Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mum was poorly on Tuesday, so Dad stayed home from Work to look after us both. I took Dad to Tots in the morning, and I showed him how to get everything ready for everyone. He did alright at getting the Toys out, but he could have tried harder in the Singing (he didn't know any of the actions to "Sleeping Bunnies" or anything). After Tots, we went home and Bella came round to play for a bit. I showed her some of my new toys: she liked my Pirate Tent a lot.

After lunch, I took Dad to my Swimming Lesson. I've not taken Dad swimming for ages, and he was really impressed by how well I can swim now. However, the pool was really cold and by the end of the lesson we were both a bit blue (like father, like son...)

Mum was feeling a bit better on Wednesday, so we dropped Dad off at Work and I took Mum to Monkey Music at Cafe Junior. We had a lovely time as usual, but we were very careful to keep a close eye on Monkey just in case he decided to run off and hide again.

It was very wet on Saturday morning, so Dad took me to Softplay. I had a lovely time running about and chasing Dad around the Bouncy Castle. We went to the Big Shop on the way home to get some nice things for Lunch and we also had to pick up another Parcel for me. It turned out to be a Space Hopper!

After a quick sleep, Mum took me to the Library while Dad went back to the Big Shop to get some Shelves. I helped Dad put the shelves up for the rest of the afternoon: there was lots of chopping and sawing to do! We watched the Match while Dad did the shelves: Mum was very pleased with the result!

Sunday was very exciting because we had my Party with Becca on Sunday! We went to Funtastic and all our friends came and there was Cake and Chips and Presents it was fab!

I was very tired when we got home, but there were lots more presents to open so that kept me going for a bit longer. I helped Dad make some more Shelves after that and then Mum decided I needed some Fresh Air so she wheeled me round to the Corner Shop to get a Paper. Two minutes later I was asleep! Unfortunately, Mum had to wake me up because it was too late for a Nap, but I felt much better for it anyway.

Glad you liked your space hopper Will - I know we had loads of fun on them as kids - 1970s indulge us! looks like dad had some fun too!
Happy Birthday little man love Chris, Tom and RobXXX
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