Saturday, March 29, 2008

We went on Holiday on Saturday! Mum went for a Haircut in the morning, so Dad and me went to the Park by the train track. It was really cold, and I didn't help things because I stayed on the Swing for ages. We caught the Train back home, which was very exciting indeed (and I was quite sad when I had to get off).

After lunch, Mum and Dad spent a long time packing things. It was very boring, so I played with Water in the Sink until I got a bit soggy. I was very excited when we set off, but I was so tired I soon fell asleep. We arrived at the cottage first, and I ran around exploring until Aunty Ceri and Ma and Pa arrived. It was great to see them, and I was really excited. We played in the house for the rest of the day, including a new game I haven't played before called hide and seek. It was hilarious!

I must have been very tired on Sunday because I slept til gone nine o'clock! After we'd given everyone our Easter presents, I played with Dad and Aunty Ceri while Mum and Grandma went to Church. Then we went out for Lunch at the Pub just down the road. I played "Sliding On The Benches" with Aunty Ceri and then Aunty Cheryl arrived! We had a lovely lunch (I had some yummy Pasta!)

We went to Hereford Cathedral on Monday morning. I liked running around the Cathedral, although I did get into a spot of bother when I wanted to go somewhere I wasn't supposed to be.

After a short while, we met up with Uncle Jonathan, Aunty Aileen and Baby Joseph (he was very cute) and we all went to get some Cake.

After Cake, we went to the Waterworks Musuem. There were lots of big and noisy Pumping Engines and similar things; I thought it was great. Pa spent a lot of time showing me how everything worked:

We went home after that, and as we arrived back at the cottage, Nana and Grandpa arrived! It was very exciting! I even got to drive their van. Nana had hurt her hand and it was all bandaged up. Dad and Granddad disappeared after a short while, and when they came back they had Monkey! He'd been up to his old tricks again and had managed to get left behind at the Waterworks Museum. Naughty Monkey! Fortunately, I'd not noticed he'd gone by the time they'd found him...

We went to Goodrich Castle on Tuesday morning. It was great: I got to run about everywhere, including up some very steep steps that went round and round and round and when we got to the top we were really high up. I also played Climbing on some bits of broken wall; this was so much fun that I didn't want to stop. I also got a prize at the Shop because I found all the Bunnies (well, Mum and Aunty Ceri looked for the Bunnies but I helped).

After that, we went out for Lunch in a Pub by the river in Symonds Yat. There was no pasta this time, but we did go on a Boat to the other side of the river and back.

And then we went to the Hedge Puzzle! I was very tired and fell asleep on the way and it took Dad a long time to wake me up. But I'm glad I did, because the Hedge Puzzle was great. We got a bit lost on our way round the maze, but we found the centre eventually:

People started leaving on Wednesday. Dad went to Work in the morning, and Aunty Cheryl left a bit later on. Grandpa and Pa went on a long walk, so we went to see some pretty gardens in the morning. As a bonus it turned out that there was a Classic Car Rally there; I loved looking at all the shiny cars:

We went to a Pub for lunch (again), and then we took Aunty Ceri to the Train Station so she could go home. I was sad to see her go, but I really enjoyed looking at the Trains.

We had to do Cleaning and Packing up on Thursday. I helped Nana do the Bins (because of her poorly hand), and I helped Granpa do the NooNooing. We went to another Pub for lunch, and then we drove home. I helped Mum unpack the car when we got home, but we didn't do much because we were both a bit tired, and a bit sad about not being on holiday anymore. Dad was very pleased to see me when he got home.

On Friday, my mate Ewan came round to play and we had an Easter Egg hunt in the garden. Ewan was really good at finding the eggs, but I wasn't so Mum had to help me to find some of mine. Then we went with Ewan to Softplay and we both had a great time running about and jumping on each other. There was a Face-Painting lady there, and I got turned into a Tiger! Rahhh! I was still wearing my Tiger face when Dad got home from Work: I Rahhed him and he was really scared!

We had to go back to Symonds Yat on Saturday, because Mum and Dad somehow managed to leave the Camera in the Hedge Puzzle. We went with Bella and Aunty Aimee, and we ended up going to the Butterfly Farm. It was great: it was really warm in there and we all had a lovely time running about looking for the butterflies. One brave butterfly even came to sit on my hand! I had to stay very still while it sat there:

We stopped for Lunch at the Pub by the river on the way home for some yummy food. I wanted to go on the Boat again, but it wasn't running (I was very sad). I fell asleep on the way home. We spent the rest of the day going to the Big Shop and playing with some of my Toys.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We went to Gym Tots on Monday. I didn't join in with many of the activities, but I had a great time because I invented a new game. I've been asking for "Harry and the Robots" a lot recently, so when I found a pile of foam blocks I decided to turn them into some Robots! They even talked like a Robot too!

After Gym Tots, we went to Ikea for Lunch (I had Pasta!) In the afternoon, Bella came to play. We had a lot of fun making a big mess in the playroom.

We went to Tots on Tuesday morning as normal. Everyone got to take home a Chocolate Egg because it was nearly Easter. I kept asking Mum if I could eat it, but she kept telling me to wait until after my tea. In the afternoon, we went to my Swimming Lesson and then we went to George's house to play. Mum had to go to the Doctor's, so Aunty Aimee looked after me for a bit. After tea, Mum lost me for a bit while she was on the phone. When I reappeared, I'd found and eaten half the Chocolate Egg! It was yummy, but Mum wasn't too pleased that I'd found it without asking her about it.

We didn't go to Monkey Music today as it finished last week for Easter. So we went to the Farm Shop instead. It was lovely: we had Cake, I got to do some Shopping with Mum (I bought an Apple, some Onions and some Tomatoes), and we played outside a lot. I like playing with the animals: Mum nearly had her bottom nibbled by a Goat (it was very funny) and my friend Jessica got chased by an angry Cockerel!

In the afternoon, I had to go to the Hospital to see the Eye Doctor. They made me wear some funny glasses that had a dark patch over one eye, and then they asked me to look at some things and say what I could see. I did OK, but they asked me some hard questions. It turns out that I might be a bit long sighted (which is normal for Toddlers like me), but they're not sure how long sighted I am so I have to go back in the Summer for some more tests.

After seeing the Eye Doctor, Mum took me up to the Special Care Baby Unit. It was very warm in there, and I saw lots of small babies. I thought the Incubators were really interesting (they had lots of buttons on them that looked like they needed pushing), and we met some of the people that used to look after me. Everyone thought I'd grown really tall! It was really nice to see everyone again.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mum was poorly on Tuesday, so Dad stayed home from Work to look after us both. I took Dad to Tots in the morning, and I showed him how to get everything ready for everyone. He did alright at getting the Toys out, but he could have tried harder in the Singing (he didn't know any of the actions to "Sleeping Bunnies" or anything). After Tots, we went home and Bella came round to play for a bit. I showed her some of my new toys: she liked my Pirate Tent a lot.

After lunch, I took Dad to my Swimming Lesson. I've not taken Dad swimming for ages, and he was really impressed by how well I can swim now. However, the pool was really cold and by the end of the lesson we were both a bit blue (like father, like son...)

Mum was feeling a bit better on Wednesday, so we dropped Dad off at Work and I took Mum to Monkey Music at Cafe Junior. We had a lovely time as usual, but we were very careful to keep a close eye on Monkey just in case he decided to run off and hide again.

It was very wet on Saturday morning, so Dad took me to Softplay. I had a lovely time running about and chasing Dad around the Bouncy Castle. We went to the Big Shop on the way home to get some nice things for Lunch and we also had to pick up another Parcel for me. It turned out to be a Space Hopper!

After a quick sleep, Mum took me to the Library while Dad went back to the Big Shop to get some Shelves. I helped Dad put the shelves up for the rest of the afternoon: there was lots of chopping and sawing to do! We watched the Match while Dad did the shelves: Mum was very pleased with the result!

Sunday was very exciting because we had my Party with Becca on Sunday! We went to Funtastic and all our friends came and there was Cake and Chips and Presents it was fab!

I was very tired when we got home, but there were lots more presents to open so that kept me going for a bit longer. I helped Dad make some more Shelves after that and then Mum decided I needed some Fresh Air so she wheeled me round to the Corner Shop to get a Paper. Two minutes later I was asleep! Unfortunately, Mum had to wake me up because it was too late for a Nap, but I felt much better for it anyway.

Monday, March 10, 2008

What I forgot to tell you on Wednesday was that Monkey went missing! I was very sad when I couldn't find him in the afternoon, and we looked all over the house without any success. We hadn't found him by bedtime, but I was so tired that I forgot to make a fuss about it.

On Thursday morning, the first thing I said when I woke up was "Where Monkey gone?", so Mum and Dad wasted no time and launched "Operation Find The Monkey": Mum rang round frantically trying to find a shop with the same sort toys in it and Dad retraced all our steps. I went to my Childminder's as usual. Luckily, Dad found Monkey at Cafe Junior! He'd been playing there all the time! He's very naughty. I was very pleased to see him when Dad brought him home.

On Saturday, it was my birthday! I am three! I had a lovely birthday. I had some presents with Mum and Dad in the morning, and then Mum did some jobs round the house while I went to the Big Shop with Dad. I got to choose my very own Birthday Cake (I chose one with a Racing Car). When we got back, we all piled into the Car and went to the Station. It was very exciting being at the Station: I like looking at all the trains and then Aunty Ceri and Ma arrived!

Then we went to my favourite restaurant for lunch: Senior Valentino's! We met Aunty Cheryl at the restaurant and I got to eat my favourite meal: yummy Pasta and lots of Garlic bread. After lunch, we all went back home and I had some more presents. Then we all watched the Rugby (Ma was very pleased) and then my mate Ewan and his sister Ellie turned up for my Party Tea!

After tea, I watched some Cartoons and then I went in the bath with some of my new Bath Toys. I'd had a lovely day, and I was very tired but very happy.

We went to the Beach on Sunday morning. We were very lucky because the Sun came out just as we arrived and it was lovely. Dad brought a Kite, and I got to fly it for a bit (until we decided to tie it to Aunty Ceri to see if she could float away). I played in the Sea with Mum and I climbed all over the rocks. It was great!

We all got a bit hungry after a while and we ended up going to a nearby Pub for some food. I had some yummy Pasta and lots of Garlic Bread. On the way home we called in to see Aunty Cheryl again:

I was very pleased to find Aunty Ceri and Ma were still here on Monday morning. It was very wet but we were going to Gym Tots so it didn't matter much. It was great fun: I made Aunty Ceri join in with everything! (It was very funny watching her do the "Grand Old Duke of York"). After that we all went into town so Mum could buy some clothes (it was a bit boring, but Ma and Aunty Ceri found a Water Cool for me to play with). Then we went out for lunch again, and guess what: I had some yummy Pasta and some more Garlic Bread!

I fell asleep on the way home because I was rather tired after all the excitement of the weekend. It took me a long time to wake up. After tea, we went out in the Car to take Ma and Aunty Ceri to their Choo-choo train. It was very exciting being out so late! We met Dad at the station, and then we went to look at the Trains. Ma and Aunty Ceri's train arrived after a short while and then we waved them off. Everyone was a bit sad to seem them go: we've all enjoyed having them here this weekend, but we're going to seem them again soon.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We went to Gym Tots as normal on Monday morning. It was great: I went on all the equipment and I joined in with everything. We had to rush back to the house afterwards because Mum had put the washing outside in the morning and by lunchtime it was hailing! (The washing was very soggy!). Then we went straight to Funtastic for running around, playing and lunch: we all had a fabulous time and I ate a whole bowl of pasta on my own. Not surprisingly, I fell asleep in the car on the way home... We had a very quiet afternoon.

On Tuesday we went to Tots in the morning as normal. I helped Mum get all the Toys out as usual (although I did get a distracted by the Piano again), and I ate lots of Toast. In the afternoon we went Swimming and Mum was very proud of me because I did loads of Swimming on my own. Mum had to go to the Doctors later in the afternoon, so Bella and Aunty Aimee came round to look after me. I had a lovely time playing "Catch You!" with Bella: she's very funny!

Wednesday was very exciting indeed. We went to Cafe Junior in the morning to go to Monkey Music, and I had a great time as usual. Mum was very proud of me because I managed to beat my drum in time to the music! We had some yummy Pancakes for lunch (I had two, although I was slightly disappointed that Mum didn't manage to stick the Pancakes to the ceiling like in Pingu).

After lunch, we went round to Jamie's house to play and we had lots of fun. Then things got really exciting: me and Mum got in the Car to go find Dad! We were going to watch some of the children from Mum's School do some Dancing at the Theatre. We called in to Dad's Work to collect Dad, and then we all went out for tea to a lovely Cafe where I had some yummy Beans and lots of Toast. Then we went to the Theatre for the Dancing. It was very busy in the entrance, and we had to wait for a while before we were allowed in, so I ran around a lot and played on the stairs.

When we went in, even my seat was exciting: it went up and down! I soon discovered that if I sat right at the back of the seat, it tried to fold up on me! I thought this was rather funny. After a short while, a lady appeared on the stage and gave a short talk about the event, but I was a bit confused as I thought she might be the Signing Lady from CBeebies. Then it all went Really Dark for a bit (I thought it was very exciting), and then the Dancing started, and I loved it: I shouted "&Hurrahh!quot; after each one (Mum's School was the best, of course). It was very late by the time we got out; I was still very excited, but rather tired and when I got home I went straight to sleep.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mum cleaned the House on Saturday morning, so I took Dad to the Big Shop. We stopped at the Park onm the way home and I had a lvoely time playing on the Swings (Dad tried to get me to go on the other things but I wasn't interested).

After lunch, we went to a Party at Richard's house (one of Dad's friends). It was a good party: I ate lots of Crisps and Biscuits and played with Nate and Alex too. I was a bit confused about the lack of a Cake with Candles on it, but it was all much clearer when Mum explained that it was a House Warming Party and not a Birthday Party. I had a great time.

Today was Mothering Sunday! When I woke up I helped Dad take Mum some Breakfast in Bed and then I gave her some presents. She was very pleased with the Pasta Necklace I made her at my Childminders:

After we'd all had breakfast, I took Mum to Church. Monkey came too, but everyone was very relieved that he was much better behaved this week. After lunch, I played with Dad in the Garden and then we all played with my Trick-Track and we played "Catch you!" until we were all too tired to continue (it was very funny). Later on, Dad took me out for a walk to buy some Wire and to get some Cake: we stopped off on the way to see if the Diggers were playing but they were all asleep.

Aunty Cheryl came round after tea, and it was very exciting. I showed her some of my toys, and then we all watched Lazytown and some cartoons until it was time for bed. I was very tired but I didn't really want to go to bed because I was having such a lovely time, but Aunty Cheryl managed to convince me to go upstairs with some tickly fingers. I was so tired I went straight to sleep after my stories!

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