Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We gave my mate Ewan a lift to Gym Tots on Monday morning, and we both had a lovely time. Mum was very pleased because we joined in with pretty much everything. In the afternoon, we went to the park for some fun in the Sunshine.

We had lots of fun at Tots on Tuesday morning. And then I had lots more fun at Swimming in the afternoon. My Teacher persuaded me to take off my Armbands for most of the lesson; this was fine where I could touch the bottom but it was a bit spluttery when I couldn't! I also went completely under when we had to push off from the side: I'd forgotten I wasn't wearing them any more and I sank right to the bottom! I wasn't very impressed, but Mum and Teacher said I did really well. Bella came round after Swimming, and we both had a lovely time make a big mess in the Front Room.

We went to Monkey Music at Cafe Junior on Wednesday morning. It took us a long time to get in though, as there was a Big Lorry outside lifting a Big Box onto a Lorry and it was very exiting. I got to watch the whole thing: a man tried long ropes to the Big Box by climbing all over it, and then he made a Crane pick it up and put it on a Lorry, and then he crawled all over the Big Box again to take the ropes off. It was great!

I was very tired after Monkey Music and Mum somehow managed to get me to fall asleep on the Sofa for a bit. When I'd woken up, we walked round to Jamie's house to play for a bit in the rain. Jamie's got lots of fun toys to play with and we all had lots of fun.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I went to my lovely Childminder's on Thursday. Lots of children were off School, and we all had a lovely day playing together. Friday was very exciting indeed: we went to see Lazytown Live! After spending the day at at my Childminder's again, Mum came to pick me up early and then we went off to collect Dad at his Work. I ran around a lot at his Office, and then we walked across town to the Theatre. The show was great: I loved the Robot and Robby Rotten (I kept asking Mum where the Robot was whenever it wasn't on stage). I loved it, and Mum says that we should all go to the Theatre again soon.

I woke up early on Saturday morning, and it was a lovely day so we all went out to Roath Park. I walked all the way round the Lake to the Swings, and then after we'd played on everything, we all went off to the Cafe to get some Lunch. I was very tired after all the running about, but it took a lot of persuading from Mum to get me to fall asleep on the Sofa even though I really needed a rest. We played out in the Garden after my nap: I helped Dad NooNoo the grass and then we dug some big holes for some new plants.

Mum took me to Funtastic on Sunday morning, where we met Bella, Aunty Aimee, Aunty Clair and Ewan and Ellie. We all had a great time, and I played with a Ball with Ellie a lot (she's really good at throwing it through the Basketball Hoop). We stayed for lunch before going home (I had some yummy pasta). When we got back, I helped Dad move the Computer up into the Attic Room while Mum did some sorting out. I was really tired by the end of the day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday was very exciting indeed: Mum and Dad had to go to the Hospital in the morning so I went to Gym Tots in Bella's Car with Aunty Cheryl! It was fab! Mum and Dad turned up about half way through, which was great because I got to show Dad all things at Gym Tots (he particularly liked jumping in the Big Pit).

Mum and Dad told me that we're going to have a Baby! I told her that the Baby was in her Tummy, and I was quite excited because Mum said I could have a Skateboard to go behind the Pushchair when the baby arrives. They also showed me a picture and said that the baby wouldn't be arriving for ages yet.

After we'd dropped Dad off at his Work, we took Aunty Cheryl for lunch at Snails (I had a huge Toasted Sandwich which was very yummy indeed). Then we went home and played out in the Garden for the rest of the day.

We went to Tots on Tuesday morning as normal, and we all had a lovely time. In the afternoon we went to my Swimming Lesson; I had so much fun that we ended up playing in the pool for over an hour! I was very cold by the time we got out.

On Wednesday morning, we went to Monkey Music at Cafe Junior. Monkey Music is one of my favourite things and I had a lovely time. After lunch, we went to Story Time at the Library, and we got lots of good Story books and a new Noddy DVD to watch. And after that, we went to Grace's house to play. I spent most of the time playing on her Piano and fixing her Washing Machine. It was a lovely day and we ended up walking back to our house. I stole Mum's Sunglasses to wear on the way home:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I went to my lovely Childminder's as normal on Thursday. But when it was time to come home, Ma and Pa came to collect me instead of Mum! It was very exciting! We went to Roath Park on the way home; I played on the Swings and the Big Slide and then we had some Cake. We went home after that. By the time Mum came home, I was happily showing Ma and Pa my favourite toys.

Ma and Pa left on Friday morning, and I went back to my lovely Childminder's again. It was good to see them though.

I was rather tired and grumpy on Saturday. I took Dad to Softplay in the morning, and had a lovely time charging about and jumping on the Bouncy Castle. I also tried to play with some of the big soft Blocks, but I got a bit cross and frustrated because every time I collected a few Blocks together, someone came along and took some of them away! It wasn't fair!

We went to the Big Shop after that, and then we went home for lunch. In the afternoon, we went round to Jamie's house for a Birthday Party for his new little Sister. I had a nice time playing with Jamie's toys and eating party food, but I was a bit disappointed that there was no Cake with Candles. I was a really rather tired by this point, and ended up on the Step a few times for shouting about things. We went home for tea after that, but I was too tired to eat it and I ended up having Cereal instead.

I was much happier on Sunday, although I was still a bit tired. Me and Mum went to Church in the morning; Mum said I was a very good boy, particularly because the Crèche wasn't open so we had to sit quietly through the whole Service. After lunch, I played outside in the Garden with Dad for a bit. I helped him dig up some Weeds and then we played with the Football on the Road for a bit too. Later on, we all went out on the Bikes to the Park for a bit (I went on the Swings). I was very tired by the time we got home, and fell asleep in front of the TV!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We went to Gym Tots on Monday morning and I had a great time running about and jumping off things. I can climb up the Horse and jump off into The Pit all by myself! (I'm really not sure why they call it a Horse though: I've never heard it Neigh). We also met Baby Robin who is Lewis's little sister. We went to Bella's house to play in the afternoon. I ended up playing Football with George; Mum was very impressed because we played really nicely for at least ten minutes.

Tots was back on as normal on Tuesday morning. It was very busy, but lots of fun.We met baby Harriet today who is Jamie's little sister. We had to leave a bit early though because I had to go see the Ear Doctor again. The Ear Doctor was very nice, and we played lots of fun games. My favourite one was "Find the Picture", where the Ear Doctor says the name of something while hiding her face and I had to point to the right picture. We also played a game where I had to put some Disks on a Pole when I heard a sound but that wasn't so much fun as I got so caught up with the disks I forgot to listen for the sounds! The Ear Doctor also had to look inside my ears with a computer thing and a thing with a light on. I don't mind at all but it's really tickely! It makes me laugh and laugh!My hearing seems to be OK though.

We went to my Swimming lesson in the afternoon, which was good fun as normal. Jamie's Dad came along too, and I thought it would be funny to try and splash him a bit. Mum was very pleased with me because I was much better behaved in the changing room this time.

Today, we went to Monkey Music! And aside from the usual crowd we met mum's friends Angie and Phil and their little boy Morgan. Mum went to university with Aunty Angie, and although they all live in Bracknell, Morgan's Grandma and Grandad live here in Cardiff so when they visit it's a good chance for us all to catch up!

It's been ages since we went to Monkey Music last, and I've really been looking forward to it. It didn't disappoint: I played at Cafe Junior for a bit first, and then we had some yummy Cake and then we went into Monkey Music and it was great!Morgan enjoyed playing at cafe junior too. I was so tired after all the excitement I ended up falling asleep on the Sofa.

When I'd woken up, we went round to Jessica's house to meet some of my friends. We went in the Buggy because it was a lovely day, and we all had a great time there. On the way home, I raced Mum down the Big Hill and I ended up running nearly all the way home! I was very tired after all the exercise and I was very pleased to get into bed after my tea (well, Mum and Dad seemed pleased that I was going to bed).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I went to my lovely Childminder's as normal on Thursday and Friday. I was a bit sad to be left there after all the fun I've had with Mum and Dad over the holidays, but I was soon back into the swing of things. I also had a lovely surprise on Friday afternoon: my old Childminder came to say hello! She was very pleased to see me, and we had a lovely time playing together.

We went to Blooms Garden Centre on Saturday morning. I've been here a few times with my Childminder, but Mum and Dad have never been so I had to show them where everything was. I took them to the Coffee Shop first so we stopped for some Cake, and then I showed them were all the fun things were. I particularly liked showing them all the Fishes and Fountains in the "World of Water". We also bought a new plant.

In the afternoon, I helped Dad dig a big hole to plant the new plant, and then we played outside while Mum did some jobs. Dad also took me to the Park on the Bike, and while we were there Becca turned up too!

I went with Mum to Church on Sunday morning, and then after lunch I helped Dad make some Shelves for Mum and Dad's room. Dad said I was very helpful: I sorted out all the Tools and then I played with the Screws (Dad wouldn't let me near the Saw or the Drill of any of the other fun things though). A bit later on, me and Mum went Swimming with Bella, Aunty Aimee and Uncle Mark (Dad stayed to finish the Shelves). We had a great time in the Waves, but when we came home Dad was still working! It must take a long time to make Shelves!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We went to Gym Tots on Monday. My mate Ewan couldn't come, so I didn't do as much charging about. but I did spend lots of time making Robots out of the Blocks ("I am a Robot! Blast!"). I also did lots of jumping of high things, which worried Mum a bit but I thought it was fun. We went to Ikea for Lunch (I had yummy Pasta), and afterwards me and George played at being Pirates in the little playground they have there. I was so tired after all that I fell asleep on the way home and had to be carried back into the house, where on I continued sleeping on the Sofa for ages!

On Tuesday, I helped Mum clean the Toys at Tots with my friend and some of the other Mums. This is great because we don't have to share the toys with so many children. We also did a lot of running around in circles. We went Swimming in the afternoon; I was a quite excited as we've not been for ages and I got into trouble for being a bit giddy in the changing room (I kept running away from Mum when she wanted to get me changed: she got quite cross in the end!) I had a good lesson though: I did lots of good floating and I even managed to do some swimming with Digger Arms, although I've yet to master doing Digger Arms and Kicky Legs at the same time. When we got out of the shower, Mum had to share my towel because she'd forgotten hers!

We went for a bit of a walk in Roath Park this morning. Mum made me walk all the way to the Cafe, but we fed the ducks on the way so it wasn't too bad. One really huge Swan that wanted to eat all my bread! I went on the Swings and the Big Slide, and I was so tired by the time we got home that I asked to go for a sleep on the Sofa (I tried really had but couldn't go to sleep, but the lie down did me good).

In the afternoon, we went to Story Time the Library. It was great: a nice lady read some great stories, we did some colouring, and then we chose some new books to take home. I like the Library. We played out in the Garden for the rest of the day because the weather was so nice.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

We went to Cosmeston with Ewan, Ellie and Jamie on Friday. It was really cold, but we had a lovely time playing on the Pirate Ship. We had a yummy lunch in the Cafe. I fell asleep on the way home, but I woke up when we got home (Mum was a bit disappointed). In the afternoon, we went to the Corner Shop to get a paper and then we played with some Jigsaws and some Finger Paints (they're really messy! I loved them!).

I went to two parties this weekend! My friend Christian from Tots had a party at Jazzy Jungle on Saturday morning, and it was great: I took Dad round everything! I also ate loads at the party lunch: I was still eating party food when everyone else had left. We went to the Cafe at the Big Shop on the way home as Mum and Dad were hungry; I ended having some Toast so I was a bit full by the time we all got home. We played out in the Garden for the rest of the day.

I went to Church with Mum on Sunday morning, and then we played in the garden for a bit (it was very cold though). Then Dad decided that he needed to get some things from the Hardware store, so I went with him for the ride (I almost fell asleep while he was carrying me). When we got back, Aunty Clair came round with Ewan and Ellie to take us to the second party of the weekend: Baby Josh is 1! I had a lovely time playing with Ewan and Ellie, and we all had some yummy party food too. I was very tired by the time I got home: it's been a very busy weekend!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

It was Rowan and Mabli's Party at Cefn Mably Farm on Sunday. The weather was glorious and we all had a lovely time: I played on the Tractors and the Combine Harvester, and I spent a long time playing in the Sand Pit too (there was a lot of sand in the bath at the end of the day!). Rowan and Mabli seemed to have a good time too.

In the afternoon, we went to buy a Big Boy's Car seat. Mum and Dad spent ages choosing one, but it was fun to drive home in it. I can get out of it all by myself! When we got back, we did some Gardening and we potted some Seeds and things.

We went to Gym Tots with Ellie and Ewan on Monday morning. It was particular exciting because Ellie was there: she helped me go on everything! Afterwards, we ended up going to Ikea for Lunch (I had some yummy Pasta!). And after that, Mum went to see someone called the Midwife. She was very nice, and let me play with her Stethoscope while she tickled Mum's tummy. Then she put a special radio on Mum's tummy so we could hear what was going on inside. We found some very strange noises indeed! But the Midwife said everything was fine.

We didn't have anything special planned for Tuesday morning, so me and Mum went to the Farm Shop. We had some yummy chocolate brownies, and then I played with the Toys and looked at some of the animals. We headed back home after that to mee the Health Visitor: I was due for a looking at. I showed her all my favourite toys and she asked me and Mum lots of questions, but there she was generally very pleased with me.

We went to look at the River in Fforest Fawr with Ewan and Ellie in the afternoon. Looking back, I think Mum tricked me, as it was actually a Walk and I don't like those (I always want to be carried). but Ellie and Ewan were there and there was a Canal and a River and big piles of Mud and some Sticks and it was all very exciting. I got really dirty, but we all had a great time.

I slept til 9:20 on Wednesday morning! (Aunty Ceri was apparently very jealous as she'd had to get up at 5:30!) Dad took the Car to the Garage to be fixed, so we walked into the Village to do some Jobs instead. Aunty Aimee came round in the afternoon and we all went to Jessica's house to play: we all had a great time. We picked the car up on the way back: it's all better now.

We met Rowan and Baby Niamh at Roath Park this morning. Mum somehow managed to trick me into walking all the way round the Lake, but I did get a Cake in the Cafe for my troubles. We went to play on the Swings after that, and me and Rowan had a lovely time playing "Catch You!", "Standing In The Mud" and "Running Away From Mum".

The weather has been beautiful, and we mostly played out in the garden this afternoon (we did have to go to the Big Shop for some things; I didn't want to go and showed my disappointment by promptly falling asleep when we got there). We did lots of fun things in the garden:

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