Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We went to Gym Tots on Monday morning and I had a great time running about and jumping off things. I can climb up the Horse and jump off into The Pit all by myself! (I'm really not sure why they call it a Horse though: I've never heard it Neigh). We also met Baby Robin who is Lewis's little sister. We went to Bella's house to play in the afternoon. I ended up playing Football with George; Mum was very impressed because we played really nicely for at least ten minutes.

Tots was back on as normal on Tuesday morning. It was very busy, but lots of fun.We met baby Harriet today who is Jamie's little sister. We had to leave a bit early though because I had to go see the Ear Doctor again. The Ear Doctor was very nice, and we played lots of fun games. My favourite one was "Find the Picture", where the Ear Doctor says the name of something while hiding her face and I had to point to the right picture. We also played a game where I had to put some Disks on a Pole when I heard a sound but that wasn't so much fun as I got so caught up with the disks I forgot to listen for the sounds! The Ear Doctor also had to look inside my ears with a computer thing and a thing with a light on. I don't mind at all but it's really tickely! It makes me laugh and laugh!My hearing seems to be OK though.

We went to my Swimming lesson in the afternoon, which was good fun as normal. Jamie's Dad came along too, and I thought it would be funny to try and splash him a bit. Mum was very pleased with me because I was much better behaved in the changing room this time.

Today, we went to Monkey Music! And aside from the usual crowd we met mum's friends Angie and Phil and their little boy Morgan. Mum went to university with Aunty Angie, and although they all live in Bracknell, Morgan's Grandma and Grandad live here in Cardiff so when they visit it's a good chance for us all to catch up!

It's been ages since we went to Monkey Music last, and I've really been looking forward to it. It didn't disappoint: I played at Cafe Junior for a bit first, and then we had some yummy Cake and then we went into Monkey Music and it was great!Morgan enjoyed playing at cafe junior too. I was so tired after all the excitement I ended up falling asleep on the Sofa.

When I'd woken up, we went round to Jessica's house to meet some of my friends. We went in the Buggy because it was a lovely day, and we all had a great time there. On the way home, I raced Mum down the Big Hill and I ended up running nearly all the way home! I was very tired after all the exercise and I was very pleased to get into bed after my tea (well, Mum and Dad seemed pleased that I was going to bed).

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