Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We went to Gym Tots with Ewan on Monday. Mum was really pleased with me because I joined in with everything. I also did lots of walking on the Beam and I really enjoyed jumping off the far end into the Big Pit (Mum was a bit worried because it's really high!). After Gym Tots, we went to Ewans for lunch and then in the afternoon Bella came round to play and we had a great time playgin with all my new toys.

We went back to Tots on Tuesday morning to help clean the Toys (us Tots helped by getting the Toys out of their boxes, but I don't think we did much of the cleaning). We had lots of fun though. We also test-drove some new push chairs for the Dolls too. After lunch, we went Swimming! I was so excited to be back at my Swimming lesson that I nearly exploded! Mum was quite embarrased by all the noise I made, but she was very pleased as I joined in with everything. We were also pleased to find that my new playmate at my Childminder's has joined my Swimming class too! After swimming, we went to Jessica's house to play, and all my friends came too.

We went to Monkey Music this morning, and it was great. I took my Monkey too, and he joined in with everything. In fact, Monkey has been doing lots of things with me this week, including eating my breakfast and using the potty! In the afternoon, Mum took me to the Corner shop to get some Milk, and we watched Uncle Tony fix Aunty Jenny's car for a bit too (it was very interesting). We played in the house after that, and I invented a new game that involves tying bits of string to the doors on the Kitchen Cupboards to make a big Spider's Web of string. It was great fun.

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