Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mum looked after me on Saturday morning, 'cos Dad was out at Tai Chi. Then in the afternoon, Dad looked after me 'cos Mum was out at Choir! I went with Mum to the Big Shop in the morning, but IO wasn't feeling right and I was a bit trying (I threw my raisins all over the place, and then I tried to hit Mum when she told me off, and then I was in Really Big Trouble). I was feeling better in the afternoon though, so Dad took me to the Park. I had a great time on the climbing frame, especially the Tall Fort with the Chain Bridge (I'm much taller than Dad when I'm on this one; Dad looked a bit worried!)

It was very wet on Sunday morning, so I went to Church with Mum. I had a lovely time playing with all the toys while Mum did singing. It was still raining in the afternoon when we went to see Aunty Cheryl do some Morris Dancing at the Tredegar House Folk Festival. It was great! I love live music and dancing, and I was completely entranced by the whole thing. I sat so still that Mum and Dad got worried and thought I was poorly!

I really liked Aunty Cheryl's dancing, especially the bits with sticks (just like Gym Tots). And even better, Aunty Cheryl got me some bells to wear on my shoes!

When it was over, I had a great time running about and jumping in puddles: splashing is even better when you've got bells on! We had Pancakes for tea (I was rather too busy jumping in puddles to eat mine though), and I had to go straight into the bath when I got home because I was so mucky!

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