Thursday, July 26, 2007

We took my mate Ewan to Gym Tots on Monday. He came all on his own because his sister Ellie was poorly and Aunty Clair had to look after her. Mum said he was a very good boy, especially because he didn't throw a huge temper-tantrum when he finished his raisins like someone else she knows...
Bella came too: it was her first time and she had a lovely time.

Bella also came round in the afternoon to play. I like playing with Bella (I call her "Bebba"), and at one point I managed to persuade her to chase me all the way up the stairs! When we got there we played Jumping Up and Down and Hiding, two of my favourite games.

We saw a lot of Bella on Tuesday too, starting with meeting her at Tredegar House in the morning. We had a lovely time playing on the Playground, and then we had a lovely Picnic and Bella's Dad turned up because he works nearby. And then in the afternoon we went to meet Bella at the Farm Shop, which was very exciting because we had some yummy cake. We also got to see some of the animals having their food. Two of the Goats escaped and we got to see them being rounded up! (They were in big trouble for eating the flowers in the hanging baskets.)

I helped Mum sort out the cupboard under the stairs on Wednesday morning. It was very exciting because we got to play with NooNoo and I pretended to me MakaPaka with some Squirty Cleaning Stuff and some Cleaning Cloths. When we'd done that, we went to meet Ewan at Cafe Junior for a treat. Me and Ewan had a lovely time playing (and we had some yummy cake too!), and then we went back to Ewan's house for lunch.

I was very tired after all of that, but I managed to stay awake long enough to get home. Mum said I was very tired, but she let me drive the car for a bit anyway. However, I didn't get to drive it for very long because I opened the door and ended up hitting my head on the floor! I was very sad. Mum decided it was time for my nap then...

After my nap, we went to a Big Shop to buy some special toilet seats and step stools. It was very exciting, especially when we got them home and I got to try them out! I can sit on the toilet (without falling down it) like a big boy now! Mum was very proud because I even managed to do a wee! I couldn't wait to show Dad as soon as he got home.

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