Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We went to Gym Tots with Ewan on Monday morning. We had lots of fun charging about, and we were too wrapped up in our own games to join in with the activities. We had great fun though.

Mum had to go to Work in the afternoon, so Aunty Cheryl ("Chairdul") came round to look after me! It was great: we read loads of stories, played with all my toys and then went out to play in the garden. I took my belt off a lot, so my trousers kept falling down, but after a few replacements, resourceful Aunty Cheryl used a peg to pin them up. We ended the day cuddled on the sofa watching Pingu. It was great!

Carys was at Tots on Tuesday; she's my friend from my Childminder's. We got all the toys out as normal, and then I made Mum a necklacs and then I managed to eat eight pieces of toast! I also got into a spot of bother for throwing stones and pulling up flowers outside, but I won't go into that.

We went Swimming after lunch. I'm really good at swimming now, and I might get to move up to the next class soon. After swimming we went to Jamie's house for a cup of tea and some Biscuits.

We went to Cafe Junior for Monkey Music on Wednesday, and it was great as normal. Monkey Music was fun, especially because there was a Thomas that could go on its own, and it and blew bubbles too! We went to Roath Park Cafe for lunch afterwards, and Mum was very pleased because I did loads of walking: I walked all the way to the Cafe, and then after lunch I walked all the way to the Swings, and then I walked all the way back to the car after that! I was very tired after all the walking, and I fell asleep in the car on the way home.

In the afternoon, we went to the Shoe Shop to get my feet checked out (my shoes still fit, so no new shoes for me). We bought a Bob magazine on the way home, and then we did some JigSaws when we got back. It was a good day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dad came to pick me up from my Childminder's on Thursday afternoon. I'd had a lovely time there: we iced some Cakes and we went to the Park! On the way home, I saw a Fire Engine (the Firemen all waved at me), a Digger making a huge hole (the driver also waved at me) and an Ambulance going to an Emergency (it was going very fast and I don't think they saw me waving). I also had a lovely time with my Childminder on Friday too.

Dad was out for most of Saturday, so Mum and me met up with Aunty Cheryl and we all went off to St. Fagans in her car. Mum was really proud of me because I did lots of walking. We explored lots of houses, and I found lots of Fires in them to get warm by. We stayed at St Fagans for lunch (I had a huge bowl of Pasta and lots of yummy Cake!), and then we went to the playground. I went up really high on the climbing frame and I think I got Aunty Cheryl a bit worried. On the way out, we stopped at the shop, where I ended up witha new hat from Mum and a book about Diggers from Aunty Cheryl! I'm such a lucky boy!

I took Monkey and Mum to Church on Sunday morning. He was pretty well-behaved but, we got into trouble when he wanted to go off exploring while Mum was singing. He did get a Blessing from the Vicar though. After Church, I was waiting outside for Mum when a Dog ran up and stole Monkey from me! Monkey was a bit surprised, but I thought they were playing "Catch You!" and it was very funny. We got Monkey back eventually, and he wasn't too slobbery.

After lunch, I helped Dad fix a new door handle and then we played in the Garden for a bit. I helped Mum and Dad chop some things up and then I helped dig some holes to plant some Bulbs. Then we took the tree that Dad chopped down round to Ewan's house, which was great because Ewan has lots of fun Toys. It was great fun!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On Monday, we went to Gym Tots and I had a great time because lots of my friends were there. I did lots of jumping about. Me and Ewan also invented a really funny game where you jump into the Big Pit and then throw blocks at each other. It's hilarious! In the afternoon, me and Mum went to the Library to get some more books. I found a Pingu DVD and a Digger book and I wanted it so much that I refused to let Mum look at the grown-up books until I'd given the Lady the special card and the money!

We went to Tots as normal on Tuesday, and everyone had a great time getting all the Toys out. In the afternoon, we went to my Swimming Lesson, which was great fun as normal. After the lesson, I found a Watering Can in the pool and I had a lovely time playing with it until I realised that I could tip it all over Mum! I thought this was very funny, but she wasn't so sure and she tipped one all over me too! There was a lot of splashing after that, and we were both really cold when we got out, but it was worth it! After swimming, we went round to Jamie's house to play and to have some Cake.

It was "Aaa Ooo Day" today, which I love. I took Monkey to with me to Cafe Junior (he comes with me to a lot of places these days), and we had a great time playing with everything. We also shared a very yummy Chocolate Muffin! In the afternoon, I went round to Grace's house to play because Mum had to go out to Work for a bit. Bella, Jessica and Jamie were there too, and we all had a fab time. I was very excited when it was time to go home because Dad came to pick me as Mum was still at Work. He was very pleased to see me, and I showed him all the fun things I'd been playing with. Bella gave us a lift home, and then we watched my new Pingu DVD until it was time for tea.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

We went to Gym Tots on Monday morning as usual. I had a great time jumping off some tall things into the Pit (I like it because it worries Mum), and I joined in with everything. In the afternoon, we cycled down to see Bella and some of my other friends at her house. Half way there, it started to rain very heavily, but fortunately Mum makes a great wind break and I didn't get wet at all! Mum was soaked though.

Mum got wet again on Tuesday morning. It was still raining a lot so we decided to walk instead of cycle to Tots. I travelled in the Plastic Bubble and so I was nice and dry, but poor Mum got really soggy again! After Tots things got busy: we went to George's house to meet Bella, Lewis and Jessica for some yummy lunch. Then we went Swimming, which was great fun, and then after Swimming we went back to George's house to carry on playing for a bit! I was really tired by the end of the day.

Dad forgot his lunch on Wednesday morning, so we dropped it off at his Work on the way to Monkey Music. I carried his lunch all the way to the office; Dad was really pleased to see us (I think he was very hungry). Monkey Music was great: I joined in with everything, and I was so tired after lunch that I had to go for a sleep (my first for a week! Mum and Dad are a bit tired too now). Later on, we decided to brave the horrible weather to go find a Magazine from the Corner Shop on my Trike .I chose a Night Garden magazine because it had "Iddul Diddoo" (IgglePiggle) on the front.

I went to my Childminder's again on Thursday and Friday, and had a lovely time as usual. And then it was the Weekend! On Saturday morning, we all went off to Funtastic, which is a bit like Jump. We met some of my friends there and we were the first people to arrive, so we had the place to ourself. I had a great time: they've got lots of cool things to play with, including two Cannons that fire foam rubber balls! Mum and Dad liked it so much that we're going to have a joint birthday party with Becca there: I can't wait!

I took Mum to Church on Sunday morning, and we all had a fab time listening to the singing and playing with the toys. In the afternoon, we played in the house until it stopped raining and then we went out for a walk to look for some Diggers. We saw lots, but they were all asleep, but we did find lots of puddles to jump in. (We also found some yummy Flapjack at the Big Shop). We played in for the rest of the day because it was all horrid again. Mum and Dad said something about me being all horrid too, but I was just a bit bored and I'm sure it wasn't true.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I had a lovely time at my Childminder's on Thursday and Friday. My new friend Carys was there again, and we both had a great time playing with each other and with lots of toys.

I took Dad to Softplay on Saturday morning, and he had a great time. I could hardly keep him off the Bouncy Castle, and he loved playing with all the Soft Things: we made a big pile of them and then I showed him how to climb up it so that it all falls down around you. It was very funny! Afterwards, we found that there was a big Toy Fair in the main hall of the Leisure Centre, so I persuaded Dad that I wanted a look around (it wasn't very difficult). There were loads of toy Trains and Cars and things; I was allowed to choose a Train to take home with me (I chose a Gordan).

We played out in the Garden in the afternoon. I helped Mum lay a new Carpet in my Little House (thankyou Aunty Cheryl!) and then I helped Dad cut down a really big Tree. It took him ages to chop through the trunk but we remembered to shout "Timber!" as it came down.

I took Mum to Church this morning, and it was great. I played with all the toys, then I helped Mum do some Singing and I was very good the whole way through so I got a Biscuit from some nice ladies. When we got back, I helped Mum use NooNoo to clean up a bit and then Bella came round with Aunty Aimee and Uncle Mark! We had lots of yummy Crisps and Garlic Bread for lunch (Mum says there was Lasagne too, but I didn't want any of that). After that, me and Bella had lots of fun playing Hiding Behind the Sofa and Climbing on Uncle Mark. I was a bit tired after all that, so when they went home we watched "Toy Story 2" and I didn't move at all while it was on. I thought it was great!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We went to Gym Tots with Ewan on Monday. Mum was really pleased with me because I joined in with everything. I also did lots of walking on the Beam and I really enjoyed jumping off the far end into the Big Pit (Mum was a bit worried because it's really high!). After Gym Tots, we went to Ewans for lunch and then in the afternoon Bella came round to play and we had a great time playgin with all my new toys.

We went back to Tots on Tuesday morning to help clean the Toys (us Tots helped by getting the Toys out of their boxes, but I don't think we did much of the cleaning). We had lots of fun though. We also test-drove some new push chairs for the Dolls too. After lunch, we went Swimming! I was so excited to be back at my Swimming lesson that I nearly exploded! Mum was quite embarrased by all the noise I made, but she was very pleased as I joined in with everything. We were also pleased to find that my new playmate at my Childminder's has joined my Swimming class too! After swimming, we went to Jessica's house to play, and all my friends came too.

We went to Monkey Music this morning, and it was great. I took my Monkey too, and he joined in with everything. In fact, Monkey has been doing lots of things with me this week, including eating my breakfast and using the potty! In the afternoon, Mum took me to the Corner shop to get some Milk, and we watched Uncle Tony fix Aunty Jenny's car for a bit too (it was very interesting). We played in the house after that, and I invented a new game that involves tying bits of string to the doors on the Kitchen Cupboards to make a big Spider's Web of string. It was great fun.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year!

Everything has been much quieter this week, but I think we've all needed and enjoyed the peace. I've certainly enjoyed playing with all my new toys.

We played in the house on Monday morning, because I was still feeling a bit poorly. In the afternoon, we went out on the Bikes to the Park by the train line. I went on Dad's bike (Nana got Dad a special carrier for Christmas), but it was very wobbly and we all fell over just as we left! I was a bit worried after that, and I complained about it all the way there. I enjoyed being at the Park though. Later in the evening, I heard lots of Fireworks (The Mog spent the night under the sofa).

Tuesday was New Year's Day! We went to Bella's house on the Bikes, but I didn't want to go on Dad's bike after we went splat the day before. I complained a lot, and in the end I persuaded them to let me travel on Mum's Bike (it's much safer). We all had a lovely time at Bella's house: I played with all her new toys and we had a yummy lunch. We went home on the Bikes in the dark, which was very exciting indeed.

Dad had to go to Work on Wednesday, so me and Mum went out and met up with my mate Ewan and Ellie at Roath Park. I didn't do much walking, and at the park I went on the Swing for ages. On the way back I got really cold (Mum said I hadn't done enough running around). Dad came home again in the afternoon and we had a great time playing with Duplo and my new Marble Go Down.

Thursday and Friday were JooEt days, as Mum and Dad had to go to work. I had a lovely time as usual, and my Childminder was very pleased by the thankyou letter I wrote her. I also saw my previous Childminder on Thursday, which was very exciting indeed! Mum was pleased because we made her some yummy Cakes that I helped to cover in sticky green icing: they tasted even better after that!

We went to St. Fagans on Saturday morning to meet Bella and Aunty Aimee. I think Mum and Dad were hoping for a bit of a walk, but it started to rain just as we arrived so we hid from the rain in some of the houses for a short while (one had a big Fire in it!) and then we decided to go off to Ikea for Lunch instead. I had lots of yummy Pasta! We stopped at the Big Shop on the way home and it was the mid-afternoon by the time we got back. Mum and Dad decided that I needed a sleep despite me telling them "&I'm not tired!quot; several times (they obviously didn't believe me).

Later on, I helped Mum and Dad take down all the Christmas Decorations. I've really enjoyed them, and our front room looks rather bare without the Christmas Tree to brighten it up. Aunty Libby and her family came round just as we were finishing, and I had lots of fun showing them some of my new toys.

It was bright and sunny on Sunday morning so we went for a walk in the woods by Castle Coch. We saw lots of really interesting scupltures on the walk, including a Giant Spider, a big Treasure Chest, a Cauldron of Potion and a huge Wooden Chair. I did some walking until I got a bit cold, and then we all went home for lunch. After lunch, I helped Mum and Dad tidy the house and then we played with some PlayDoh for a bit:

After that, we all watched Toy Story before tea. It was great! I especially liked the Dinosaur and the bit with the Rocket and the Car. To Infinity and Beyond!

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