Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Aunty Ceri came to stay on Saturday! It's been very exciting and I've had a great time entertaining her these past few days. I started when I woke up from my nap on Saturday afternoon to find Aunty Ceri in my playroom with a blackboard:

(Aunty Ceri is pretty clever 'cos she made it all by herself). The blackboard came with some huge chalks that will draw on pretty much anything (although Mum gets cross if you try and draw on the walls), but they work best on the blackboard. I also liked being Maka Paka with the cleaning sponge.

Later on Saturday we ended up watching some of the highlights from Glastonbury. It was best when Dad turned the music up really loud and I started dancing. Aunty Ceri thought I was hilarious:

I was still very excited about having Aunty Ceri here on Sunday morning. We planned on going down to the Bay to meet Aunty Cheryl for some lunch, but because I was a busy boy we went a bit early so I could have a good run around first. We had a lovely lunch in an Italian resteraunt with very kind Waiters, and Aunty Cheryl was very pleased to see me. I was starving and ate all my pasta, and then I started on Mum's spaghetti. It was yummy, but very messy:

After lunch, I ran about a bit more and then we went on the Roundabout. It went round really fast!

Before we went home we had a trip around the new Assembly Building. It's got some good spinny-round chairs but you have to be very quiet in some of the rooms rooms. It's a very pretty building.

On Monday morning we tried to go to Gym Tots but it was cancelled! I was a bit sad, but I soon cheered up because we went to Cafe Junior instead. Quite by accident, lots of my friends were there too, including Mabli. She gave me a big smile.

When we were done we went to meet Dad for some lunch at the Student's Union. I was very impressed by the cafe at the Union because they serve huge Cooked Breakfasts with Chips and Toast and Beans and everything. They were so big that I had to help Mum and Dad and Aunty Ceri finish them.

I did more foody things in the afternoon when I helped Aunty Ceri make some yummy buscuits:

I loved cutting out the shapes, but I had bit of trouble getting the biscuits to come out of the cutters.

In the evening, Aunty Ceri put me in my bed all by herself. Mum and Dad were very pleased: I think they sneaked off to the cinema or something but I went to sleep so quickly I didn't notice.

On Tuesday, we took Aunty Ceri to Tots in the morning, and then in the afternoon we took her to my Swimming Lesson and then we went round to my friends house for some Cake. It was all very busy but we all had a lovely time. I also made Mum and Aunty Ceri laugh with a new phrase: I've been becoming more aware of things happening in my nappy and I will often tell Mum that something has happened in it by saying "Nap nap nap!". However, this time I told her "Nap nap nap. Meow!" Mum and Aunty Ceri were a bit confused until they figured out that I was telling them I was a bit soggy ("soggy" sounds a lot like "moggy"...)

The other exciting thing that happened on Tuesday was that Aunty Ceri's car sprung a leak! We noticed a big pool of smelly stuff under it when we got back from Swimming, so we had to open up the front of it to find out what was wrong. Dad and Uncle Tony from next door also had a good look at it, but it must have been really broken because they said it had to go to the Garage. I told them that the Garage was just behind it, but they didn't seem to understand. I think it's all fixed now though.

Today we went into Cardiff to go to the Museum. I had a great time running through all the displays, and I loved showing Aunty Ceri my favourite things: the Dinosaurs (they go "Rahhhh!") and the Woolly Mammoths (they go "Errruuuuoooo!", although they didn't make any noise because they were sleeping today). Aunty Ceri was so impressed by my Woolly Mammoth impression that she bought me my very own one in the Shop! I was very pleased, and I've yet to put it down.

After visiting the Museum, we went on a Bus Tour of Cardiff. It was fantastic! We rode on the top deck and we saw loads of diggers, cranes, tractors and other buses (oh, and Mum says we saw lots of buildings and interesting places too, but I was too busy spotting diggers). I was very tired after all the running about in the Museum though, and nearly fell asleep.

Bella came round to play in the afternoon, and we had a lovely time playing with my new blackboard and my trainset. However, Bella was feeling a little fragile as she had hurty teeth.

Everything was really busy at tea time today: Dad was a bit late getting back from work, then Mum had to rush out for her Big Run (we all wish her "Good Luck!") and then Aunty Ceri had to go home. We were all a bit sad to see her leave and we've all really enjoyed having her to stay. I hope we see her again soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We went to a new play place on Monday with Bella and Ewan and his sister. It was great, and we all had a lovely time. It was very tall: it had three stories! Luckily Ellie was on hand to help us up the tricky stairs and slides. Mum said that the new play place wasn't far from near where they used to live before I arrived, so we went to look it on the way home. Mum said it looked just like it used to do, but I think I prefer my house.

I got very cross with Mum on Tuesday. I was feeling a bit tired in the morning, so on the way to Tots I managed to grab my Muggy Square (it normally stays at home as it's for bedtime). I was pleased to have it at Tots, but whenever I put it down to play with a toy, someone would try to pick it up or someone would stand on one corner of it. I got a bit cross about the whole thing, so Mum decided that we should put it away. And then I got really cross, because Mum wouldn't let me have it back: I threw a huge temper-tantrum (with kicking legs and rigid arms and everything), and I kept it up for a good 20 minutes! And what made it worse was that Mum just ignored me! Actually, I think Mum was a bit embarrassed, especially as she was trying to do some singing with a big group of Tots.

I calmed down eventually, but then we had the same problem again a bit later. By that time, my throat was getting sore from all the shouting I'd been doing and I was even more tired because throwing a tantrum is very hard work! Needless to say, both me and Mum were very pleased when we finally made it home for my nap.

(I was very well behaved all afternoon though).

On Wednesday morning, we made my train track into a really big layout and then we went to the park on my Trike, which was great. And then after my nap, we took The Mog to the Vet. It was just like one of my favourite stories: When I woke up, The Mog was in a basket that wasn't her basket. It was a nasty basket that shut her in! The Mog did a lot of meowing, so I tried to make her feel better by playing my toy radio at her. Then we went in the car and all the houses and trees rushed past really fast, and The Mog knew that that wasn't right. She meowed and meowed!

The Mog did lots more meowing when we got to the Vet, so I tried to help her relax by pointing out all the Doggies that turned up, but that didn't help. When it was The Mog's turn to go in, I sat in a chair to watch while the Vet tried to get The Mog to come out of her basket. Suddenly, The Mog decided that she liked her basket after all! The Vet felt The Mog all over and then gave her a tablet and an injection, but The Mog was very good and didn't cause a riot (unlike in the story). Then the Vet put the basket back on the table and The Mog went straight back into it.

We let The Mog out as soon as we got home: she was very pleased to be back!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

It was Dad's Birthday on Friday! I helped him open his presents (wrapping paper is fun), and once everything was open I helped him play with his new toys for a bit until we all had to rush around to get everyone to work on time. He really liked the Birthday Painting I made for him.

We went to the Big Shop on Saturday morning. It was a bit boring so I entertained myself by reaching round to get things to play with from the trolley. It didn't take me long to get hold of a container of hand wash, and shortly after that I figured out how to make it open. And shortly after that I was all soapy! Mum wasn't very impressed.

When we were all done, we took Dad to a Tai Chi class and then we went to the library to try and find my jumper and Mum's Sunglasses that we'd left there earlier in the week. Fortunately, they were both on the counter! I was very pleased to get my jumper back because it's got Thomas on it (he goes "Toot! Toot!"). We went round to Bella's to play after that and we ended up staying for some yummy lunch (Bella's Mum is an excellent cook). After my nap, we went to collect Dad and we stopped off at the Park for play for a bit. Then on the way home, we stopped at the Chip Shop and we had Sausages and Chips for tea! It was very exciting!

And Sunday was Father's Day! We went out for a picnic lunch at Tredegar House to celebrate, and it was great. We had a yummy picnic by some big trees, and then we found a really good Playground which had a Big Slide (I went on it a lot; it was great!) and I drove the Pirate Ship and everything. Then found some ducks and we fed them with the leftovers from the picnic. However, the ducks had to fight for the bits of bread because some naughty fish were also living there: a the ducks would go to get some bread but it would disappear in a big splash into a big fish! I thought the naughty fish were very funny.

After feeding the ducks (and fish), we went for a walk around the lake. There's a lot of space for running about at Tredegar House, and I did very well (although my legs seemed to go all tired whenever it looked like I needed to walk a long way). I was very tired by the time we got back to the car. We played in the garden in the afternoon: I helped Dad mow the lawn and then we all played with Aunty Jenny for a bit (she's very funny). I think Dad had a really good Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I went to Gym Tots with Ewan on Monday morning, and it was fab. I really enjoy running about and doing lots of climbing on things. In the afternoon we met up with Bella and Aunty Aimee. I like Bella because she's very kind and she brings me toys to play with.

We were very busy Tuesday, but I had a lovely time. Tots was really crowded (Mum said there were over 50 children there!) so I ended up playing outside with my friends until I got into trouble for throwing stones and had to sit on the Naughty Step. In the afternoon we went to my Swimming Lesson and then we went round to my friends house to play. I was very tired by the end of the day.

I helped Mum make Pizzas on Wednesday morning. We made them after we'd been to the library to get some new Stories to read, and it was great fun. My favourite bits about doing cooking with Mum are playing with the flour, easting the raw ingredients and playing with the scales (Mum has some old brass scales and I love playing with the weights). We tried to have a Picnic in the garden with our fresh pizzas, but it started to rain so we had to have a picnic in the Playroom instead. The Pizzas were yummy though:

After my nap, Mum took me to Dad's Work because she had to go into School. Dad's work was very exciting: I helped Dad draw some techical diagrams on a Whiteboard, I played with the Big Ball and Kath's Car for a bit, I managed to steal a biscuit and then we went to catch the Bus! We had to wait at the Bus Stop for ages, but it wasn't too boring because we bumped into some of Dad's friends from Badminton (and I got to eat my stolen biscuit). We did some Painting when when we got home, but I got bored after two minutes (I have a very short attention span when I'm tired) and we ended up listening to some silly songs and playing with my Trainset instead.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I got locked in the car on Friday. To be fair, I didn't realise I was locked in the car (and Mum didn't realise she could have unlocked the car at any time), but it was all very exciting regardless.

As you may recall, I love driving the car (it goes "Brummmmm!"), but Mum and Dad don't let me do it very often. However, Mum let drive on Friday evening while she unpacked things when we got back from my lovely Childminder's. But I somehow managed to press the "lock all the doors" button after also managing to put an old key I sometimes play with in the ignition.

When Mum came to get me, she couldn't open the door: for some reason the key fob doesn't work if there's a key in the ignition! She got a bit worried, and managed to explain to me that I needed to press the "lock all the doors" button again, but it didn't work! Eventually, she managed to explain that I needed to take the key out too; once I did this she was able to unlock the car and everything was fine. Mum was very relieved, and said I was very clever for working out what she wanted me to do.

We went to two parties on Saturday! The first party was a Coffe Morning at a house down our street, and I had to be super good (although I did get some yummy cakes to eat). I ended up playing Mud Pies in the sand pit with a really nice big girl: she was very kind.

In the afternoon, we went to Nate and Alex's birthday party, and it was great. It was in a Really Big Hall with a Bouncy Castle and lots of Toy Tents and a traffic jam of Toy Cars to play with. I had a lovely time running about and playing with everything, and I think everyone else did too (although I was a bit cross with Dad when he put all the tunnels togther in a big loop and I got lost crawling round and round in it). We had a yummy Party Tea (I ate lots of Crisps and Cakes), and then we went to play some more. It was fab!

I went to Church with Mum on Sunday morning, and then I helped Dad NooNoo the lawn. I was very excited after my nap because Mum and Dad had put the Paddling Pool up in the Garden! We had a lovely time playing with the water, and then we put the end of the slide into the pool and we had our very own waterpark:

It was very exciting!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We went to Gym Tots with my mate Ewan on Monday morning. We had a great time rushing about and climbing on things. I discovered that I could climb right to the top of the wall bars all on my own! I thought it was hilarious, but Mum was a bit worried, particularly when I just let go when I wanted to come down. On the way back, we stopped off at Dad's Work for a bit and then we went into Town to get some lunch and to do some shopping. We went to the Early Learning Centre and it was fabulous!

Tuesday was its normal busy self with Tots in the morning, Swimming in the afternoon and after that we went round to play at my friend Ben's house for a bit too. I was very tired by the end of the day.

Today was great fun: We played in the house in the morning, and I helped Mum build an enormous Train layout:

Then we went out to Thornhill Farm shop to get some things. I had some yummy William Dribble Cake and we saw some Sheep and I played on the Tractors. In the afternoon, we made a Big Picture in the garden with some new Paints Mum bought me. They're great! I'm particularly good with Finger Paints: I can get my fingers very painty indeed (Mum would rather I put the paint on the paper for some reason though).

Sunday, June 03, 2007

We met up with Rowan and Mabli on Friday. Rowan can say loads of words now, and we all had a lovely time.

We had a lovely day on Saturday. We spent most of it in the garden, although I did pop out to the Big Shop with Dad to get some food. Mum says I'm very good at gardening: I can dig up weeds, push the NooNoo over the grass, and even snip unruly branches with the Big Scissors and everything. I also played with Jim alot:

(I borrowed Jim from Aunty Ceri: he's a very adventurous bear and he wanted to come on holiday with us in Cardiff for a few weeks. Funny things just seem to happen to Jim: Aunty Ceri told me lots of stories about what he did when she was younger. And it seems that he's still got an adventurous streak: when we went to get the washing out of the washing machine, we found Jim inside! He was a bit dizzy, but otherwise unharmed. And very clean!)

Bella came round with Aunty Aimee and Uncle Mark in the afternoon, and we all had a big barbeque. There was loads of food, but I mostly had sausages and crisps for my tea. Me and Bella played in my Tent (much more exciting now that I've slept in one!), and I did lots of showing off on the slide (Bella thinks it's funny when I go down on my tummy). It was great!

We had a quiet day on Sunday. In the morning, Mum's friend from Work came to see us with her two children: we played in the garden until it rained and then I showed them all of my favourite toys. We played with Lego in the afternoon, and then I got interested in watching the Athletics on the TV. My favourite event is the Triple-Jump, as you can pretend to do it by doing something very similar to the "Splat" game I made up last week. Mum spoke to Ma on the phone while we were watching it: Ma was very pleased that I was interested in Athletics, and said that while she was hoping I'd play Rugby for Wales, she'd settle for me representing Wales at the Commonwealth Games...

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