Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We took Becca to Gym Tots on Monday. I talked to her the whole way there, and pointed out all the Diggers and Tractors we passed (I'm not sure she was all that impressed though). We did loads of bouncing out Gym Tots.

In the afternoon, went on the bike to the Park with the Trains. On the way there, we stopped off at the Bike Shop to get some Lights. Mum has a White one and I've got a flashing Red one! We met Bella at the park, and while we were waiting Mum and me fell off the Bike! It was a very slow fall, and I was safely strapped in my seat so it was quite exciting really. Me and Bella had a great time at the park: I went on all the swings!

We went to Tots on the Bike on Tuesday morning. I wasn't tired after lunch, and I ended up having no nap before it was time to go Swimming. After swimming, "Bebba", "Den" and "Aime" came to play at my house. We all had a great time, although poor Mog was a bit worried by all the noise. I was very tired by the end of the day!

We went to Monkey Music this morning ("Aaa-Ooo! Aaa-Ooo!"), and it was fabulous. I was very tired by the time we got home, but I didn't really want to go to sleep and it took me a long time to settle down. In the afternoon, we went to post some parcels and then we took Blue Bear on a special puddle jumping walk. We both got really soggy!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thursday and Friday were "Jooet Day" so I went to my lovely Childminer's. I normally go for the whole day, but on Thursday Mum came to collect me in the early afternoon and we went to the Ear Doctor. This is because I say words in my own special way and they wanted to check I was hearing everything ok.We saw a very nice Nurse who asked lots of questions and took lots of details. Then I had to look at the Nurse and while the Doctor made some funny sounds with a special machine. I was supposed to turn around and point to the sound, but I was much more interested in the box of toys that was under the Doctor's desk. She also had a toy that made a Sssssing sounds; I thought it sounded like a snake ("Duh De Nake!"). She told Mum that I had enough hearing for my speech but that I might be missing a teeny tiny bit. I'm going to go back to see them in four months or so.

We had a quiet day on Saturday. We walked over to the Christmas Fair at Church in the morning. It was very busy but we did find some Cakes and some lollypops. I also met my friend Ben there (I gave him a lollypop). Then we went to pick up a parcel and then we went to the Big Shop to get some food. It was all wet and cold in the afternoon, so we played in the house until teatime.

I slept late this morning (Mum and Dad were very pleased) and when I woke up I was full of beans. I took Mum to Church after breakfast. I had a lovely time charging about, and Mum said I was a very good boy (although she also said I was Very Loud). I wandered about during the service and tidied up all the Hymn Books I could find; even the Vicar remarked on how busy I was! ("...and now we will sing our last hymn to the soothing sounds of the pattering of tiny feet...").

After lunch, I helped Dad do some jobs in the garden, and then Mum tried to put me down for a nap but I wasn't sleepy. I played in my room for a bit, but then I gave up trying to have a nap and I went downstairs to play. I was still very busy, so Dad took me out for a walk to see some diggers! I was very tired after tea, and when I get tired I tend to get very loud and very busy. I was very noisy by bedtime!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We met up lots of my friends at Gym Tots on "GeeTot Day". The teacher said I was very good at taking my weight on my arms, and that I was very strong for my size. Went to Ewans to play afterwards, where we had a great time playing in Ewan bedroom (we even sneaked into Ellie's bedroom to play too: Shhh!).

In the afternoon, we cycled down to Bella's house to play. We were having such a lovely time that it was "Really Dark" and raining by the time we needed to leave, so we came home on the Pavement. It was very bumpy, and I thought it was very funny! For some reason, Mum got a lot wetter than me on the way home.

The next day was "KickKick Day": we went to Tots on the Bike in the morning, and then we went home for lunch and an early nap. However, after about half an hour, Mum realised I was still awake (I was playing Phoning Edda), because I was too excited to go to sleep on account of it being Swimming later. We all had a great time at Swimming. Afterwards, we went round to Ben's house to play (where we met Bella again). Ben lent me his Piano to play with; I think it's fantastic:

I was very tired by the evening, as I didn't have a nap all day...

Today was "Aaa-Ooo Day". We went down to the library in the morning to return a Balamory DVD that didn't work (I told the Libary Ladies all about it). I was very happy because I got a new Bob The Builder DVD for free instead! Then we went to Cafe Junior for Monkey Music ("Aaa-Ooo"), where I had a great time joining in with the songs and playing the instruments. The only downside was that Mum persuaded me to have a Flapjack instead of some Cake.

I helped Mum put some petrol in the Car on the way home, and then in the afternoon I helped her NooNoo the house. It was a lovely day.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

We had a bit of disaster on Thursday morning. We all have to get up early on Thursdays because Mum goes to Work and I go to my Childminders. We all rushed about as normal, and then we all piled out of the house to get into the car. But the car wouldn't start! Dad said that it looked like the lights had been on all night, and then Mum remembered that I'd been playing in the car when we came home on Wednesday. Then suddenly they were both looking at me... I said "Oh oh!" and they agreed.

Dad called the AA, but they took a long time so we knocked on Next Door and Tony came out with his Jumping Leads and tied them to the Engine and then the car started. We were all very relieved, but we were all very late! I had a lovely time with my Childminder the rest of the day though.

We had a lovely time on Saturday: We went out on a trip to Roath Park on the Bikes! It was quite a long way and my hands got really cold on the way there, but I enjoyed the trip anyway (I pretended to be a Digger for most of the ride). We met Bella, Aunty Aimee and Uncle Mark there, and we started off by having Cafe in the Cafe! (I had an enormous Chocolate Muffin that I grudingly shared with Mum and Bella). Then we went to play on the Swings for a bit until Bella had to go home. We were all a bit cold, so we had some Lunch in the Cafe and then we all rode home again. There was a Really Big Hill on the way home, and I pushed Mum all the way to the top!

We all had a lovely time today too: I took Mum to Church this morning, and then after my nap we all went swimming with Bella and Aunty Aimee and Uncle Mark! We all had a great time, and I showed Dad all my Swimming tricks (he was very impressed). I loved the Wave Machine. It was dark when we got out, and I was very tired and very hungry!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We took Bella and her Grandma to Gym Tots on Monday morning. All my friends were there, and we all had a great time. Mum was very pleased because I joined in with everything! I also played Follow The Leader a lot with Ewan (he goes running off and I chase after him). Afterwards, Ewan and Aunty Clair came for lunch, and we all had some yummy Cheese on Toast. Then me and Ewan played out in the Garden on our own! (Mum and Aunty Clair stayed in the warm with some Cups of Tea). Ewan chased me with the Squirty Thing and it was very funny.

We didn't go to Tots on the Bike on Tuesday because we took Becca too. Me and Becca went exploring while Mum was putting the Toys out. We found some Hair Driers to play with and we decided to chase each other around shouting "Whooo!" (Mum says that they were actually toy guns, but she wasn't going to tell us that). Mum had both me and Becca on her lap during singing; quite a feat considering we did all the actions to The Wheels on the Bus. We all had a great time, and we were all still very giddy from playing Running Around and Screaming when it was time to put the Toys away. I got to play with Becca's Doggies when we took Becca back home; they're very funny.

Normally we try to have an early Lunch on Tuesday because we go out to my Swimming Lesson in the early afternoon. However, we'd run out of bread so Mum decided to cook some Pasta instead I didn't get to my nap until quite late on. As a result, I was still asleep when it was time to go Swimming and it was all a bit of a rush to get out of the house. To make matters worse, when we got to Swimming we discovered that my Wetsuit was still wet from last week! Mum tried to give me some Sweeties to cheer me up, but I dropped one on the floor and then I threw the rest away because I was cross about dropping one. I wasn't very happy, and I didn't really enjoy my Swimming Lesson as a result. We all had fun at Ben's house afterwards though.

We went to Monkey Music at Cafe Junior on Wednesday morning and it was great. I got to play the Drums and the Cymbals in the bashy bit, and I really enjoyed doing Creeping Through The Forest and Marching and Floating in the movement bit. And we had some yummy Cake to eat too! We went out to the Library on the Bike in the afternoon. Mum's bag got really heavy by the end of it because we got lots of books and then we stopped to get some Potatoes too! Mum took me to the Park on the way home because I'd been such a good boy all day. It was nearly dark by the time we'd finished!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

On Monday, we took Bella and Aunty Aimee to Gym Tots because their Car was broken and their new car hadn't arrived yet. We played in the house in the afternoon, and then when it got dark it was Bonfire Night! Because we'd been to a big display at the weekend, we didn't go out again but we did go outside to wave some sparklers around and watch the Fireworks (they were "Very loud!" but I loved them anyway):

We went to Tots on Tuesday morning. I was disgusted to find that someone had paved over my favourite pile of stones! I looked for ages, and eventually found some stones in another part of the Garden to throw around but it wasn't the same. I was still cross when I discovered that someone else was riding my favourite Bike and I had wait. I wasn't happy. When I finally got on it, the Bike jumped up and threw me off! I was so cross and embarassed that I just laid on the ground with my eyes shut, and I shouted at Mum when she tried to pick me up. I lay there for 20 minutes:

I felt much better after my lie down.

We went to Monkey Music ("Aaaa-Oooo-Aaaa-Oooo") ;on Wednesday morning. I've really missed it, and I think it's my favourite activity of the week (and we get to have Cake as well!) In the Movement bit we had to do Creeping Through the Forest, but I though this was a bit boring so I decided to be a Dinosaur instead. Everyone was a bit surprised when I said "Rahhhh!". In the afternoon, we went on Mum's Bike to play at Jamie's house. We stayed until it was nearly tea-time, and by then it was really Dark!

I had a lovely time at my Childminder's on Thursday and Friday. We went to Cafe Junior on Friday: I was a bit upset that there was no Monkey Music, but we still had a good time (and some Cake!). And then later on, the Big Boys showed me how to play the Electric Guitar. It made a very loud noise and it was fantastic! I like playing with the Big Boys.

I took Dad to Softplay on Saturday morning, and we both had a great time. I showed Dad how good I was at Jumping by launching myself off the Bridge onto Blocks that were several feet away (he looked a bit worried, but I thought it was funny). My mate Ewan turned up after a while, and then we spent a while chasing each other round the Bouncy Castle. And then Ellie turned up too, so we made some Houses and played Burying Ewan With Blocks. It was great!

After lunch, I helped Dad rake up some leaves in the garden, and then after my sleep we all went out for a Bike Ride. We went to a new Park, which was very exciting because it's right by the Train Track and you can see Trains go by from the Swings. It got later and we had to come home in the Dark, which was very exciting indeed!.

I've had a lovely day today. I took Mum to Church on Sunday morning, where I had a lovely time listening to Mum singing and playing with all the toys. When we got back, I helped Dad change the tyre on Mum's Bike (it's been going flat a lot). I found a Hammer and helped by bashing everything I could find. And after that, we went to Heath Park on the Bikes. It was very exciting! At bedtime, Mum said I'd been a super boy and that I'd been a joy to be with.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tuesday was very exciting indeed. We went to Tots in the morning, but it wasn't a normal Tots session because there were loads of people there and there was a Bouncy Castle! We did Singing and Dancing and my mate Ewan was there as well as all my tots friends. And upstairs there was a Cafe (and yes, we had some Cake). When I woke up from my nap, Dad was home but he was asleep! Mum said he was poorly, and we went out to get some biscuits for The Mog to give him some peace and quiet. When we got back, Mum packed up the car while me and Dad watched the TV and then we all set off in the Dark to go see Nana and Grandpa. It was "Really Dak!" and I was very excited. I woke up when we arrived, but I was very tired and I was soon back in bed again.

I woke up early on Wednesday morning because I wanted to explore Nana and Grandpa's house. After breakfast, Ma and Pa came round to say hello and then we went to the Park to play. Aunty Emma and Amirah came round later on, and then we all went out to the Pub for lunch (it's the Grandparent effect again). In the afternoon, Mum and Nana took me out for a walk to the corner shop.

Ma took us all Swimming on Thursday morning. The pool was really warm, so we stayed in for ages. I went on the Slide a lot (although I was a bit scared because it went straight into the deep end), and we all had a lot of fun with a Ball and a Floating Brick. Afterwards, we met Pa in the Cafe (he'd been in the gym) and I played on some Softplay while everyone else had a drink.

When we got home, Aunty Emma and Amirah came round to see us, and then Aunty Sally arrived too! It was all very exciting. After lunch, me and Amirah played in the Garden for a bit (Nana and Grandpa have lots of good things to play with in their Garden: I particularly liked the Watering Can and the Wheel Barrow. I'll have to get Mum to get one of those). In the afternoon, we went round to Ma and Pa's house; I played in the garden for a bit and then we had some yummy Pasta for tea. Grandma had managed to find mum's marble run from when mumwas a little girl - it was brilliant!We went back to Nana's house after I'd had a bath.

We went to the Museum of Science and Industry on Friday morning. It was great! When we got there, Ma and Pa and Edda (aka "Aunty Ceri") arrived and it was all very exciting, and then we all went inside. We started off in a place where you can play with lots of toys. I ran about a lot. Then we stopped for some Cake and a drink, and then we went off to see some Trains and some Steam Engines. Pa told me all about the Steam Engines.

After we'd seen the Trains, we went to see some Aeroplanes. They were good, but I was a bit tired and had to be carried for a bit.

Then we went off to find some Lunch. Edda took us to a fabulous Tapas restraunt where I had lots of yummy Pasta:

In the afternoon, we went to see Granny in her new apartment. It was all very posh, and there was a Doggy there who came in the lift! Granny was very pleased to see us all, and seemed very pleased by the pictures I'd painted for her.

Mum and Nana took me out to The Edge on Saturday morning. I had a lovely time running about and kicking the leaves, and we found a really big Rock that I did some climbing on (just like Grandpa), and some Mud to stick my fingers in. We also found a Wizard in a Rock. I had a ride on Nana's shoulders, which was very funny because we kept bumping into all the leaves on the trees.

At lunchtime, Ma came over, then Aunty Sally came round with Amirah and we all had lots of yummy food followed by some more playing in the Garden. Aunty Ceri had arrived when I got up from my Nap, and she'd found me a fantastic toy Washing Machine to play with! It's got a Washing Machine, a Tap and and Ironing Board and I think it's fantastic. I said "Dankuu Edda" a lot.

Then, we went out in the Dark with Ma and Nana and Edda to a School. There were lots of children there, and a Big Fire. it was very exciting! We had Burgers for tea, and then there were some Fireworks! They were great; I said "Two...Five...Six... Blastoff!" quite a lot. After that, we had to say goodbye to everyone, which was a bit sad but we'll see them all again at Christmas. We went back in the Car in the Dark and I saw lots more Fireworks before I fell asleep.

Today was a very quiet day. Its was all a bit boring after the excitment of the past few days. Dad took me to the Big Shop to get some food in the morning (we stopped off at the Cafe for some Toast first: I was so hungry I had four slices!). And we stopped off at the Park on the way home (where I went on all the swings). Then we played out in the Garden for a bit (I made Dad NooNoo the grass). In the afternoon, we played with my toys and I showed Mum how to do some JigSaws.

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