Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thursday and Friday were "Jooet Day" so I went to my lovely Childminer's. I normally go for the whole day, but on Thursday Mum came to collect me in the early afternoon and we went to the Ear Doctor. This is because I say words in my own special way and they wanted to check I was hearing everything ok.We saw a very nice Nurse who asked lots of questions and took lots of details. Then I had to look at the Nurse and while the Doctor made some funny sounds with a special machine. I was supposed to turn around and point to the sound, but I was much more interested in the box of toys that was under the Doctor's desk. She also had a toy that made a Sssssing sounds; I thought it sounded like a snake ("Duh De Nake!"). She told Mum that I had enough hearing for my speech but that I might be missing a teeny tiny bit. I'm going to go back to see them in four months or so.

We had a quiet day on Saturday. We walked over to the Christmas Fair at Church in the morning. It was very busy but we did find some Cakes and some lollypops. I also met my friend Ben there (I gave him a lollypop). Then we went to pick up a parcel and then we went to the Big Shop to get some food. It was all wet and cold in the afternoon, so we played in the house until teatime.

I slept late this morning (Mum and Dad were very pleased) and when I woke up I was full of beans. I took Mum to Church after breakfast. I had a lovely time charging about, and Mum said I was a very good boy (although she also said I was Very Loud). I wandered about during the service and tidied up all the Hymn Books I could find; even the Vicar remarked on how busy I was! ("...and now we will sing our last hymn to the soothing sounds of the pattering of tiny feet...").

After lunch, I helped Dad do some jobs in the garden, and then Mum tried to put me down for a nap but I wasn't sleepy. I played in my room for a bit, but then I gave up trying to have a nap and I went downstairs to play. I was still very busy, so Dad took me out for a walk to see some diggers! I was very tired after tea, and when I get tired I tend to get very loud and very busy. I was very noisy by bedtime!

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