Sunday, July 29, 2007

We saw Rowan and Baby Niamh on Thursday. Rowan's Dad was very popular because he dropped in to say hello and he brought some cakes! Mum was very pleased because she got a cuddle and she even managed to make Baby Niamh burp! (I thought it was very funny).

In the afternoon we went to the library where we found another Fireman Sam DVD! I've already got one out of the library, but I've not let Mum take it back yet because I love watching it so much. I've watched it all the way through many time already, and it's still great. My favourite bits are when they drive the Fire Engine somewhere: it goes "Woo Woo Woo!". I've watched these DVDs so many times that I can narrate quite a few of the episodes off by heart now.

Friday was a busy day: We went Swimming in the morning with some of my friends from Tots, and then in the afternoon we met up with Ewan at Softplay! The Softplay wasn't in the usual room; it was in the Big Hall instead. Ewan's sister Ellie was having a Roller Part next door and there was lots of loud music. I didn't like it because I had a headache, and I was a bit horrid to Mum until she worked out what was wrong and gave me some Pink Medicine.

We had a very exciting weekend. On Saturday morning, we set off in the car to go see some Waterfalls. I fell asleep on the way there, and I didn't really want to wake up when we arrived, especially because it was a bit cold. However, I soon woke up when the Back Carrier appeared. We went on a very exciting walk down a really steep hill in the Forest. It was by a big stream that went down loads of waterfalls. In some places, I had to get out so that we could squeeze under fallen trees! It was very exciting!

After a while, we stopped for a yummy picnic lunch by the side of the stream:

After lunch, we walked on a bit more to a really big waterfall:

We saw some girls there who were swimming. Mum said they were mad, as the water was very cold (it was very noisy!) I played in the stream for a bit and then we walked back to the car up a really steep hill. As we walked up, lots of people on bikes came wizzing down the hill really fast! Dad was very pleased as I walked up the last bit of the hill to the car all by myself. Then on the way home, we stopped off at the Brecon Mountain Railway for a cup of tea and a bit of cake. The train was really exciting: it goes "Duh-Duh!", (except I wasn't ready for it the first time it did it and it made me jump).

We saw some more trains on Sunday. I took Mum to Church in the morning, and then after my nap we all went to Heath Park to see the trains. We met Bella and her Mum and Dad and Nate and Alex and their Mum and Dad too. It was great, and I went on the train three times!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We took my mate Ewan to Gym Tots on Monday. He came all on his own because his sister Ellie was poorly and Aunty Clair had to look after her. Mum said he was a very good boy, especially because he didn't throw a huge temper-tantrum when he finished his raisins like someone else she knows...
Bella came too: it was her first time and she had a lovely time.

Bella also came round in the afternoon to play. I like playing with Bella (I call her "Bebba"), and at one point I managed to persuade her to chase me all the way up the stairs! When we got there we played Jumping Up and Down and Hiding, two of my favourite games.

We saw a lot of Bella on Tuesday too, starting with meeting her at Tredegar House in the morning. We had a lovely time playing on the Playground, and then we had a lovely Picnic and Bella's Dad turned up because he works nearby. And then in the afternoon we went to meet Bella at the Farm Shop, which was very exciting because we had some yummy cake. We also got to see some of the animals having their food. Two of the Goats escaped and we got to see them being rounded up! (They were in big trouble for eating the flowers in the hanging baskets.)

I helped Mum sort out the cupboard under the stairs on Wednesday morning. It was very exciting because we got to play with NooNoo and I pretended to me MakaPaka with some Squirty Cleaning Stuff and some Cleaning Cloths. When we'd done that, we went to meet Ewan at Cafe Junior for a treat. Me and Ewan had a lovely time playing (and we had some yummy cake too!), and then we went back to Ewan's house for lunch.

I was very tired after all of that, but I managed to stay awake long enough to get home. Mum said I was very tired, but she let me drive the car for a bit anyway. However, I didn't get to drive it for very long because I opened the door and ended up hitting my head on the floor! I was very sad. Mum decided it was time for my nap then...

After my nap, we went to a Big Shop to buy some special toilet seats and step stools. It was very exciting, especially when we got them home and I got to try them out! I can sit on the toilet (without falling down it) like a big boy now! Mum was very proud because I even managed to do a wee! I couldn't wait to show Dad as soon as he got home.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Friday was a bit of a funny day. Mum was very happy because it was the Last Day Of School, but we were all a bit sad because we had to say goodbye to my lovely Childminder. My last day with her was great: we went to Jump and we had lots of party food and it was great fun. But Mum could tell that I was a bit upset when she came to get me in the afternoon because I didn't want to go home. I normally try to drag Mum out the door when she arrives, but on Friday I wanted to stay and play instead. I was also a bit horrid when we got home... Anyway. I think we'll still see her from time to time when Mum goes back to work, as my new childminder is a good friend of my old one. I think I'll miss her.

It was very wet on Saturday. Dad kept saying that Nana was on her way to see us, but that she was stuck in the floods near Evesham. I think there was some Traffic Jam involved too. We waited in for a bit, then I took Dad out to the Big Shop to get something to eat. When we got back, Nana still wasn't here, so I helped Mum and Dad clean the house (this was very exciting because I got to play with NooNoo!)

Nana still hadn't arrived by lunchtime, so we had lunch and then I had my nap. And she still wasn't here when I woke up, so we all went out to the Park in the rain (going on the swing in the rain is great!) Nana finally arrived after we'd all finished our tea: we were all very pleased to see her. And I was especially pleased to see that she'd brought the Van too!

We all went out to Roath Park on Sunday morning. I fed the ducks for a bit, and then we all went to the Playground. It was really quiet at the Park: at one point, I had the entire playground to myself!

After we'd played in the park for a bit, we went out to a Pub for some lunch. I had some yummy Sausages and Mash, but I mostly ended up helping Nana with her Chips instead. After lunch, Nana put the Van on the the Drive and I helped her tidy it up a bit by pretending to do some driving. Nana showed us a clever roof bit that turns into a bed! It was very exciting:

Sadly, Nana had to go home after tea. I managed to show her most of my favourite episodes of "Fireman Sam" (it goes "WoooWoooWooo!") before she went though. I was very tired after all the excitement and I was very pleased to get into my bath.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We met up with my mate Ewan on Monday morning. It was very exciting, particularly as we got to ride in Ewan's Car. Ewan was taking lots of people to Gym Tots so Me and Ewan sat right at the back on some special seats Aunty Clair found tucked away: Ewan's car is very big! Gym Tots was fab: loads of our friends from Tots where there. In the afternoon, we met up with Bella in Heath Park and we had great fun playing on the Curly Slide until it started to rain. Then we had to run back to the car as fast as we could! We ended up going round to Bella's house for the rest of the day.

We had a big party at Tots on Tuesday morning. My teeth hurt a lot in the morning (some big ones are trying to break through) and I was a bit wingey and I really wasn't sure about the whole thing at all, particularly because everyone was doing things in the wrong order! I was also a bit concerned when someone I'd not seen before came in with a Big Box and plugged it in and it started to make some funny noises. All of a sudden, it turned into a Bouncy Castle! It was so exciting that I almost forgot about my teeth for a while. After a while, we all marched upstairs while singing "The Grand Old Duke Of York" for a yummy picnic: it was yummy!

We went to my Swimming Lesson in the afternoon. Mum was really proud of me because I did loads of things really well: holding on to the side and pushing off, jumping in, floating like a star, blowing bubbles and even standing on one leg! I like swimming. Afterwards, we all went round to my friend's house to play and to eat the remains of the party food we had in the morning: it was still yummy!

We had a much quieter day today. Mum took me to the Big Shop in the morning to get some presents for her class at school (she has a big grin on her face and she keeps saying it's the End of Term). The Big Shop was actually quiet exciting, because I got to walk up the Escalator! I nearly fell over just as we got on, and one of the Shop People came rushing over to see if I was OK. They were very kind and made sure that I made it to the top without falling over again, but I didn't really need their help. In the afternoon, we met up with Bella and some of my other friends from Tots in the Park and we had a lovely time playing on all the swings. I like swings!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My lovely childminder had some sad news for us when we met her on Thursday morning. She's got a job as a Teaching Assistant at a local school, so she won't be my child-minder for much longer. We're all really pleased for her that she got the job, but we're also rather sad because she has been an absolutely wonderful childminder and I really love spending time with her. It doesn't seem real to me at the moment, but Mum is a bit upset. Luckily, my lovely childminder's best friend is going to take me on, which is great because she looked after my mate Ewan's sister!

I went with Dad to the Big Shop on Saturday morning. When we'd got back and unpacked everything, we set off to go to lunch with Uncle Pete and Aunty Liz. I was quite looking forward to seeing their doggies (they go "Uff! Uff!"), but they'd gone to stay somewhere else for the day. We played in the house and garden for a bit and then we had some yummy lunch. After lunch, Aunty Liz got out the hose-pipe and I watered things in the garden! The hose-pipe was very exciting: it had a special button that made water squirt everywhere when you pressed it. I got rather soggy, and so did lots of things in Pete and Liz's garden. It was great!

I took Mum to Church on Sunday morning. It was great fun because the big children were having a end-of-term party and I helped them eat their cake and party sausages. Mum was very proud of me on the way home because I walked nearly all the way! Normally, I don't like walking anywhere if I don't have to, but it was raining and there were loads of puddles to jump in so it was really rather fun.

After lunch, we went to a Big Shop and Dad got some large bits of wood. When we got home, I helped Dad make some extra shelves for my room which was great fun because I got to play with NooNoo. I also helped a lot by hiding the screws and some of Dad's tools. My new shelf is very high off the ground: even Dad has to stand on tip-toes to reach it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We met up with my mate Ewan at Gym Tots on Monday, and we had a great time running about and jumping on all the bits of equipment. I was very upset on the way home because I wanted to ride in Ewan's car instead of ours but we couldn't because we were going to see Baby Niamh. She's Rowan's little sister, and she's just arrived even though she's really big (she weighs 7 pounds and 11 ounces!). She was a very good girl and didn't even mind me playing with some of Rowan's noisy toys right by her ear.

Bella came round to play in the afternoon. I was feeling a bit grumpy, and even shouted at her when she tried to play with my Trike (I'm normally very relaxed around Bella). But everything went back to normal after we went to the Shop to buy some things to make some yummy Fairy Cakes.

I was in a good mood all day on Tuesday, and Mum said I was a lovely boy. We went to Tots in the morning, and I had a great time playing with my friends. However, I got into trouble when I decided that it would be fun to throw stones in the Garden, especially when my friend Ben decided to copy me. I ended up sitting on the Naughty Step as Mum doesn't approve of throwing stones, and my friend's Mum took him outside for a proper Telling Off. We promised not to do it again, but I'm not sure we'll be able to resist: stones are so much fun!

In the afternoon, we went to my Swimming Lesson and then everyone came back to my house to play. We all had a great time, although I did manage to get my friend Ben into trouble again when his shoes got all went when I persuaded him to try paddling in some water. Mum thinks I'm a Bad Influence on Ben.

We went to the Farm Shop this morning, and I had an enormous piece of yummy Chocolate Cake and we looked at the Goats and other animals. One exciting things was that I got pecked by a Hen! I stuck my fingers through her cage and she thought I was Food.

It was also very sunny today, and Mum managed to two loads of washing on the line. Or at least she tried: when she winched the second load into the air, the line snapped! It went "Boiiing!" and I went "Oh-oh!" and it went all over the floor. Mum wasn't very pleased, but we did manage to hang out the washing on some chairs and my Little House.

In the afternoon, we went to the Park on my Trike. It was very exciting, particularly as Jim came along too (in the boot of my Trike). Me and Jim went on the slide a lot, and then we went on the Chain Bridge until I managed to drop Jim when I was halfway across! Mum decided that it was probably best if he went back on the Trike after that. Jim is a very adventurous bear!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I went to my lovely Childminders as normal on Thursday and Friday, and I had a great time. We made some big yellow Suns on Friday morning, and when they were dry we made the real sun come out by waving them at the sky! It was magic!

I got up early on Saturday morning, and after breakfast I persuaded Mum and Dad that we should play with NooNoo, so we ended up cleaning the house. It was still early when we'd finished, so I took Dad to the Big Shop to get some food. Then we went to the Rhiwbina Village Fair, which was fab: there were loads of stalls to buy things from, and there were lots of things to watch like people playing African Drums and doing Tap Dancing. However, my favourite bit was when I got to drive the Train at the fairground: I thought it was fab! In the afternoon, I watched some Wimbledon with Mum and then we played in the garden for the rest of the day and we ended up having a barbeque.

On Sunday morning, Chris and Rob came to visit. They're some of Mum and Dad's friends from University amd we've not seen them for ages as they now live in Brussles. I was very excited to see them, and I showed them all my toys.

We had some yummy lunch, and then we played in the garden until I got tired and wanted my nap. It was lovely to see them again though.

In the afternoon, we watched some more Wimbledon and then we went to the Park to play until tea time. We had a lovely time.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We met up with my mate Ewan at Gym Tots on Monday. It was great: we did loads of charging about and playing on all the equipment. Mum said I was really good on the beam, at least until I tried to throw myself off the far end and she had to dive to stop me landing on my head! Mum hurt her shoulder when she landed and it hurt so much she couldn't drive the car properly (we went through a Red Light on the way home!).

Everything was very busy on Tuesday, as normal: we went to Tots in the morning where I helped Mum get all the Toys out because her shoulder was still sore, and then in the afternoon we went to my Swimming Lesson. After the lesson, me and my friends played on the slide for ages and then we all went out for Cake. It was great!

We went to "Jump!" on Wednesday morning. I went on everything, and I even managed to drag Mum with me on everything too, including all the things for the older children. My favourite were the Curly-Whirly Slides, especially the ones that go all dark halfway down (I stopped in each one to make sure that Mum was all right following me though). In the afternoon, we went to the Library, where we got a very exciting "Fireman Sam" DVD and then we went to the Doctors to make sure that Mum's shoulder was OK (it was, but it's still sore). I watched my new DVD all evening: "Fireman Sam" is great!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The last few days have been pretty quite compared to the excitments of earlier in the week, but I've had a lot of fun.

I went to my lovely Childminder's on Thursday and Friday as normal. But on Friday evening, I ended up going to the School Fair at Mum's School! I showed her class how to play the Bob the Builder games on the CBeebies website, and then I helped Mum run a stall for a bit (it was a bit boring and I wanted to go off and explore, so Mum ended up carring me a lot). After that, I went on the Bouncy Castle and then I had some yummy Cake! (And for some reason I didn't want any tea when I got home...)

I took Dad to Softplay on Saturday morning where we met Ewan (quite by accident), and we had a great time charging about and jumping on each other. I was all tired out after an hour, so we went to the Big Shop to get something for lunch.

However, Saturday afternoon was very exciting indeed! It started when I went out to the Church Fete with Mum, where we found some Cars and some yummy Cake. And when we got back, Mum and Dad got out NooNoo and the Toolbox and carried them into my room. Then Dad moved my bed out into the middle of the room and started to take it apart while Mum did some NooNooing! I did my best to help out, but I was so excited I didn't know where to put myself. After a while, bits stopped coming off my bed and then Dad started to rebuild it in a slightly different form: it wasn't a cot anymore, but a proper Big Boy's Bed! I was so excited I almost popped!

At bedtime, I had my stories in my bed with Mum and then I went to sleep as normal (I only tried to escape once, but Mum and Dad had moved the Gate to my door so I couldn't get out, and Mum was waiting outside my room anyway). I fell out of my new bed once during the night, but it wasn't very bad (it's not very high) and I went straight back to sleep once Mum and Dad had put me back.

On Sunday morning, I woke Mum and Dad up by calling for them while swinging on the Gate: I love my new bed! We had a pretty quiet day because we were all pretty tired: I went with Mum to Church, and then we played in the Garden in the afternoon. I was still very tired in the evening, but my new bed was still very exciting.

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