Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We took Ewan and Aunty Clair to Gym Tots on Monday morning. We had a great time charging about and playing on all the equipment. After lunch, I told Mum I didn't need a sleep, and although she wasn't totally convinced we popped out to Boots to get some bits and pieces. However, Mum was right and I ended up falling asleep in the trolley! I woke up when Mum put me back in the car, and after that we went to play at Bella's house with Jessica and Ben.

Mum had to go to Stinky Work at short notice on Tuesday morning, so Dad took me to Tots. I had to show him how to get into Tots, and where all the Toys were. I helped him get the Toys out until some of the other Mums arrived to help too. I was a bit sad when Dad had to leave to go to work, but Aunty Aimee did a great job of distracting me and I was soon playing happily again. Mum arrived at just as Tots was finishing to pick me up, but we had a bit of a crisis as Monkey had gotten lost! We looked everywhere for him, and eventually found him hiding in the Dressing Up Box. Naughty Monkey!

In the afternoon, we popped into Boots again to get some Swim Nappies on the way to my Swimming Lesson. Boots is really boring, and before I knew it I was fast asleep again! Mum managed to get me all the way into the Leisure Centre, all undressed and ready for swimming before I woke up! I had lots of fun at Swimming, and Mum was really pleased because I was very brave and did lots of things that normally scare me. After Swimming, Jamie and Bella came to play at my house. We all made a big mess!

Dad took the Car today, so we went with Jamie and his Mum to Cafe Junior for Monkey Music. It was very exciting travelling in Jamie's car: we spent most of the journey looking for Diggers. After Monkey Music, we went to Dad's work to collect the Car, which was also very exciting: I played with the Big Ball and drew on the Whiteboard and played on the Spinny-Round Chairs. After lunch and a short nap (I tried to tell her I didn't need one but she didn't believe me), we to play at Jessica's house with some of my friends. I had a lovely time.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I had a great time as usual with my Childminder on Thursday and Friday. Mum has an Inspection this week and had to go to Work on Saturday morning, so me and Dad went to Jump! I took Dad on everything, and we invented a great game involving some of the balls from the Ball Pool and one of the Big Slides. We both had a great time, although Dad was very tired after chasing round after me for two hours.

We came home in time for Lunch, and then played in the house until Mum came back. Then I watched the Match (go Wales!) until I got bored, so Dad took me to the Big Shop. I was very tired by the end of the day.

I took Mum and Monkey to Church on Sunday. Monkey was a bit naughty in Church, and kept jumping up and shouting "Rahh!" at people (including the Vicar). After lunch, Dad decided I needed a haircut, but I wasn't so impressed:

Mum had to do some more Work after that, so Dad took me to the Museum to see the Dinosaurs. I found the Dinosaurs straight away, but I was running so fast that I couldn't stop to look at them for long (I did drag Dad back to see them several times later). We ran round everything: I didn't stop for the whole time I was there. I was so tired I very nearly fell asleep on the way home.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I went to Gym Tots with Aunty Clair, Uncle Simon and Ewan on Monday morning. It was great: We played a funny game with Uncle Simon that involved throwing me and Ewan into The Pit! In the afternoon me and Mum went out to the Park and I had a lovely time on the Swings.

We went to Tots on Tuesday morning; I helped Mum get all the Toys out again. In the afternoon, I went to my Swimming Lesson. I've moved up into the next class, so I was the youngest one there. I had a good time, and we did lots of things that were similar to my last class, but they were a bit harder. I've got a lot to learn!

We Went to Cafe Junior and then went to Monkey Music on Wednesday morning. We had a lovely time (and some Cake), but the funniest bit was when the Teacher brought out a Worm at Monkey Music so we could sing "There's a worm at the bottom of the garden". I thought it looked a bit like the characters from Worms, and so I did some of my best Worms impressions. Mum thought it was hilarious!

In the afternoon we tidied up the house a bit and then my friend Jamie came round to play. Mum did a funny thing at tea-time: I found a Balloon and I asked Mum to blow it up. I was a bit worried that it might go Bang, and so I went to hide behind the door. Mum thought I was being silly, and proceeded to blow it up, but then it went Bang! It was very funny.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I found out on Thursday that Nana was coming to stay for a few days, and that she would be coming on the train: "Nana on da Choo-Choo train". She didn't arrive until after I was tucked up in bed asleep, but I was still very excited by the prospect. We did lots of jobs during the day which was a bit boring, but things brighten up considerably when Ewan and Ellie came round for lunch.

Nana was here when I got up on Friday morning, and it's all been very exciting! I showed Nana all my toys, and then we went on the Bus to the Museum to see the Dinosaurs. I had a lovely time running about the exhibits until we found them. Nana bought me a cuddly Mammoth! We stayed for lunch in the Cafe where I had some yummy Pasta.

Mum had to do some work in the afternoon, so I took Nana to the Village. We found a funny shop that sells Wool where we got some new Mittens for me (Dad says they're proper ones because they have a piece of string that loops through your sleeves to stop them falling off).

It was all sunny and bright on Saturday morning so after we'd all gotten up we decided to go to St. Fagans for a wander about. It was a bit cold and it took me ages to warm up, and I didn't do much walking, but I did enjoy going into the different houses to look for Fires to get warm by. We had lunch in the Cafe (I had some more Pasta!) and then we played in the Playground for a bit. I fell asleep on the way home.

I took Dad and Nana to the Big Shop in the afternoon

It was still all bright and sunny on Sunday morning, so we decided to go to the Bay to have a walk about and to get some lunch. It was very cold again, and I wasn't very keen to do much walking, but I did enjoy looking at the ducks and the boats. We stopped for Lunch after a while at my favourite restaurant (Senior Valentino's), where I had Pasta yet again (it's my favourite dish).

After lunch, we wandered around a bit more until it was time to take Nana to the Train Station. We went up to the Platform to wave her off; we were all a bit sad to see her go as we've all had a lovely time. I fell asleep on the way home again.

When I woke up, I helped Dad do some stuff in the garden, and then we all played with a ball in the street for a bit (I liked making it roll under the parked cars). After we'd all gotten a bit cold, we came in for a picnic tea by the TV as a special treat - it was great!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I was still coughing on Monday, so Dad took me to the Doctors. The Nurse was very nice to me, and kept me entertained while she looked at my ears, down my throat, and listened to chest with a tickly cold thing. It turns out that I've got a Chest Infection too! We got some Medicine and then we took Dad to work on the way to Mum's School. I had lovely time at Mum's School: I got a present from Aunty Libby, some sweeties from Aunty Liz and then I played with the Photocopier (I made it spit out lots of blank sheets of paper and I managed to photocopy my hands!) I also played with the School Bell (it was very loud).

Dad was poorly again on Tuesday morning and stayed home from work. Me and Mum went to "Come and Play" which is where we normally have Tots. We met Becca and her Dad there, and we had a great time playing on the Bouncy Castle and with the toys. I was very tired after all the excitement (and Mum was very tired after pushing the pram into the Village and back), and I fell asleep after lunch while Mum had a sit down. Later on, Mum took me to the Park on my Trike and I went on the Swing a lot. It was great!

This morning, we met up with Ewan and Ellie at the Farm Shop. We had lots of yummy Cake, and I enjoyed looking at the funny animals. However, Mum said I was very trying this morning as I was rather tired and a bit grumpy. Mum told me off a lot, mostly for throwing my toys, and I ended up on the step after I threw Mum's necklace at her after lunch. Fortunately, I went straight to sleep after that. Mum said I was a much nicer boy after my nap. We went round to Jamie's house to play with some of my friends in the afternoon. We all had a lovely time (and there was lots of Cake to eat).

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mum says we've been living in a House of Plague this week. Mum had a horrible cold on Thursday and stayed home from School, so she stayed in bed while me and Dad went to my Childminders. However, I started to feel poorly soon after that and my Childminder ended up taking me home at lunchtime. Me and Mum snuggled on the sofa watching DVDs for the afternoon: we watched Toy Story 1 and 2.

We were still poorly on Friday, so me and Mum stayed home again. We did some playing in the morning, but Mum wasn't very good at it (she just sat on the sofa a lot). I was very tired after lunch and ended up sleeping for two hours! She only managed to get me out of bed by promising me a Chocolate Biscuit. Dad came home from Work a bit early and we walked to the Corner Shop to get a CBeebies magazine.

And then on Saturday, Dad was poorly too! I was feeling a bit better and it was a beautiful day, so we went out to the Park for a bit. I had a lovely time on the Swings. After lunch, Dad took me to the Big Shop, and then we all snuggled on the Sofa to watch some more DVDs.

We were all still poorly on Sunday. I slept until nearly nine o'clock! And by the time we'd all gotten up, it was nearly lunchtime! After lunch, we watched Toy Story 2 again (it's my favourite) and we did some more playing. Then Mum went to go see the Doctor, so I helped Dad do some washing and make tea. The Doctor said mum has a music box in her chest and gave her some medicine to help her feel better. I was very tired by bedtime. I'm bored of being poorly: hope we're all better soon!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We went to Gym Tots as normal on Monday morning. My mate Ewan was poorly and couldn't come, but I had a great time anyway. Mum was very pleased because I joined in with all the activities. In the afternoon, we walked to the Park near my house, but on the way we bumped into Mabli and Ella! They were also going to the Park, so we all went together. I walked all the way home, and I was so tired by the time we got back that I almost fell asleep when Mum sat me down on the step to take my shoes off.

I helped get all the toys out on Tots on Tuesday morning. We all made Valentine's cards, and I was a very lucky boy because my friend Becca gave me hers! Bella came round for lunch, and we all had a great time playing in the house. Me and Bella managed to sneak upstairs to play while Mum was having a chat with Aunty Aimee, where we invented a great game in the bathroom. Mum says she should have twigged something was up when I brought her a soggy Monkey to look after, but they only came to investigate when they realised we'd been really quiet for ages... I'd managed to fill the bath full of water, and I was busy scooping it out onto the bathroom floor while Bella tried to clean up the mess with some towels she'd found. We were all a bit soggy, and Mum wasn't very pleased.

After we'd all gotten dry again, it was time to go and get wet at my Swimming Lesson. This was my last time that class, as after Half Term I'll be moving up to the next one. I'll miss Jamie and Carys until they get to move up too though. After Swimming, we all went round to Becca's house to play. it was very busy: there were nine Mums, nine Tots, two babies and a doggy! We all had a great time, although I got into a bit of trouble when I decided it would be fun to throw Becca's toys around.

Mum was very pleased with me later on though, as I've learnt how to sing some songs. I can sing "The Wheels On The Bus" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" all the way though!

Mum woke up with a nasty cold on Wednesday, so I thought I'd better look after her a bit. We went to Cafe Junior in the morning, where I had a lovely time playing with everything. Then Monkey Music started and I had a great time playing drums and doing singing. We went to Roath Park Cafe for Lunch, and I had a yummy Toasted Sandwich. We went on the swings after that, and then I walked all the way back to the car. I fell asleep on the way home.

After my nap I looked after Mum some more. We played with my Marble Go Down and then I started a Tea Party with Monkey and Scrambler: I used the grill to made Monkey his tea, and then I carried it in with the tea-towel and chopped it up for him to eat. After that, we watched some Pingu while we snuggled on the sofa.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I had a lovely time at my Childminder's on Thursday and Friday. Dad came to pick me up again on Thursday because my Childminder had to go to a Open Day, but I was very excited to see him. We didn't see any Fire Engines on the way home like last week, but we did see lots of Buses.

We went for a walk up to Castle Coch on Saturday morning. It was a bit wet and cold, but Mum forced us all out of the house anyway. Mum and Dad were very impressed with me, because I walked all the way up the big hill to the Castle, and then I walked all the way round it too! (I had to be carried back down though). We went to the Big Shop on the way home, but fell asleep just as we arrived. When I woke up, we found that my friend Becca was at the shop too!

I helped Dad clean the car after lunch. However, we didn't clean the outside: we NooNoo'd the inside! It was very exciting:

I even got to drive the car while Dad did the trickier bits. After we'd cleaned the car, I watched the Rugby with Mum (I told her "Rugby! Rugby ball! Kick It! Catch it! Put it down, splat! Hurrah!"). The first half was a bit boring, and I kept asking to watch Pingu instead. Mum gave in at Half Time, but she switched it over while was having my tea. It wwas quiet for a bit, but then Mum started shouting really loudly when I was having my pudding; we won! It was very exciting.

We went to the Farmer's Market on Sunday morning. It was really cold, but I enjoyed looking at all the food and things. I helped buy some yummy cakes and some vegetables. On the way home, we took the car through a Car Wash; I was a bit unsure to start with, but I thought it was fab (despite the aerial ending up a bit crooked).

Later on in the afternoon, we went to Funtastic to meet Bella because we were both bored with being stuck in the house because of the weather. I fell asleep just as we arrived (again!), but I woke up pretty quickly because there were some Diggers in the carpark! We had lots of fun at Funtastic (although I did get into trouble for throwing stuff), but I was really tired afterwards.

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