Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We gave my mate Ewan a lift to Gym Tots on Monday morning, and we both had a lovely time. Mum was very pleased because we joined in with pretty much everything. In the afternoon, we went to the park for some fun in the Sunshine.

We had lots of fun at Tots on Tuesday morning. And then I had lots more fun at Swimming in the afternoon. My Teacher persuaded me to take off my Armbands for most of the lesson; this was fine where I could touch the bottom but it was a bit spluttery when I couldn't! I also went completely under when we had to push off from the side: I'd forgotten I wasn't wearing them any more and I sank right to the bottom! I wasn't very impressed, but Mum and Teacher said I did really well. Bella came round after Swimming, and we both had a lovely time make a big mess in the Front Room.

We went to Monkey Music at Cafe Junior on Wednesday morning. It took us a long time to get in though, as there was a Big Lorry outside lifting a Big Box onto a Lorry and it was very exiting. I got to watch the whole thing: a man tried long ropes to the Big Box by climbing all over it, and then he made a Crane pick it up and put it on a Lorry, and then he crawled all over the Big Box again to take the ropes off. It was great!

I was very tired after Monkey Music and Mum somehow managed to get me to fall asleep on the Sofa for a bit. When I'd woken up, we walked round to Jamie's house to play for a bit in the rain. Jamie's got lots of fun toys to play with and we all had lots of fun.

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