Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We went to a new play place on Monday with Bella and Ewan and his sister. It was great, and we all had a lovely time. It was very tall: it had three stories! Luckily Ellie was on hand to help us up the tricky stairs and slides. Mum said that the new play place wasn't far from near where they used to live before I arrived, so we went to look it on the way home. Mum said it looked just like it used to do, but I think I prefer my house.

I got very cross with Mum on Tuesday. I was feeling a bit tired in the morning, so on the way to Tots I managed to grab my Muggy Square (it normally stays at home as it's for bedtime). I was pleased to have it at Tots, but whenever I put it down to play with a toy, someone would try to pick it up or someone would stand on one corner of it. I got a bit cross about the whole thing, so Mum decided that we should put it away. And then I got really cross, because Mum wouldn't let me have it back: I threw a huge temper-tantrum (with kicking legs and rigid arms and everything), and I kept it up for a good 20 minutes! And what made it worse was that Mum just ignored me! Actually, I think Mum was a bit embarrassed, especially as she was trying to do some singing with a big group of Tots.

I calmed down eventually, but then we had the same problem again a bit later. By that time, my throat was getting sore from all the shouting I'd been doing and I was even more tired because throwing a tantrum is very hard work! Needless to say, both me and Mum were very pleased when we finally made it home for my nap.

(I was very well behaved all afternoon though).

On Wednesday morning, we made my train track into a really big layout and then we went to the park on my Trike, which was great. And then after my nap, we took The Mog to the Vet. It was just like one of my favourite stories: When I woke up, The Mog was in a basket that wasn't her basket. It was a nasty basket that shut her in! The Mog did a lot of meowing, so I tried to make her feel better by playing my toy radio at her. Then we went in the car and all the houses and trees rushed past really fast, and The Mog knew that that wasn't right. She meowed and meowed!

The Mog did lots more meowing when we got to the Vet, so I tried to help her relax by pointing out all the Doggies that turned up, but that didn't help. When it was The Mog's turn to go in, I sat in a chair to watch while the Vet tried to get The Mog to come out of her basket. Suddenly, The Mog decided that she liked her basket after all! The Vet felt The Mog all over and then gave her a tablet and an injection, but The Mog was very good and didn't cause a riot (unlike in the story). Then the Vet put the basket back on the table and The Mog went straight back into it.

We let The Mog out as soon as we got home: she was very pleased to be back!

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