Sunday, February 17, 2008

I found out on Thursday that Nana was coming to stay for a few days, and that she would be coming on the train: "Nana on da Choo-Choo train". She didn't arrive until after I was tucked up in bed asleep, but I was still very excited by the prospect. We did lots of jobs during the day which was a bit boring, but things brighten up considerably when Ewan and Ellie came round for lunch.

Nana was here when I got up on Friday morning, and it's all been very exciting! I showed Nana all my toys, and then we went on the Bus to the Museum to see the Dinosaurs. I had a lovely time running about the exhibits until we found them. Nana bought me a cuddly Mammoth! We stayed for lunch in the Cafe where I had some yummy Pasta.

Mum had to do some work in the afternoon, so I took Nana to the Village. We found a funny shop that sells Wool where we got some new Mittens for me (Dad says they're proper ones because they have a piece of string that loops through your sleeves to stop them falling off).

It was all sunny and bright on Saturday morning so after we'd all gotten up we decided to go to St. Fagans for a wander about. It was a bit cold and it took me ages to warm up, and I didn't do much walking, but I did enjoy going into the different houses to look for Fires to get warm by. We had lunch in the Cafe (I had some more Pasta!) and then we played in the Playground for a bit. I fell asleep on the way home.

I took Dad and Nana to the Big Shop in the afternoon

It was still all bright and sunny on Sunday morning, so we decided to go to the Bay to have a walk about and to get some lunch. It was very cold again, and I wasn't very keen to do much walking, but I did enjoy looking at the ducks and the boats. We stopped for Lunch after a while at my favourite restaurant (Senior Valentino's), where I had Pasta yet again (it's my favourite dish).

After lunch, we wandered around a bit more until it was time to take Nana to the Train Station. We went up to the Platform to wave her off; we were all a bit sad to see her go as we've all had a lovely time. I fell asleep on the way home again.

When I woke up, I helped Dad do some stuff in the garden, and then we all played with a ball in the street for a bit (I liked making it roll under the parked cars). After we'd all gotten a bit cold, we came in for a picnic tea by the TV as a special treat - it was great!

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