Monday, May 07, 2007

I had a surpise when I took Dad downstairs for my breakfast on Saturday morning: there was a strange boy wandering about! I was a bit worried until Dad reminded me that Thomas and Aunty Louisa had come to stay. I was a bit confused for a few moments as I thought Thomas went "Duu Duu", but then I figured it all out and it was all very exciting!

There was lots of bright sunshine so we set off to the beach after breakfast and we arrived just as the tide was going out. Me and Thomas had a great time throwing stones into the rockpools. We went to play in the sand when when the beach finally appeared and Thomas buried me up to my middle! We came home after lunch which was just as well as I was pretty tired by then, but we all had a lovely time.

We had a barbeque for tea and I had some yummy sausages. I was so tired after my bath that I fell asleep as soon as I got into my cot!

We went to a Caerphilly castle on Sunday because there were some special events on. There were lots of people wandering about in funny clothes and we watched some people having a fight with some pointy sticks. Then we watched some people throw some huge rocks into the water with some strange machines made of big bits of wood! They made a big splash! Thomas thought it was very funny, expecially when the big rocks nearly hit a duck! Dad said they were called "Siege Engines" and he seem very impressed by the whole thing. We found a pub just by the castle for lunch, and we were able to watch the whole show again while we ate.

We went to Roath Park in the afternoon, and I showed Thomas how to go down the Big Slide head first!

It was nasty and wet on Monday morning. We didn't go to Playgroup and Dad didn't go to work because it was a Bank Holiday. Aunty Louisa was especially pleased, because she works at Bank. Because it was so wet, we decided to go to the Museum. We all had a lovely time: I love running up and down the galleries and climing up and down all the stairs. I really liked the Dinosaurs (they say "Rah!") but my favourite things were the Woolly Elephants: I went back to see them three times! We had some yummy cake, and then we went out to a cafe in Town for lunch.

Thomas and Aunty Louisa had to go back on the train after that. We took them to the station to wave them off: I like watching trains. It was sad to see them go and I enjoyed playing with them both.

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