Sunday, April 20, 2008

I went to my lovely Childminder's as normal on Thursday. But when it was time to come home, Ma and Pa came to collect me instead of Mum! It was very exciting! We went to Roath Park on the way home; I played on the Swings and the Big Slide and then we had some Cake. We went home after that. By the time Mum came home, I was happily showing Ma and Pa my favourite toys.

Ma and Pa left on Friday morning, and I went back to my lovely Childminder's again. It was good to see them though.

I was rather tired and grumpy on Saturday. I took Dad to Softplay in the morning, and had a lovely time charging about and jumping on the Bouncy Castle. I also tried to play with some of the big soft Blocks, but I got a bit cross and frustrated because every time I collected a few Blocks together, someone came along and took some of them away! It wasn't fair!

We went to the Big Shop after that, and then we went home for lunch. In the afternoon, we went round to Jamie's house for a Birthday Party for his new little Sister. I had a nice time playing with Jamie's toys and eating party food, but I was a bit disappointed that there was no Cake with Candles. I was a really rather tired by this point, and ended up on the Step a few times for shouting about things. We went home for tea after that, but I was too tired to eat it and I ended up having Cereal instead.

I was much happier on Sunday, although I was still a bit tired. Me and Mum went to Church in the morning; Mum said I was a very good boy, particularly because the Crèche wasn't open so we had to sit quietly through the whole Service. After lunch, I played outside in the Garden with Dad for a bit. I helped him dig up some Weeds and then we played with the Football on the Road for a bit too. Later on, we all went out on the Bikes to the Park for a bit (I went on the Swings). I was very tired by the time we got home, and fell asleep in front of the TV!

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