Sunday, September 30, 2007

I've been feeling much better this week (although I'm still rather tired). I had a lovely time at my Childminder's on Thursday and Friday (we did lots of painting). On Saturday morning, I took Dad to Softplay and it was great. I did a lot of jumping on the Bouncy Castle. And then it got even better because Ewan and Ellie turned up! We had loads of fun chasing round after each other. In the afternoon, we played in the Garden and I helped Mum and Dad pick the Apples from the tree.

I took Mum to Church this morning. It was Harvest, so Church was packed! And after Church, Dad arrvied and we all went to have a Harvest Lunch in the Church Hall. It was great: I had loads of lovely food (I even managed to have two helpings of Chocolate Cake!) and I had a great time running about the Hall and playing with some of the other children. Mum and Dad said they were very proud of me because I was such a good boy.

In the afternoon, I helped Dad NooNoo the Garden and then we went out for a ride on our Bikes!

It was great fun having Dad cycling along behind us; I kept craning my head round to see him. We stopped off at the Park for a bit, and then we had a Race all the way home! Me and Mum won, naturally.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I was still poorly on Monday, so we didn't do much. Mum decided that we should sort out my Little House so that it wouldn't matter if we didn't play out there too much over the Winter. We cleaned and tidied it all out (I helped by making lots of cups of tea). But we didn't do much else. We were both a bit bored by the end of the day.

I wasn't quite as hot on Tuesday (although I was still quite tired), so Mum decided that we should go to Tots as normal. It was just as well we went: nearly all my friends are poorly with one thing or another, and there was nearly noone to get the toys out! We met George's new baby brother (He's called "Oliver"), and we also met George's Dad (he had a great time apparently). I had a lovely time, although I was exceedingly tired in the afternoon (Mum says I was very grumpy indeed).

Wednesday morning was very exciting though: we went to meet Jamie at Cafe Junior! We played with all the toys for a bit, and then it got even better: we joined Jamie at his Monkey Music lesson! We really enjoyed ourselves: we sang songs, did some actions to music and then we played with some instruments. I got to play some Drums and a Shaker (I spent the rest of the day saying "2.. 5.. 6.. Bang!")

We had another quiet afternoon (I needed it after the excitment of the morning). I spent a lot of time playing with my trainset. Mum bought me a Bridge for it from the Big Shop (I thnk she felt sorry for me because I was poorly), and now I can make some really cool layouts: "Duh Duh!"

Finally, I'd like to say "Hello" to Baby Joseph, who arrived with Uncle Jonathan and Aunty Aileen last week. Congratulations and best wishes to them all!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I was still feeling a bit poorly on Thursday but I wasn't too bad in the morning and I went to my Childminder's as normal. I had a lovely time playing with the other children in the morning, but I went all hot in the afternoon and by the time Mum came to pick me up I was asleep on the Sofa!

I was still poorly on Friday, and my Tummy was looking a bit spotty, so Dad stayed home to look after me in the morning while Mum went to Work. We went out to the shop on my Trike to get some things for lunch; we saw some Diggers making a big hole in the road and it was very exciting. Mum came back at Lunchtime, and then Dad went to Work and I went to have a long nap. Me and Mum spent the rest of the afternoon watching my favourite DVDs on the sofa:

Dad had to go out on Saturday morning, so I spent the day being looked after by Mum. We played on the Computer for a bit and then we went to the Corner Shop on my Trike to get some stuff for lunch. By the time Dad got back in the afternoon, I was cuddled up on the sofa watching DVDs again. My Tummy was even spottier.

I took Mum to Church on Sunday morning. Mum said she could tell I wasn't feeling well because I didn't want to play with any of the Toys in the Creche. I was very tired by the time we got back: I fell asleep in Mum's arms while we were having lunch! The rash on my Tummy had spread again, so we went to the Doctors after I woke up. The Doctor took one look at me and said that I'd got Scarlet Fever! No wonder I've been feeling a bit rotten! We picked up some funny-tasting Medicine on the way home, and I spent the rest of the day watching DVDs again:

I don't like being poorly!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We met up with Bella and Ewan at Gym Tots on Monday morning. We all go every week now, and it's lots of fun! In the afternoon, Aunty Cheryl came round to play. We had a lovely time: we went to the Village for a short walk and we ended up having Coffee and Huge Chocolate Brownies in Snails. It was yummy! Then we went to the library to show Aunty Cheryl how to choose books and DVDs. I walked all the way home, and then wen watched a DVD that I got from Aunty Cheryl called "Tractor Tom", which was very exciting indeed.

On Tuesday, we went by Bike to Tots where I helped Mum get all the Toys out. It was very busy at Tots again, but that didn't stop me from getting told off at least twice for throwing things (I think Mum was a bit embarrased). In the afternoon, we went to my Swimming Lesson, which was great but it was very cold indeed! I was very glad of my wetsuit. And after that, we went round to Jamie's house to play for a bit.

I was a bit sad today because I woke with a nasty cold. Mum says it was probably due to the cold pool yesterday, but that doesn't make me feel any better. I don't like having a cold (although it does give me a funny voice), so we had a nice quiet morning playing in the house. The afternoon was much more exciting though: my friends came over and we made Cakes! Everyone played nicely with my Toys, and the Cakes were yummy. A good time was had by all.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I had a lovely time at my Childminder's on Thursday and Friday. I wore my Pirate T-Shirt, and we ended up making a really cool Pirate hat. When we got home on Friday evening, we went to see Aunty Jenny from Next Door. I had such a lovely time playing there that Mum decided to leave me there while she got tea ready!

When I woke up on Saturday morning, Grandpa was here! It was very exciting! We played with my Toys in the morning, and then we all went to the Big Shop. I went on Mum's Bike, and Grandpa and Dad followed on foot, but it took a while to get there because we found a Digger doing some work and I wanted to watch it.

In the afternoon, Grandpa took Dad to the Rugby (Mum was a bit jealous) and we went to my mate Ewan's Birthday Party. The Party was at Ewan's house, and everyone had a lovely time playing with all Ewan and Ellie's Toys; epescially the Jumpaline and the Tree House. Dad and Grandpa turned up after the Match had finished, and then we all played at the Party until it was very late and we had to go home.

We went to the Brecon Mountain Railway on Sunday morning. It was very exciting indeed!

We got off at the far end and we went and found a Pub where we had some Crisps and then some yummy Sausages and Chips for Lunch. The food took a while to arrive, and I was very tired and I nearly fell asleep in the Pub, but we all had a lovely time.

On the way home, we took Grandpa to the Train Station. I was very sleepy (I'd only just woken up), but I managed to wave goodbye. It was good to see Grandpa, and I was sad to see him go.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On Monday, we went to Gym Tots. It was really busy, and loads of my friends were there. We all had a great time running about and playing on the equipment. In the afternoon, we went out on Mum's Bike to do some Jobs in the village. Going out on Mum's Bike is great: it goes really fast! The best bit was when we stopped off at the Bike Shop in the Village to buy a Lock for Mum's Bike. I loved looking at all the Bikes.

Tuesday was a very busy day indeed. We started the day by going to Tots on Mum's Bike, which was very exciting indeed. Me and my friends got all the Toys out and we all had a great time playing with everything. In the afternoon, we went Swimming as my Swimming Lessons had started again. I wanted to play like we'd been doing all Summer, but it was a bit of a surprise to be told what to do the whole time. But it was good fun.

Afterwards, we went round Ben's house to play. Me and and Ben got into a bit of bother when we found some Stones to throw about (I ended up on the Naughty Step). But Mum was very proud of me when we reached the end of the day because I made it through the whole day in the same set of clothes!

We had a quieter day on Wednesday. We did NooNooing and Gardening in the morning, and in the afternoon, we went to play at Grace's house. Poor Grace was all spotty because she's had ChickenPox, but she's feeling much better now.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I went to my new Childminder all day on Thursday and Friday. It was great! On Thursday, we went round to another Childminder's house, and I got to play with lots of other children. And in the afternoon, my old Childminder came round to see how I was getting on! It was really good to see her, and she seemed really pleased to see me. Friday was just as exciting: we went to the Park and had a Picnic!

On Saturday, Bella had her Birthday Party! We had to do lots of boring things in the morning (I took Dad to the Big Shop, and then I helped him NooNoo the Garden), and I couldn't wait for it to be the afternoon so that we could go to the party. It was a Softplay party, and we all had a fantastic time running about and jumoing on things.

The food was yummy too, especially the cake.

We sang Happy Birthday to Aunty Ceri on Sunday morning. I was pleased that she liked the drawings I sent her (I drew a Train and some Snakes in her Birthday Card). Later on, we went round to my mate Ewan's house to play. Everyone had a lovely time: We played on the Jumpaline a lot, and then we played in the Tree House, Dad and Uncle Simon played at fixing the computer and Mum and Aunty Clair sat out in the sunshine. In the afternoon, we went round to Bella's house to play. We played at being Shop Keepers in her Little House, and I got to have some more of her yummy Birthday Cake. It was great!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We went to GymTots on Monday morning, to meet Ewan and Bella, but unfortunately Ewan was poorly and couldn't come. In the afternoon, we went to St Fagans for a mini-Picnic with Bella. We had a lovely time playing running about and looking at things; my favourite was the Blacksmith ("Fire! Bang! Dark!") We also saw some nice Horses and played on the Swings.

Tuesday was a very busy day indeed! It started off with a short trip on Mum's new Bike down to Tots. It wasn't a normal Tots session though as we were there to clean the toys. However, me and my friends still managed to play with some of the toys while our Mum's were busy cleaning the rest of them. After that, we went on the Bike up to the School that I will eventually go to, to talk to some of the Teachers who all seemed very nice. It all looked quite exciting (especially the toys), although there were a lot of big children around.

After lunch, we went Swimming which was great because the Wave Machine went off twice! I was so impressed that I had to make a special trip to say "Bye Bye!" to it on the way out. Then, we went off to Mabli's house to see Mabli and Rowan, and we all had lots of fun playing together.

We had a bit of a quieter day today. Mum took me to the Big Shop to get some bit and pieces in the morning, and then on the way home we called in at Mabli's house to collect my potty (we left it there by accident yesterday). And this afternoon, we went up to the Farm Shop for some Cake and to meet some of my friends from Tots. We all had a lovely time playing on the toys and looking a the Goats and Sheep.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I went to my new Childminder's for another practice on Thursday, and I had a lovely time. I'm really looking forward to going to her for a full day next week. We played in the Garden in the afternoon.

On Friday, we went to Ewan and Ellie house for lunch. We had a fantastic time playing on Ewan's early Birthday present: a Jumpaline! I also spent a lot of time playing on Ewan's "Aquadraw Thomas the Tank Engine": it goes "Doo Doo!". In the afternoon, went to see one of Mum's friends from Work, which was great because they had a Jumpaline too! And they had some Bunnies as well. I like Bunnies.

We went to the Big Shop on Saturday morning and then when we got back we finally managed to take The Mog to the Vet. She didn't like it, and meowed the whole way there. I tried to help by patting the top of her box, but she didn't like that either. She didn't want to come out of her box when we got to the Vets, at least not until Dad and the Vet turned it upside down and shook it. It didn't take long for the Vet to look her over though, and she was very pleased to get back home.

In the afternoon, we went to another Big Shop. Mum and Dad wanted to looked at some Bikes, but it was a bit dull so I went to look at a big toy Tractor I'd found instead. It took ages for Mum and Dad to decide what to do (and I was very bored by then), but Mum did come home with a new Bike! When we got it home, I helped Dad put it together (I'm a dab hand with the toolbox). It was very exciting!

On Sunday morning, Dad attached the seat that Grandpa brought to Mum's new Bike and then Mum took me for a ride! We went really fast and it was very exciting! I waved to everyone.

In the afternoon, we went to George's party at the Wacky Warehouse. It was great: All my friends where there, and I took Dad down all the slides, through all the tunnels and in all the ball pools. Then we had some yummy food and sang "Happy Birthday". We all had a fantastic time.

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