Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We went to the Big Shop on Saturday morning, and then we were supposed to take The Mog to the Vet but we couldn't because she was hiding in the Garden and wouldn't come out even when I asked her to. Dad said she must have figured it out somehow: she's a clever moggy! In the afternoon, it was really sunny so we had another barbeque pool party with Bella, Uncle Mark and Aunty Aimee. We all had a great time.

I was very helpful on Sunday morning. I helped Dad do some DIY on my toilet (the one under the stairs) by arranging all his tools for him, and then I held the torch (it was a bit dark under the stairs).

Then in the afternoon, I helped clean a new Tunnel that one of our neighbours gave us (and I helped dry it by crawling through it a lot).

Just before tea, Grandpa (and his van) arrived, and it was very exciting! He'd been on holiday in France and he'd had a great time.

Monday was a Bank Holiday and Dad didn't have to go to work. We took Grandpa to Cardiff Bay to see some of the Cardiff Bay Festival, and it was great. We travelled there in Grandpa's Van! We saw lots of exciting things: people playing live music, people playing Beach Volleyball, and lots of food and drink (we had sime yummy pancakes!). I played in a SandPit and on some Pirate Ships, and then we met my previous Childminder! I was very pleased to see her. After that, we went to my favourite restraunt for lunch. I had yummy pasta!

After lunch, we watched "The Smallest Banjo Band in the World With Circus Skills - Yay!" do some funny tricks and play some music. They were very good, but the best bit was when Dad got asked to help one of them onto a UniCycle:

We went home after that, because I was a bit tired and I needed a sleep. After my nap, we took Grandpa to the Park to show him the swings, and then we all had some yummy tea. It was a great day!

Grandpa had to go home on Tuesday morning; but it was really good to see him. After he'd gone, we went Swimming with Bella, Jamie and Ben. And after that, we had to rush home to prepare lunch for Aunty Clair, Aunty Jemma, Aunty Jan, Ewan, Ellie, Baby Olivia and Baby Josh. It was very busy, but we all had a great time playing and eating in the sunshine.

Wednesday was also great fun: we took Aunty Jenny from next door out on a trip to Cefn Mably Farm! We had a fabulous time: we saw lots of animals and we even got to feed some of them too:

I thought the Goats were very funny because they tickled my hand with their tongues when I fed them. We had some Cake in the shop, and played with lots of the toys, but the best bit was finding some real Tractors that you could play on:

I was so excited by these that I almost burst!

After tea, we tried to take The Mog to the Vet again, but Dad was too slow and she dissapeared off into the Garden again! Clever Moggy!

Finally, Mum was very proud of me today because I made it through the whole day in the same outfit!

Friday, August 24, 2007

We went to Gym Tots with Ewan and Ellie on Monday morning. It was very busy: Bella was there, as were lots of my friends from Tots. In the afternoon, Bella came round to play without her Mum! She was very brave, and we had a lovely time playing in the garden. Bella's Mum turned up later, and we continued playing out in the garden for the rest of the afternoon.

On Tuesday, I decided that nappies were for babies. I wanted to wear my big boys pants instead! Mum was a bit worried, and said that it was going to be a very busy week, but I said I was sure. It's not been too bad, although I have had one or two spectacular accidents. We went swimming in the morning, and then we went round to Mabli's to see Mablie, Rowan and his baby sister. Mabli's Mum cooked us some yummy lunch. Bella came round all on her own again in the afternoon, and then Ewan and Ellie turned up as well! We all had a lovely time playing in the garden; Mum said that we all played really nicely together.

Wednesday was very exciting, because when I got up, Aunty Louisa and Thomas were here! I've really enjoyed having a big boy to play with. We all went to the Roman Baths at Caerleon in the morning, and it was great. We had a walk around the Old Baths first (they looked a bit dirty), and then we went to the Museum (I was a bit upset because there were no Dinosaurs; all museums should have Dinosaurs!). There were lots of Romans though. I found one who was making Bread and Cake, and she gave me some when I asked nicely (I went back to see her a lot). Thomas got dressed up as a Roman Solider, and then he ended up being drafted into the Roman Army!

The Roman Army did lots of Marching, but I had a Horse:

We had lunch in the cafe, and then we went to the Ampitheatre to have a look around. It's a great place to run around in:

We all had Icecreams on the way home (although I had some chocolate buttons because Icecreams are too cold). It was a great day!

On Thursday, we took Aunty Louisa and Thomas to Roath Park. Ellie and Ewan were there too, and we had a great time playing on the Swings. We had lunch in the cafe afterwards, and then we headed home so I could have a nap. But I never quite managed it because as soon as I got into bed, Aunty Angela and baby Morgan arrived and it was too exciting to sleep! Mum, Aunty Louisa and Aunty Angela all went to University together: they seemed very pleased to see each other. We all went to the Farm Shop to look at the Animals and to have some Cake, and we all had a great time.

Aunty Louisa and Thomas had to go home on Friday morning. I was a bit sad, because I've really enjoyed playing with Thomas this week. But, things soon picked up because I went to my new Childminder's for another practise. We did lots of fun things, including painting with my feet! When we got back, we played with Aunty Jenny and Uncle Tony for a bit. We had a quiet afternoon playing in the garden though which was fine because it's been such a busy week!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's been a very busy week! I was very excited to find Ma and Pa were still here on Monday morning. We went to Gym Tots and met lots of my friends there:

When we'd finished running about, we went down to the Bay to get some lunch at Valentinos, my favourite restraunt. I had lots of yummy pasta to eat. And after that, we went off to Southerndown beach! I fell a sleep on the way there, but woke up as soon as we arrvied. I had a great time making sandcastles and exploring the beach with Pa, and then I helped Ma look for Rock Pools. I like going to the beach.

I took Ma and Pa swimming on Tuesday morning. We met lots of my friends there and I had a great time, but I couldn't persuade Pa to go swimming: I think he was put off by the fact that I have to wear a wet-suit in the pool to stop me going blue with the cold. I took Mum and Ma all the way to the deep end of the pool (I said it was "Veree Deep")

After swimming, we went to see Great Great Uncle Bill. He's got a good name! I was a very good boy and Mum was very proud of me:

In the afternoon, I played Trains with Pa and I made some yummy cakes with Ma.

It was very wet on Wednesday and I was a bit tired after the excitment of the last few days so we didn;t rush out anywhere. We ended up going to the Farm Shop to look at the animals and eat some Cake. Pa liked the goats, but Ma was sad that the donkeys couldn't come out to play. However, it was very wet and we all decided that they were probably better off inside in the dry! I had an early sleep, and then we went out to get some lunch at Roath Park Cafe. After lunch, we went to the Park and, Aunty Cheryl arrived and it was all very exciting. Mum was very pleased because I walked nearly all the way back to the car all by my self.

I went to my new Childminder's for a practise on Thursday morning, and had a great time. I played with some children I've not met before who were also having a practise, and we all got on really well. I'm looking forward to going to her for a full day. Mum and Ma and Pa went out for a "Grownup Coffee" while I was there; they all look very relaxed when they got back.

After lunch, I played with Ma and Pa while Mum went to get her hair cut (it looked very nice), and then we all went to Penarth for a walk on the Pier. I discovered that the beach at Penarth is very stoney; I love playing with stones so I thought it was fantastic.

On Friday morning, I looked at my Beebies magazine with Ma for a bit and then I made Pa read all my Dazzling Digger books (he didn't read any of the words, but he did exsplain how all they all worked). And then Ma and Pa had to go home; I was a bit sad because I've really enjoyed playing with them.

However, things didn't stop there because a short while later, Mum and me went off to fetch Nana from the Train Station! We saw lots of trains, and then we found the train with Nana on it. It was very exciting! We took Nana to the Park in the afternoon and I showed her where the Stream was. We played at throwing stones into it and then we came home for some tea. Nana and Mum rushed out straight after tea with Aunty Libby to go and see "Sing along Sound of Music" (Mum said it was good fun).

I played with Nana on Saturday morning, then we took Nana to the airport. Dad tried to show me some Aeroplanes, but they've closed the observation bit and it was really hard to see any of them clearly. We had some yummy lunch and then we waved goodbye to Nana: she was going on holiday. I helped Dad at the Big Shop in the afternoon, and then we went to the Park again on the way home because I'd been such a good boy at the shop. However, we hadn't been at the Park very long when it started to rain and we had to run all the way back to the car!

We met up with Bella at Cosmeston this morning. We had a great time jumping in puddles, and then we played in the playground for a bit (although I was upset to find that someone had taken the swings away). We walked on round the lake after that, found some Ducks to feed and ended up in the Cafe where I had yummy Sausage and Chips for lunch.

This afternoon, Nate and Alex came to see us. I showed them my toys, and then I showed them round my house and then we played in the garden until it started to rain. Then we all watched my favourite TV programme: In the Night Garden. We all had a good time.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We went to the Beach on Thursday with my mate Ewan, Ellie and my friend Jamie, and it was great. We played in the sand for a bit (although I didn't want to take my socks and shoes off because I wasn't sure about the sand!) and then we had a PicNic. Then we played in the Sea until I got a bit cold (I told Mum that I was "Cold!" and Mum says I was a bit blue). After I got warm, me and Ewan found a Rockpool and we had a lovely time throwing stones into it (and we didn't get into trouble at all!) We had to leave after that because the Sea was coming in and we didn't want to get stuck, but we stopped for an icecream on the way out (I had a Cake: I don't like icecream). We went back to Aunty Clair's house for a cup of tea, but I fell asleep on the way home!

We were all a bit tired on Friday, so we had a quiet day. We went to the shop on my Trike, and then my mate Ewan and Ellen came round to play and we went to the Park. In the afternoon we played in the Garden for a bit.

I woke up early on Saturday morning, but Mum and Dad were very pleased because I played in my bedroom for at least half an hour before I got bored. When we'd all gotten up, I took Dad to the Big Shop and then we played in the garden. I got to push the NooNoo, which was very exciting. And then we did some NooNooing inside the house as well! After my nap, Bella and her Mum and Dad came round and played in the Garden, which was great fun. We got the paddling pool out and we put the slide in it, and then we had a Barbeque. I played a very funny game with Uncle Mark and a ball while the food was cooking, and we had lots of yummy Cake when we'd all finished. It was great!

I woke up early again this morning, but I played in my room again for a bit. However, Mum was a bit cross when she came to get me because she found me sitting cross-legged on the windowsill! I was quite happy looking out at the rain talking to myself, but Mum was a bit worried that I might fall off. Mum took me to the Park in the morning where I went on the swings (I also had quite a few tantrums because I was a bit tired from all the excitment of the day before). After lunch, I helped Mum and Dad clean the house, and then we played in the Garden Then, Ma and Pa arrived! I was very excited to see them. We played in the Garden for a bit, and then I showed Ma and Pa the spare room (I brought them lots of toys so that they would have something to play with when they woke up). They're going to stay for a few days and I'm really looking forward to having them here.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We met Ewan at Gym Tots on Monday morning again. They'd been on holiday, and they had lots to tell us, particularly because it was also Ellie's Birthday. Afterwards, we went back to their house for some of Ellie's Birthday cake (it was yummy!). I was so tired after all that I fell asleep on the way home and I had to have my lunch after my nap!

Bella came to play in the afternoon and we both had a great time pottering around the Garden. She also told us about her trip to the Hospital in an Ambulance on Friday: apparently, she fell over in the Garden and hurt her mouth really badly! She's seemed to be OK when I saw her, but it must have hurt a lot. I was very jealous to hear that she'd been in an Ambulance (Mum pointed out that it wasn't a competition).

Also after lunch, Mum decided that it would be a good idea if I practised not having my nappy on. I've been telling Mum occasionally when I want to go to the toilet ("Mum Mum! Nap Nap!"). It was a bit tricky: there were lots of false-alarms and I think I managed to go through at least three pairs of pants, not to mention the soggy patch that appeared on the sofa when I was watching TV, but Mum was very proud of me for trying. I'm not sure if we're going to practise again for a while though.

We went Swimming on Tuesday morning with some of my friends from Tots. We were supposed to go and have a Picnic in the park, but it was raining so we ended up having a Picnic at Jamie's house instead. We all had a great time, although I did have to sit on the Naughty Step three times because I wanted to throw things. In the afternoon, I helped Mum NooNoo the entire house! It was great!

We went to the Library this morning. Mum managed to persuade me to take my "Fireman Sam" DVD back, but only because we got a "Bob the Builder" DVD instead. Then we went to the shop where I found a fantastic new magazine: Tractor and Machinery. I found it on the shelf and I wouldn't let it go until Mum promised to buy it for me. It's got loads of pictures of Tractors in it, and I think it's fantastic. When we got back, we made some Cakes; I got a bit cross because they weren't ready as soon as we'd put them in the oven. They were yummy when they done though.

In the afternoon, we went to the Hospital on the Bus because I needed to have an Eye Test. Going on the Bus was very exciting: I love looking out of the window as it goes along. I played with the Toys in the waiting room for a bit, and then we went to see a nice lady who asked me to look at lots of pictures and at a Light that she waved around. Mum was very pleased to know that my eyes seem to be fine, although I do have to go back next year for another check. We went to the Park after that, and then we went back home on the Bus.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

We were supposed to go see Rowan on Thursday morning, but his new little sister was a bit poorly so we couldn't go. So I took Mum out on a Wet Walk instead. Mum was very proud I walked all the way into the Village to go to the library. I jumped in all the puddles I could find; Mum said it was good job I was wearing my Wellies! When we got to the library Mum met someone she used to work with and we ended up having some yummy Cake in the teashop.

I had a very exciting time on Friday morning: I went for a practise stay with my new Childminder! I had a lovely time. I was especially suprised to find some of my favourite toys from my old childminder there too! I also managed to get my new Childminder's Big Boys to let me play with them on their Computer. It was great!

I was a bit tired this weekend, so we had a quiet day on Saturday. I helped Dad with the shopping in the morning, and in the afternoon we all went to my friend Jamie's birthday party. We all had a great time: I loved playing on his swing!

It was very sunny on Sunday, so we played out in the garden all day. I helped Dad NopoNoo the lawn (I'm a dab hand with e extension cable now), and then I helped him wash the car:

It was still really sunny in the afternoon, so we got the Paddling Pool out and then we put the slide in the Pool too! Me and Dad found that you can go down the slide really fast if you tip a bucket of water down the slide at the same time as you go down it. I made a really big splash!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We met my mate Ewan at GymTots on Monday. It was very exciting, especially because Ellie showed us all the clever things she can do on the equipment. Afterwards, we all went to Ikea with the aim of getting some lunch. We played on the playground when we got there, and then we went inside to have a look around. We played at jumping on the beds (at least until Mum told us to get off!) and it was great fun.

And then I decided to go exploring all on my own. I said "Dai Di!" to Mum and then I took myself down the big stairs. A nice lady helped me down the last few, and then I found another nice lady in a bright red T-Shirt who took me to where the Big Children go to play on their own. I stayed there for about ten minutes until Mum turned up, looking rather flustered. She was very pleased to see me: apparently she hadn't heard me say "Dai Di!" earlier... For some reason I had to sit in a trolley after that, and Ewan was made to sit in his Pushchair.

We went Swimming with lots of my friends from Tots on Tuesday. We had loads of fun: They turned the wave machine on and everything! In the afternoon, loads of my friends came round to my house to play and because the weather was nice we all got to play in the garden. Me and Ben got told off for throwing things once or twice, but otherwise we all had a lovely time.

We had a quiet day on Wednesday, which was just as well because I wasn't feeling very well. We met up with some of my friends in Roath Park in the morning, where we fed the ducks and played on the swings. Mum could tell I was a bit under the weather because I didn't want to go and run around with my friends like normal.

I perked up a bit in the afternoon though, and me and Mum ended up spending the afternoon playing in the garden. Mum found some new toys for me to play with: a tool set and some food to go with my kitchen set! We had to clean them before I could play with them and I had great fun playing in a big bowl of soapy water:

Once they were all clean, I had a lovely time playing at making cups of tea and dinner:

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