Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I went to Gym Tots with Ewan on Monday morning, and it was fab. I really enjoy running about and doing lots of climbing on things. In the afternoon we met up with Bella and Aunty Aimee. I like Bella because she's very kind and she brings me toys to play with.

We were very busy Tuesday, but I had a lovely time. Tots was really crowded (Mum said there were over 50 children there!) so I ended up playing outside with my friends until I got into trouble for throwing stones and had to sit on the Naughty Step. In the afternoon we went to my Swimming Lesson and then we went round to my friends house to play. I was very tired by the end of the day.

I helped Mum make Pizzas on Wednesday morning. We made them after we'd been to the library to get some new Stories to read, and it was great fun. My favourite bits about doing cooking with Mum are playing with the flour, easting the raw ingredients and playing with the scales (Mum has some old brass scales and I love playing with the weights). We tried to have a Picnic in the garden with our fresh pizzas, but it started to rain so we had to have a picnic in the Playroom instead. The Pizzas were yummy though:

After my nap, Mum took me to Dad's Work because she had to go into School. Dad's work was very exciting: I helped Dad draw some techical diagrams on a Whiteboard, I played with the Big Ball and Kath's Car for a bit, I managed to steal a biscuit and then we went to catch the Bus! We had to wait at the Bus Stop for ages, but it wasn't too boring because we bumped into some of Dad's friends from Badminton (and I got to eat my stolen biscuit). We did some Painting when when we got home, but I got bored after two minutes (I have a very short attention span when I'm tired) and we ended up listening to some silly songs and playing with my Trainset instead.

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