grandma had to leave after Lunch. I was a bit sad and I didn't want them to leave, and I've really enjoyed having them around.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We went to Gym Tots on Monday morning as usual. I had a lovely time chasing Mum around, and then we went home for Lunch with Aunty Aimee and Bella. They had such a lovely time that they stayed for the afternoon. I had a little nap, and when I woke up the Paddling Pool had been set up in the Garden and Jamie had arrived too! We all had a lovely time splashing about and trying to get our Mums wet.

We went to Tots on Tuesday morning. It was very sunny, so we did lots of playing outside. We had to leave a bit early because Mum had a nasty Cough and we had to got to the Doctors. Mum had to blow into a Tube at the Doctors, and she was very proud of me because I was a very good boy. In the afternoon we went to my Swimming Lesson, which was very exciting. I think I managed to embarrass Mum a bit with my high-pitched squealing; I can be very loud when I want to be.

After Swimming, we went round to George's house for another Pool Party. Me and my friends invented a great game that involved carrying squashy balls from the Paddling Pool across the Garden and back in your mouth. It was very funny, although Becca and Bella didn't seem to think so (they seemed much more interested in playing Tea Parties like our Mums).

Ewan's Mum had to go to Work on Wednesday, so Ewan came round just after breakfast. It was very exciting: we played with the TrickTrack until it was time to go to Monkey Music.

We had a lovely time at Cafe Junior and I showed Ewan what to do at Monkey Music (he was great at banging his drum). After lunch, we took Ewan to Nursery. I thought Nursery looked like great fun: Mum says I will be going to Nursery at the end of the Summer, but I want to go now!

Later on, we went to see the Speech Therapist. The lady we saw was very nice, and said my speach was coming along nicely. She told Mum about some special games that I can play to help me in some areas, and I will go back again in six weeks or so.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

We all had a lovely time at Tots on Tuesday morning. It was really sunny, I spent a lot of time playing outside. In the afternoon, we went to my Swimming Lesson, where I finally managed to put my head in the water to blow bubbles. I also did really well without my armbands: Mum was very proud of me. After swimming, all my friends came round to my house to play. It was still really sunny and we ended up playing in the Garden for ages.

Dad went to Work on his Bike on Wednesday morning. I wanted to go too, and I was very sad when I couldn't. We did however go to Monkey Music at Cafe Junior, which was great as usual. In the afternoon, we went round to Grace's house. She has the best toys: I spent most of the time playing with her Piano and her Washing Machine. After tea, Dad took me out to the Park on the Bike for a short while, and I had a lovely time playing on the Swings in the sun. I was a very happy boy!

I had a lovely time at my Childminder's on Thursday and Friday. We went to BlueBell Forest and had a NicNic and it was great.

Saturday and Sunday were really exciting: Nana was here! She arrived on Friday when I was asleep, and I was very pleased when she appeared at breakfast time. Mum went Shopping in Town with Aunty Clair so me and Dad took Nana down to the Bay on the Train just like last week. The train was very exiting, and the Bay was very exciting too: I ran round everything at top speed. We stopped for Lunch at my favourite restaurant (I had pasta again!), and then we headed home to find Mum.

When we got back, I helped Dad NooNoo the lawn and then we went on the Bike Shop to get some new Tyres while Mum and Nana went to the Big Shop. We came home via the Park, where I had a great time on the Swings.

We took Nana to Cosmeston on Sunday morning. I ran all the way to the Park, and then I ran round all the bits of the Park until it was time for Lunch. We had a NicNic, and then I played Football with Dad until a Doggie ran off with my Ball! We stopped for an ice-cream on the way back to the car, and then we had to take Nana back to the Station. I was hoping to wave her off from the platform, but I was very tired and I fell asleep on the way there.

We were home by the time I woke up, and Nana had gone. I was a bit sad, but I soon cheered up and I helped Dad fit the new Tyres to his bike. then I played in the Garden with Mum, and I ended up playing at watering the plants with the Hose Pipe. I was very tired and grubby by the end of the day: Dad had to clean the bath after I'd been in it!

Monday, May 05, 2008

What a busy weekend!

We went down to the Bay on Saturday morning. But as an extra bit of excitement, we decided to go on the Train! I loved it, particularly when Mum let me kneel on the seat so I could see out of the window. We got down to the Bay in no time, and then we all had a great time running about. I found a ship that looked like a Lighthouse, and then we found the Little Park where I pretended to rescue Monkey from the top of a tall tower. We ended up staying for Lunch at my favourite eatery too (and yes, I did have Pasta!).

We came back home on the train after Lunch, and we played out in the Garden for a bit. I helped Dad NooNoo the Lawn, and then we went off to the Big Shop to find some things for tea.

It was a bit rainy on Sunday, so Mum took me to Church in the morning. After Lunch, we did something I've never done before: we went to the Cinema! We went to see Horton Hears a Who and I loved it: It was like the TV, but Much Bigger and it was Really Loud. It was all about an Elephant who had to carry a Flower and he had to stop a Dinosaur from eating it. Mum thought the Dinosaur was a bit scary, but I thought he was just a bit funny.

After we'd been to the Cinema, we stopped off at a Park on the way home. It was a good Park, but I came home with an Egg on my head because Dad spun me round and round on a spinny round thing and then I was really dizzy and I fell over while trying to run to Mum (Dad felt very guilty).

And today was very busy too. We went to St.Fagans this morning, but it was really busy by the time we got there and we had to sit in a big queue of traffic for ages. I was really bored by the time we got out of the car. There were loads of people there, but I managed to run around and find all my favourite houses (the ones with the Fires in). We had Pancakes for lunch and then I played on the Park but for a long time until it was time to come home.

I did some Jigsaws with Mum for a bit when we got home, and then I spotted Aunty Jenny getting the hosepipe out: she was going to wash her car! I went outside to help:

And then I got a bit carried away with the Hose Pipe and I ended up trying to wash Mum with it instead:

We all got a bit soggy after that...

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