Sunday, April 29, 2007

We went to Roath Park on Saturday morning. We met some of Dad's Tai Chi friends in the park (it was "World Tai Chi Day") and we watched them doing some funny slow dancing (I don't do slow so I ran about really fast instead). Then we went and played on the swings for a bit, which was far more entertaining. On the way home, we called in to see Aunty Jan and her Baby Josh because we managed to leave the camera there when we went earlier in the week. Oops! (Aunty Jan said that Mum did it deliberately so that she could get another cwtch with Josh).

We played out in the garden in the afternoon and Aunty Cheryl came round to say hello. She brought me some fabulous gifts from a friend of hers, including a Singing Barney, a Bob the Builder and a Kitchen! It was just like Christmas! I was very excited about the Kitchen, and had Dad install it in my House outside straight away. Aunty Cheryl helped me make some Grass Pies, and I served Tea for everyone. I'm a very lucky boy!

I went to Church with Mum on Sunday morning, but not before we went round to the corner shop on my Trike to get a CBeebies magazine. I think they're great, mostly because they have exciting yellow plastic toys stuck to the front). It was a lovely day, so we played out all afternoon. I helped Mum and Dad do some gardening and then I made some more Grass Pies; it was great!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We met up with Bella and Ewan at Playgroup on Monday morning, and we all had a wonderful time. Mum had to go to see Mr Hedgehog the Dentist again for some Filling, but I stayed at Playgroup all on my own. I was very brave and only wobbled a bit when Mum left, but my mate Ewan took me off to play on the Slide and it was soon all ok.

We went to see Aunty Jan's new baby, Josh, in the afternoon (babies say "Waa! Waa! Waa"). He was very sleepy but Mum said that was a Good Thing and that we weren't allowed to wake him up by making lots of noise. Aunty Jan looked very pleased to see us all, and we all stayed for lunch too (me and Ewan had a picnic lunch on the floor!)

We went to Tots on Tuesday morning and then we went to my Swimming lesson on Tuesday afternoon. Swimming was very exiting because some more of my friends from Tots came, and because they've got lots of new toys to play with in the pool! We were all a bit distracted by the new toys during our lesson, but I did manage to show Mum how I can push off from the side all by myself now. She was very impressed.

Later pon, a Builder came round in a big Van to fix our front wall. He had a nice doggy in his van who I liked a lot: I gave her a hug and a kiss and she licked my face all over! It was very tickly and I thought it was hilarious. The Builder came back on Wednesday morning with a Dizzy and lots of tools and things. It was great, especially as the nice doggy came back too. I watched them working for at least half an hour before we had to go out; building looks like a lot of fun!

We then went out ot meet some friends from Tots at Jamie's house. We all had a lovely time and lots of lovely food. Mum said she's never seen us play so nicely together. When we got back, I watched the Builders for a bit longer and then I helped Mum NooNoo the entire house. It was really exciting! I love playing with NooNoo.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I went to my lovely Childminders on Thursday and Friday. Mum had to try very hard to leave me on Friday because I made a bit of fuss when she left. I think I'd gotten used to having her around all the time over the Easter Holidays. I had great time with my Childminder though.

We tried to meet up with Aunty Cheryl at Castle Coch on Saturday morning, but when we got there we couldn't find her anywhere! We were hoping to watch her do some Morris Dancing with her friends, but it turned out she wasn't coming. We watched the Morris Dancers anyway and I was fascinated: I really liked listening to the bells on their legs, and I thought their sticks were really good too (just like Gym Tots!)

After they'd finished dancing we went round Castle Coch itself. I really enjoyed running about the halls and rooms and climbing up and down all the stairs. The Morris Dancers were also wandering around the Castle which was really funny because you could hear the bells on their legs pretty much everywhere. After lunch I went to the Big Shop with Dad and then we drove my Trike to the Park, which was great.

It was really cold on Sunday morning, but we met up with Bella and her family in the Bay. Me and Bella did a lot of running about and looking at things (I really like playing with what Mum calls the "Torchwood Fountain"). We stopped for some yummy Cake at a cafe and then a short while later we stopped for lunch! The waiter at the restraunt took a really shine to me and Bella and brought us some paper to draw on and some Straws to chew on.

When I woke up after my nap, it was all sunny so I helped Dad clean the car:

After I'd gotten me and Dad a bit soggy, we played out in the garden and I went on my Trike again. It was great!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Things have gone back to normal now that the Easter Holiday is all over. We went to Playgroup to meet my mate Ewan and Bella on Monday morning and we all had a great time. I showed Bella and Ewan my new Digger Jumper: Ewan thought it was really cool but Bella didn't seem all that interested for some reason. I kept trying to show it to her though. In the afternoon, Bella came over to play and I we lots of fun playing catch with a ball and playing on my slide.

We went to Tots on Tuesday morning, and it was very exciting because all us Tots got to help clean all the toys (it was exciting because we were allowed to get all the toys out in one go!) We also had lots of fun at my Swimming Lesson in the afternoon; I really like swimming! My friend Ben from Tots came for this very first lesson: he looked a bit nervous but once I'd shown him what to do he soon started to enjoy himself.

We tried to got to Gym Tots this morning. We got to the Gym Tots place a bit early after dropping Dad off, so we watched the Diggers working for a bit. It was great! They were digging a really big hole and you could see them doing it and everything! One of the Digger Drivers saw us watching and talked to us for a bit; he even offered me his hat!

When it was time to go, we went along to the Gym Tots place but it was all dark. Gym Tots was cancelled! I was a bit unhappy, but I soon cheered up when Mum took me to the Park instead. When we got bored, we came home to play int he garden instead. I played on my slide while Mum put the washing out, and I had a lovely time until I fell off the slide and hit my head on the concrete path. I hurt a lot, and I had to have some Special Easter Egg Medicine to make it better. In the afternoon, we met up with some of my Tots friends and then we played out in the garden again until Dad got home.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

We took Ma to Penarth on Saturday morning because the weather was lovely. I had a great time climbing on all the benches and I ran all the way down the pier. I wore my favourite jumper which goes "Brummmm!" when you press it; this attracted another little boy of about my age who wanted to poke it to make it go too, and we had a fun few minutes while he chased me around the pier trying to poke my tummy!

We went down the bay for lunch after that, but I was so tired I ended up falling asleep in Mum's arms! I woke up as we left for the station to drop Ma (which was a bit sad but it was very exciting to see all the trains). It was really sunny when we got back and we played in the garden all afternoon. It was great!

I went to Church with Mum on Sunday morning, and then after lunch I helped Dad do the shopping and then we went to a big shop to buy a funny plastic hat called a "Potty". Silly Mum keeps making me sit on it but it's not very comfortable so I'm pretty sure it's a hat. Aunty Cheryl popped round to say hello not long after we got back; I showed her my slide and my Little House at the bottom of the garden.

Friday, April 13, 2007

It's been a very eventful few days!

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday with some of my old friends from the Hospital. Mum made me a fab Easter Bonnet to wear (although I thought it looked better on Big Ted than on me), and we met up with lots of people that used to look after me when I was very small. It was good to see them again, and we all had a great time.

Dad stayed home from work on Friday because it was a Bank Holiday. We went to Roath Park in the morning to feed the ducks and to go to the cafe and the playground. I went on the new slide a lot: it goes really fast and I love it! I also discovered that I can walk up the stairs without needing to hold on to anything (Mum and Dad were very impressed but a bit nervous!) Dad and me also invented a new game: runniong down the big hill! (Mum says she invented it first).

The weather was lovely in the afternoon so we played out in the garden. I helped Mum dig some holes for some bedding plants and then I climbed on the wall while Dad dug some holes in the front garden.

I wasn't right on Saturday at all. Mum and Dad were very busy doing things round the house but I felt all wrong. However, I did cheer up enough to go and play at the park with Dad after I'd had some Pink Medicine. Unfortunately, it stopped working just as we got home and I felt all hot and icky and not very well at all. I ended up falling asleep in Mum's arms while they were trying to feed me some lunch. I perked up after a nap though, and then all the busyness in the moring started to make sense: we were going on Holiday!

I slept a bit in the car, and then we arrived at a big stone house in the middle of the countryside. It was very exciting! Dad had to break in by using a hidden Key, and then Explored all round the house. I particularly liked the door in the kitchen because I could reach the handle! I can go outside whenever I want to now! While we were exploring, Ma and Pa arrived too! They were very pleased to see me, and it was very exciting!

We then went to explore the village, and we found another Park to play in. I went on the swings and then I used my new-found climbing skills to scale the tall Slide all on my own! When we got back to the house, Aunty Ceri had arrived! She wsa very pleased to see me, and it was all very exciting! I showed Aunty Ceri the house and then I showed her how I could go in and out of the door in the kitchen a lot. I had some tea, and then it was bathtime. I was very tired after all the goings on, and I was very pleased to be in my bed at the end of the day.

Everyone was a bit tired on Sunday, so we had a bit of a slow start while everyone opened their Easter presents.

Then we went out to a Pub for lunch, and when we got there Aunty Cheryl was there too! It was very exciting! We had a yummy Pub Lunch but I ended up falling asleep in Pa's arms (he's very soothing). We played out in the garden again when we got back, and then we went out for a walk in the woods by an excited stream. I got to go in the Back Carrier (although Dad says I'm getting a bit big for it now). We saw lots of sheep and a horse and some funy farm equipment and it was all very interesting.

We went to Tretower Court on Monday morning, and I had a lovely time running up and down the long halls and playing with the big heavy doors.

When we got hungry we went to find a Pub for lunch, but I was very tired and ended up falling asleep again! We went for a walk after lunch, but I was barely awake and I spent most of the walk half asleep. I only woke up properly when Aunty Ceri fed me some contraband Jelly Babies and a bit of Welshcake when we were nearly home.

Dad had to go back to work on Tuesday morning. I got up early to help him pack, and we spent quite a bit of time playing with the Kitchen Door before he had to go. When everyone else was awake, we went on a trip to Llantony Abbey. It was lovely: I had a great time running about all the old buildings and playing with lots of stone chippings, and we found some lovely horses to talk to.

While we were there, two low-flying fighter jets zoomed over our head! It was very exciting! I chatted about them a lot to everyone I saw. Even better, when we got back to the house, a low-flying helicopter zoomed over head too! It was all very exciting!

I was very sad just before tea time because Aunty Ceri had to go home. I like my Aunty Ceri a lot. And then Aunty Cheryl had to go home too, and I was even sadder and it took me a long time to settle down to go to sleep.

On Wednesday, we went on the Brecon Mountain railway! Grandad told me that it was a steam train and I liked the way it went "Chuff Chuff Chuff". Me and Grandad were very excited by it. When we got off the train we found a playground and I went on the Climbing Wall with Mum:

In the afternoon, Mum decided that we should all go up the Big Hill at the back of the holiday home. Grandad and Mum carried me up, and we could see a long way from the top. it was fab!

On Thursday we went on a walk by a canal and we found some stairs in the canal. There were lots of boats that wanted to climb up and down the stairs, so me and Grandad decided to help them. It was great watching the water flow in and out of the gates.

Mum did a lot of packing up in the afternoon, so Grandad took me off to the park to play and we had a great time. After tea, we said "Di-Di" to Grandad and me, Mum and Ma all set off back home in the car. I almost fell asleep on the way home
, but I woke up when we got back as I wanted to see Dad. He was very pleased to see me! I charged about the house for a good half hour before I calm down enough to go to bed.

We took Ma to the beach today with Aunty Cheryl. I was very tired in the morning and fell fast asleep as soon as the car started moving. It started raining a bit when we arrived, so we had lunch in the car (Mum made jokes about having corned-beef sandwiches and a thermos of tea). But we did get down to the sea eventually and we had a great time playing in the sea. We also had fun jumping on sand castles that Ma and Aunty Cheryl made for me.

I was very tired by the end of the day, and I was very pleased to be in my bed after Ma read me some of my favourite stories.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Monday turned out to be a very exciting day indeed! We went to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm with my mate Ewan and his sister Ellie. We had a really great time!

We went in Aunty Clair's car, and the three of us had a great time playing in the back on the way there. It took quite a long time to get there (mostly because Mum and Aunty Clair got us lost twice!), and we arrived just before lunch but we were all very excited. It was all really exciting, the highlights were:

Mum took some pictures too:

We were all very tired on the way home, and soon we were all fast alseep (not least because I forgot to have my afternoon nap!).

However, the excitment wasn't over yet because when we stopped we weren't at home, and there was a Funny Smell and a Funny Noise coming from the car. Aunty Clair and Mum didn't look too happy either. The car was broken and wouldn't go anymore! After a while, Ewan's Dad and Grandpa came to rescue us and we went home with Ewan's Grandpa. It was quite late when we got home, and I was too tired to eat my tea at the table like normal, so Mum and Dad were very kind to me and let me eat it in front of my favourite TV programme "In The Night Garden". I was very tired by the time I got to bed, but it took me ages to go to sleep because it had been such a busy day!

We went to Tots on Tuesday. Mum said it wasn't really Tots but a special "come and play day", but it felt a lot like Tots to me because lots of my Tots friends were there. We walked into the hall where Tots normally is to find a giant bouncy castle! It was very exciting! After a lot of bouncing we went upstairs to the cafe, which was a bit of a surprise because noone told us us Tots that there was a Cafe upstairs! And after that, we went and did lots of Craft Activities: I made an Easter Bunny and an Easter basket with Mum, and then I did some painting which was great fun (and very messy!) In the afternoon we went to chose some plants for the garden with Aunty Aimee and Bella.

We met up with Ewan and Ellie at Roath Park again this morning, and we had a lovely time running about and playing on the swings. I invented a new game which involved running down the slope to the bridge while screaming a lot; I thought it was very funny, but some of the ducks were a bit scared. We had such a lovely time that we ended up going for lunch at the cafe. However, it all ended in tears: I was having a lovely time climbing on and sliding off the chairs on the patio section when I decided to stand up on the chair to see what that was like. Unfortunately, it all overbalanced and my head met the concrete with a loud thump. I wasn't very happy and it was quite noisy for a while until my nose stopped bleeding and I calmed down a bit. I felt very sorry for myself after that.

We went to play at Jamie's house with some of my other friends this afternoon, but I was a bit unhappy. Mum decided that I probably had a bit of a headache after my nasty bang and we borrowed some medicine and soon after that everything was alright again.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I went to my lovely Childminder's on Thursday and Friday as normal. We had a great time making Easter Nests (although we somehow ended up with fewer eggs than we expected: they were yummy!)

We went to Softplay on Saturday morning to meet my mate Ewan. It was a lovely day which meant that it was unusually quiet when we got there and it was almost as good as being at a Softplay Party. We went to the Really Big Shop after so that we could get some yummy things for lunch and so that Mum could get some new clothes.

We were going to play in the garden in the afternoon but it was all rainy so I ended up helping Dad fix the NuNu. I had a great time:

When it was fixed I helped Mum push NuNu around while Dad tidied up. Mum was very pleased because I did some NuNuing with my toy one too.

I went to Church with Mum on Sunday morning, and then in the afternoon we played out in the garden. I had a lovely time playing with all the garden tools, and I really enjoyed helpeding Dad NuNu the grass. I was very tired after all the running about I did, but I managed to keep some energy back for when Aunty Jenny came round to play after tea: she's very funny!

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