Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Christmas everybody!

Well, what a busy time I've been having. Where shall I start?

I had a lovely time at my childminders on Thursday and Friday (my childminder's big boys were home from school: they're brilliant!) On Saturday I went to softplay with Dad. Bella and her Dad were there too, although not many other people were. It was very quiet which meant we had lots of room to run around and jump up and down. We spent the rest of the day doing jobs and packing up, ready to go away for Christmas.

We set off after tea. It was really dark and very very exciting. So exciting that I spent the first hour of the journey screaming at the top of my voice every so often, just to make sure Mum and Dad knew I was still awake. At the end of the journey, we arrived at Grandma and Grandad's house.I was so tired I had to go straight to bed.

In the morning, I had a super time playing with Grandma and Grandad and some of the toys that had belonged to Mum and Aunty Ceri when they were little. Then Mum and Dad popped me back in the car but we didn't go very far. We went to see Aunty Chris and Uncle Rob and their new Baby Thomas. They live in Brussells, but Baby Thomas had come to see his Granparents for Christmas so they were only about half an hour away. I had a great time: two of baby Thomas's cousins were there and Thomas's Grandma has lots and lots and lots of toys at her house. There were also three lovely doggies to play with. We had a yummy lunch and Mum and Dad and Aunty Chris and uncle Rob had a good chat.

Later on Sunday we went to Nana's house for tea. There were lots of people there, but the most exciting person was Uncle Dave! He had come all the way from Bangok for Christmas! Uncle Dave is very tall.

On Christmas Eve, Mum and Dad took me to the park in Alderley Edge. Me and Dad went on everything while Mum nipped into the village to do some jobs. When we got back to Grandma and Grandads house Aunty Ceri had arrived to stay! She's very funny! Later on in the day, some of Grandma and Grandad's friends came round for Christmas drinks. That didn't stop me from remembering to put some treats out for Father Christmas. Mum and Dad hoped I'd put out a Gin and Tonic, and seemed a bit dissapointed when I said he'd like some blackcurrent squash best of all.

Christmas Day was very exciting! Father Christmas had left me a huge stcking full of lots of lovely presents. Everything I opened made me go "Oh Wow!".

However, poor Aunty Ceri didn't feel very well:

After breakfast, we all exchanged presents. I had such fab things! Dad and Grandad really enjoyed helping me with my marble-go-down:

Later in the morning, Mum, Dad, Grandma and me went to church. It was a fun service, with lots of audience partisipation to help tell the Christmas Story. In the afternoon, we all went to Nanas house for Chrsitmas Dinner. All together there were 16 of us!!! Dad and Uncle Dave did lots of the cooking, and everyone said they did a very good job.

On Boxing Day, Danute and her family came to see us for a nice cup of tea. As they were leaving, Nana, Grandpa and Amirah arrived ready to go for our traditional Boxing Day walk. Amirah and me found lots of interesting animals and birds on the way, as well as some excellent puddles:

In the afternoon, I had a bit of a craft workshop with Aunty Ceri. We did some fab finger painting and modelling with play doh:

It was Mum and Dad's tenth Wedding Anniversary on Thursday (they're really very old). Dad sent Mum and Aunty Ceri to a Spa for the day. Apparently, there's lots of sitting still at the Spa, so I didn't think I'd like to go even though there was a pool there. Dad took me over to Nana's instead, where we went to the Wacky Wharehouse with Amirah. I ran around for three solid hours, and I was very tired afterward!

At teatime, Mum and Dad went out for the evening. Aunty Ceri put me to bed, then Grandma and Grandad looked after me all night. I had a lovely sleep. In fact, I slept so well that Grandma and Granddad had to wake me up at 8:30 the next day!Grandma read me lots of great stories whilst Grandad went to fetch Mum and Dad. They were very jealous to hear about my mammoth sleeping when they got back!

Later on Friday morning, Mum and Dad took me to the viewing park at Manchester Airport. It was brilliant! You couald watch all the planes taking off and lamnding really close up. They were very big and very loud! It was also very cold so we didn't stay too long. Mum said we can go back in the summer and take a picninc.After the planes, we went to Aunty Ceri's house for lunch. Later on Aunty Annie and Aunty Caroline called in too. On the way back from Aunty Ceri's house we called in at Aunty Sally's. She has lots of cool musical instruments to bash. In fact, in her up upstairs room (Jamie's bedroom) I found a real live Drum Kit! Wow! I made a lot of noise with it:

On Saturday, Mum and Dad took me to a great park in Wilmslow. There was one very funny thing that we all went on. It went very high and round and round (Mum did lots of screaming, and I did lots of laughing).

After that we went to Nana's house for Uncle Dave's farewell lunch. Everybody was there again, and we had a lovely time. Everyone was very sad when we had to wave Uncle Dave off to the airport. And then a bit later on it was time for us to go home as well. Mum and Dad packed up the car while I played with Grandad. It had been a very busy week and I slept all the way home.

By the time I woke up this morning I was feeling really poorly. I've spent all day feeling very hot and very snuffly. I havent eaten much: I couldn't even face a chocolate biscuit! Mum and Dad have spent the day looking after me and trying to find space for all my new toys. I was very glad to go to bed!

Friday, December 21, 2007

I've had lots of yummy food this week!

On Monday I went to Gym Tots with all of my friends. I did lots of jumping off a really high beam into the pit. It was hilarious! After gym Ewan and Jamie nipped back to my house for a quick play whilst our Mum's had a cuppa. Then we all went to a pub for lunch. All of my friends were there and apparently it was our special "Secret Santa Christmas Lunch". Well, the chips were very yummy and we had cake for pudding. And afterwards we all got to choose a surprise christmas present. I got a brill christmas scrapbook and lots of stickers and things to put in it. In the afternoon we nipped down the village and did a few little jobs, and then we went to the library.

On Tuesday it was the Tots Christmas Party! It was great. We sang christmas songs and had yummy party food. After that we all had to sing Jingle Bells and who should turn up but Father Christmas! He brought presents for everybody! In the afternoon we went swimming. The pool was really quiet so I did lots and lots of jumping in and swam a long long way. After swimming we went to George's house to play. Somehow, some of the party food leftovers had got to George's house too! We all tucked in again. I wasn't really very hungry at tea time.

I woke up on Wednesday with a cold "Oh doh du dose". So I didn't mind too much when Mum and me spent quite a bit of time in the car, driving round Cardiff doing lots of jobs. I actually quite enjoyed sitting quietly for once! At lunchtime we went to mum's school for a party lunch. Yum! I even found some big children to play Boo with round the staffroom door. For some reason, mum said I really shouldn't have told the big children that there were "ditdits in dere". Apparently, the teachers like to pretend they all eat very healthily. I can tell you it's not true! In the afternoon, we went round to Rowan's house to play. Ela and Mabli were there too, as well as baby Niamh. We had a lovely time, and Rowan's Mum had even made us a lovely party tea! (I liked the chocolate log the best). Aunty Del and Aunty Sara took some super photos of us all; hopefully we'll have some copies soon to put on the blog.

Despite my horrible cold, I've had a lovely time at my Childminder's these past couple of days, especially since her two boys have been around the whole time too! We were playing so hard today that I ended up with a big bump on my head; but it didn't slow me down for very long and I was charging about again in no time.

Anyway, Mum and Dad keep saying that it's going to be Christmas soon! I hope you all have a lovely time. I'm looking forward to having lots more yummy food!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

On Monday Rebecca came to play first thing in the morning. We made up a really good game of hiding from mum, especially when she was trying to get our coats on to go to gym tots. It was hilarious! We also had a good time at gym with all our other friends. After gym we took Rebecca back to our house, and I got to meet her funny doggies again. They are very licky!In the afternoon me and mum went to the libray and the park where you can see the train line (my favourite park at the moment!) After that, we went round to Ewan's house to play and have tea. I had a super time playing, and mum had some nice cups of tea and a chat with Aunty Clair. It was quite late when we got home so I had to go straight to bed (especially as I hadn't had a nap at lunchtime!).

Rebecca came over again after breakfast on Tuesday, and then mum took us both to tots. I think we were very helpful getting all the toys out... After a lovely time at tots, Rebecca came back to our house for lunch, along with Bella and Aunty Aimee. Mum made piles of cheese on taost but we managed to munch through it all! After lunch I had to go swimming so Aunty Aimee and Bella took Rebecca back to their house to play. I did lots and lots of swimming around, and even managed to do a proper star float. Mum was very impressed. After swimming, we all went over to Bella's house to play and do sticking and gluing. It was brilliant! It was also all a bit fraught as out of the five children who were there only one had had a nap that day. The mummies kept muttering something about "House of Tiny Tearaways" but I'm not sure what that was about. Rebecca came home in the car with us, and then her mummy came to pick her up, which was a shame as we'd just worked out that we can both hide in the cupboard under the stairs!

On Wednesday me and mum went to Monkey Music, which was lots of fun. I joined in with lots of songs this week. In the afternoon Mum took me over to her school to see the big children do their carol concert in the local church. I thought they were very good, and gave them lots of claps. At the end of the concert I went for a bit of an explore and found some stairs which went up to a little platform. Up there was a light which I discovered you could turn on and off. Mum had no idea where I was until one of the big children told her. Apparantly small people aren't allowed to play in pulpits...

On Thursday and Friday I went to my childminders. It was a bit of a rush both mornings as mum isn't quite as good at getting up as Dad is. I have to jump up and down a lot and say "up mum-mum up!" very loudly. If that doesn't work, I find lifting her head up is the most effective way to get her out of bed. Either that or say I need a wee! (I must tell Dad about that one). I had a lovely time at my childminder's both days. Friday was espeically good as we went to the farm shop! I had lovely cake and saw lots of animals. One of the naughty goats even tried to eat me: I thought it was very funny! On Friday there was a new little girl at my childminders. She will be starting after Christmas and had come for a practise day. We got on like a house on fire so I'm really looking forward to seeing her in January.

When Mum came to collect me on Friday I had a big surprise: Dad was there too! He had just come back from America in time to come and collect me. I was so pleased to see him (he did look a bit tired though).Even better was the plane that he brought back for me. It has flashing lights and sounds just like the real thing. It's brilliant.

I went to three parties this weekend! We went to the Big Shop on Saturday morning, and when we'd done the Shopping, we got a Christmas Tree! On the way back we went to a party with some of Mum's friends from Choir. I was the smallest person there, but I had a lovely time, especially because someone found me some toy Diggers to play with. I ate a lot of crisps and generally had a great time.

After lunch, we decorated the Christmas Tree:

It was very exciting!

After tea, we all went out to another party, this time at Nate and Alex's house. It was very late by the time we got there and Nate had already gone to bed but I played with Alex for a little while before I went to bed too. It was Really Late by the time we left, and I could see the Moon really clearly.

I took Mum to Church on Sunday morning, and I had lots of fun. Then in the afternoon, we went to Jump to Jessica and joint Ben's party. It was fab: I took Dad everywhere; and I even managed to get Dad on the Death Slide twice! I was really tired by the end of the afternoon, but we'd all had a great time.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday 9th December

Its been a very busy week, especially for my editor (Dad) who has had so much to do at work that he forgot to do a blog on Wednesday! I've had to draft in a guest editor (Mum ) to help out today as Dad has gone all the way to America to do even more work (poor Dad!) - I just hope she does a good job!

We took Bella to Gym Tots on Monday, then afterwards lots of my friends came with me to Ikea for lunch. I had lovely pasta for lunch, then afterwards Ewan and me helped our mums with a spot of shopping. In the afternoon Aunty Cheryl came round to play. We went to the new cafe in the village and Aunty Cheryl bought me yummy chocolate cake!

Tuesday was the usual busy run of Tots and swimming (I swam lots and lots and lots), but then in the afternoon Mum took me down to the v illage to see the Victorian Christmas fair. There were lots of stalls and lights to see. I was very tired by bedtime!

We had a much quieter day on Wednesday, although we did go to Monkey Music. I really love it! In the afternoon me and mum went to see the speech therapy lady. She listenend to me doing lots of talking and gave mum some ideas for how to help me say my sounds a bit more clearly.

I had a great time at my childminder's on Thursday and Friday - as always! Friday afternoon was very nice, as my old childminder came round for a cuppa. I had lots of cuddles from both of them.

On Saturday we had to go and pick up a hire car (ready for Dad to drive to the airport today). That was quite interesting but not as exciting as afterwards when Mum and Dad surprised me with a visit to Alphabet Zoo! It was great. I did lots of running around and climbing, and found some brilliant nearly vertical slides. They were very fast! And after that we went to Ikea for lunch again! Yum.

Today we all went to baby Joshua's christening. He was a very good boy and didin't even cry when the vicar gave him a shower. I had a lovley time playing quuietly (ish) with Ellen and Ewan in the toy corner at the church. After the service we nipped home to wave Dad goodbye, then me and mum went to join in the christening party lunch. I had a lovely sleep this afternoon, then me and mum played in the house till bedtime.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Car Transporter came to my lovely Childminder's on Thursday! It came to pick up their car, which was a bit broken, and it was fantastic. The nice man who drove it showed me all around it, and even let me play with bits of it! It was really exciting!

We had a quiet weekend. I took Dad to Softplay on Saturday morning (I did lots of bouncing, and then Ewan turned up so I chased him around for a bit), and then we went to the Big Shop on the way home. In the afternoon, we walked round to the corner shop to get some Ingredients to make some Cakes (they had Mars Bars and Chocolate in them and they were really yummy!)

I took Mum to Church on Sunday morning. She said I was very busy and that I couldn't sit still, but I had a lovely time. Mum had to go Singing in the afternoon, so me and Dad went to the Park. However, it was so cold that I didn't want to go on anything, not even the Swings!

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