Thursday, May 31, 2007

I've been camping! After I'd had my tea and been in the bath on Friday, Mum and Dad bundled me into the car and we set off up the motorway for Ma and Pa's house. I was very excited, and didn't go to sleep for ages (I was too busy counting streetlamps). I woke up when we arrived, but I was really very sleepy and I wasn't sure what was going on. I slept in my new Bob the Builder ready-bed ("An Ee Ix It!"), which was also very exciting, especially in the morning when I discovered I could get out of it all on my own!

In the morning, I had a lovely time playing with Ma and Pa and then Aunty Ceri arrived with some yummy Chocolate Brownies (she makes the best Chocolate Brownies in the world). We set off in the car again after lunch, but I was so tired that I went to sleep straight away and didn't wake up until we arrived. When I was properly awake, I found that we were by a Big Hut by a Big Lake with lots of Trees and Sheep and Tents. We found Grandpa in a Tent down by the Lake, and shortly after that, we found my cousins Jamie and Aiden and their friends. It was all very exciting!

Camping is great: you get to stay up really late, eat lots of yummy food and sleep in a Tent! Dad thinks it's great too, and I think Mum likes it too but she thinks it's a bit cold sometimes. One of my favourite bits is waking up in the morning, because you can pat Mum and Dad on the head to see if they are awake.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, Nana was there! And then I found Amirah and Aunty Emma! It was all very exciting.

I did lots of fun things while we were on holiday. I played in the water a lot, throwing stones in and paddling in it:

I also did a lot of playing on a nearby gate. Grandpa was very pleased to find that I'm good at climbing:

There were lots of other children staying at the centre, and I spent a lot of time playing with them too. I invented a great game called "Splat!" which everyone throught was hilarious (you run around for a bit, then throw yourself on the floor shouting "Splat!")

On Monday we went across the lake in the Rowboat to Brantwood where we had some yummy Banana Cake. Mum invented a new verse to "Row, Row, Row your Boat" while we were going there:

Row, row, row your boat
gently down the lake
If you reach Brantwood
you can have some cake!

We into Coniston on Tuesday evening for a meal at a pub. As a special treat, we went to Coniston in Sally, a big red boat that belongs to the centre:

Me and Amirah got to drive!

When we got to Coniston, we walked from the Pier into town and we found a playground:

And on Wednesday, I got to play in a Canoe all by my self! I sat very still, but I loved it:

We had to go home after lunch on Wednesday. I was a bit sad to leave Nana, Grandpa, Jamie, Aiden, Amirah, Aunty Emma and all my new friends. But I was very tired from all the late nights, and I fell asleep as soon as we started moving. We didn't go all the way home though: when I woke up, we were at Aunty Ceri's house! I was very excited to see Aunty Ceri. We had tea at her house, and then I went in her bath (and there was a rather unfortunate and smelly incident that we won't dwell on). Then Mum and Dad bundled me back into the car and set off home. It took me a long time to go to sleep, but I was very tired. I was very pleased to get into my own bed and I slept until 8am!

I was a bit flat today, but I picked up after we did some unpacking and went off to Roath Park to meet my mate Ewan and Ellie. We had great fun on the swings, and then we had lunch in the Cafe. In the afternoon, I helped Mum with the shopping. Life returns to normal very quickly.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We went to Gym Tots with my mate Ewan on Monday morning. We've not been for a while and it was very exciting. The Teacher said my forward-rolls have really come on (I think she meant that I've learnt to bend a little as she turns me over, rather than doing my normal "plank of wood" impression). In the afternoon, Mum said we had to go and do some Shopping, but the good bit was that we went to the Library to get some new Stories, so it wasn't all bad.

On Teusday we did our normal Tots and Swimming, and after Swimming we all went back to our house to play in the garden. It was great fun, but I was very tired by the end of the day!

We had a lovely time at St. Fagans with some of my friends from Tots on Wednesday morning. My favourite part was the Celtic Village: I loved running around all the little houses, playing in the mud and seeing the chickens and other animals. Mum was really proud of me because I did loads of walking, and not only that, I did walking in a straight line! (It normally takes ages for use to get anywhere when I'm walking because I keep getting distracted by interesting things). We had a picnic lunch, and then we went to play on the Adventure Playground, which was great.

The afternoon was also very exciting because I helped Mum get the table and chairs for the Patio out of the garage. The tables and chairs were very dirty because the Builders were here the last time they were outside, so Mum decided that we'd better get the Hosepipe out to wash them. I like playing with the hosepipe, although you can get very soggy very quickly if you're not careful! I also helped out by sticking lots of bubbles from some hot soapy water on the car. Mum did say that she didn't know if Dad would approve. And then later I drove my little Car into the bushes! I told Mum about it but it took a while for her to decipher "Duk in der Dee" ("stuck in the tree", just like the Pinky-Ponk). Honestly!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's been a very busy weekend!

We went to Mabli's Mum's Wedding on Saturday, and it was great! It took a long time to get there. I fell asleep in the car (I was tired because my throat was sore), but we were still driving when I woke up!. When we got there, we all got all dressed up:

Then we went into the Church, and Rowan was there!

Mabli's Mum and Mabli and Ella all looked very pretty:

After we'd finished singing songs in the Church, we went to a Big Party in a huge field that belongs to Mabli's Grandma. There were loads of children at the Party and it was great: there was a Big Tent with lots of tables in it, and there was a special room in the tent with lots of balls and things in it for us to play with. Outside, there was a Bouncy Castle and a Bouncy Slide, and there were some Donkeys and a Huge Horse that you could ride on. I spent a lot of time trying to play with the big children, but it was very hard work (and I got a few bruises in the process!)

We had lots of yummy food: my favourite was Fruit dipped in Chocolate Sauce (I managed to get it all over Dad's suit), and later on there was some Music. I did lots of Dancing:

I was very tired by the end of it all (and my throat was still a bit sore). I was a bit unhappy on the way home, but I was feeling much better by the morning.

I had to wear more smart clothes on Sunday, as we went to Olivia's Christening. My mate Ewan and his sister Ellie were there, which was great because Ellie read us both stories all through the service. And then we went to another Party! Me, Ewan and Ellie had a great time charging about and chasing the other children. I got to drive on the way home too:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We met up with Bella and Ewan at Playgroup on Monday, and we all had a great time. Me and Ewan were amazed by how talkative Bella has become: she's a real chatter-box, just like her Mum!. We met up with Bella in the afternoon as well: we played outside in the garden for a bit and then we made a big mess with some crumbly Flap Jacks that Dad made a the weekend. We made such a big mess that I had to get Noo Noo out to tidy it up!

It was so wet on Tuesday that we couldn't go play with the Outside Toys at Tots at all. So I did lots of painting instead. I like painting: it's really messy and you can squish the paintbrush with your hands. I only managed a short nap after lunch (we were running a bit late), and I was still waking up when it was time for my Swimming Lesson. I was very upset in the changing rooms because I wasn't allowed to take my Muggy Square into the pool with me. I woke up towards the end of the session though, and afterwards we went round to my friend Ben's house to play.

I helped Mum make Fairy Cakes on Wednesday morning. The best bit was when Mum went into the fridge to get some eggs, but managed to drop the yoghurt pot on the floor in the process: it went everywhere! Mum had yoghurt on her clothes, on her face and in her hair! She made a lot of noise when it happend, and I was a bit worried to start with, but then I thought it was very funny.

After that, we went to Roath Park to meet some of my friends. We had a great time playing on the swings and feeding the ducks, and then we had some of the Fairy Cakes I made earlier at the Cafe! They were yummy! Mum took me to Dad's work after my nap, as she had to go to Work for a bit. Dad's Work is great: they have lots of fun stuff like Rubix Cubes and Toy Cars and Giantnormous Footballs to play with. Then we went home on the Bus, and we played "Spot the Digger" all the way home (I saw three!); it was very exciting!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mum looked after me on Saturday morning, 'cos Dad was out at Tai Chi. Then in the afternoon, Dad looked after me 'cos Mum was out at Choir! I went with Mum to the Big Shop in the morning, but IO wasn't feeling right and I was a bit trying (I threw my raisins all over the place, and then I tried to hit Mum when she told me off, and then I was in Really Big Trouble). I was feeling better in the afternoon though, so Dad took me to the Park. I had a great time on the climbing frame, especially the Tall Fort with the Chain Bridge (I'm much taller than Dad when I'm on this one; Dad looked a bit worried!)

It was very wet on Sunday morning, so I went to Church with Mum. I had a lovely time playing with all the toys while Mum did singing. It was still raining in the afternoon when we went to see Aunty Cheryl do some Morris Dancing at the Tredegar House Folk Festival. It was great! I love live music and dancing, and I was completely entranced by the whole thing. I sat so still that Mum and Dad got worried and thought I was poorly!

I really liked Aunty Cheryl's dancing, especially the bits with sticks (just like Gym Tots). And even better, Aunty Cheryl got me some bells to wear on my shoes!

When it was over, I had a great time running about and jumping in puddles: splashing is even better when you've got bells on! We had Pancakes for tea (I was rather too busy jumping in puddles to eat mine though), and I had to go straight into the bath when I got home because I was so mucky!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

After the busy weekend, I was relived to get back to my routine: we went to Tots as normal on Tuesday morning, and then in the afternoon we went to my Swimming Lesson. Lots of my friends from Tots go swimming now, and we all had great fun splashing about. We played in the pool for a bit after the lesson (I had a early nap so I was still awake), and then we went round to my friend's house until it was time for tea.

Wednesday was quiet exicting because Dad stayed home from Work! He wasn't feeling well, so I helped take his mind off things by crawling all over the bed, playing "Hiding Under the Duvet" and bringing him things to look at. Mum took me out to a Big Shop pretty soon after that: we did some shopping and then we had some yummy cake. Then Mum bought me a really cool Bob the Builder BackPack because I was very good. I think it's really cool: It's got pockets on the side and zips that open and everything!

After lunch, we went out to Jump to meet some of my friends from Tots. We all had a great time. I figured out how to get onto the Curly Slide all by my self, so I went on that a lot. When we got back, I watched TV with Dad while Mum made Sausages and Mash for tea. I was starving and I ended up eating more than Dad!

Monday, May 07, 2007

I had a surpise when I took Dad downstairs for my breakfast on Saturday morning: there was a strange boy wandering about! I was a bit worried until Dad reminded me that Thomas and Aunty Louisa had come to stay. I was a bit confused for a few moments as I thought Thomas went "Duu Duu", but then I figured it all out and it was all very exciting!

There was lots of bright sunshine so we set off to the beach after breakfast and we arrived just as the tide was going out. Me and Thomas had a great time throwing stones into the rockpools. We went to play in the sand when when the beach finally appeared and Thomas buried me up to my middle! We came home after lunch which was just as well as I was pretty tired by then, but we all had a lovely time.

We had a barbeque for tea and I had some yummy sausages. I was so tired after my bath that I fell asleep as soon as I got into my cot!

We went to a Caerphilly castle on Sunday because there were some special events on. There were lots of people wandering about in funny clothes and we watched some people having a fight with some pointy sticks. Then we watched some people throw some huge rocks into the water with some strange machines made of big bits of wood! They made a big splash! Thomas thought it was very funny, expecially when the big rocks nearly hit a duck! Dad said they were called "Siege Engines" and he seem very impressed by the whole thing. We found a pub just by the castle for lunch, and we were able to watch the whole show again while we ate.

We went to Roath Park in the afternoon, and I showed Thomas how to go down the Big Slide head first!

It was nasty and wet on Monday morning. We didn't go to Playgroup and Dad didn't go to work because it was a Bank Holiday. Aunty Louisa was especially pleased, because she works at Bank. Because it was so wet, we decided to go to the Museum. We all had a lovely time: I love running up and down the galleries and climing up and down all the stairs. I really liked the Dinosaurs (they say "Rah!") but my favourite things were the Woolly Elephants: I went back to see them three times! We had some yummy cake, and then we went out to a cafe in Town for lunch.

Thomas and Aunty Louisa had to go back on the train after that. We took them to the station to wave them off: I like watching trains. It was sad to see them go and I enjoyed playing with them both.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We met up with Ewan and some of my other friends at Gym Tots on Monday. Except that it wasn't in the place it normally was. I was a bit sad because there were no diggers nearby, but Gym Tots was just the same even though everything was different. We had lunch outside afterwards, which was lovely because it was really sunny.

In the afternoon, Mum took me to a Big Shop to get some some New Shoes! It was very exciting, and I was very good and didn't wriggle hardly at all when the Shoe Lady measured my feet. I chose some really cool shoes called "Doodles" that are just like some my friend Jamie has. I like the picture on them: Mum says it's a wriggly worm, but I'm pretty sure it's a picture of NooNoo. I love my new shoes!

We went to Roath Park on the way home to play on the swings, and quite by surprise found that Bella was there too! We had a lovely time.

We all played outside at Tots on Tuesday morning because the weather was glorious. Mum somehow managed to persuade me to have an early nap, so I was quite refreshed for my swimming lesson in the afternoon (although it took me ages to wake up properly). Swimming was exciting because lots of my friends from Tots were there too, and we all ended up staying on after the lesson to play with all the cool toys in the pool. And after that, two of my friends came back with me to play in our garden until teatime!

The day wasn't over after tea though, because my mate Ewan and Aunty Clair came round so that Mum and Aunty Clair could go running. Me and Ewan played out in the garden for a bit and then we ended up watching some of my favourite television show In The Night Garden. I was very tired by bedtime!

The Health Visitor came to see me on Wednesday, so Mum and me spent most of the morning being tidy and pushing NooNoo around the house. The Health Visitor was very pleased by my progress: I'm now 10.78kg (that's 23lb) and 85cm tall! She said I was getting on fine, but that I had to practice my pronunciation a bit more.

We went to the library after that (I had fun choosing my books, but Mum takes ages to choose hers!). Aunty Aimee appeared after my nap, but without Bella, because Aunty Aimee's car was at the Garage and we were going to help her get it later on. However, it was so poorly it had to stay in the garage overnight!

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