Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I spent the day with Dad on Friday, and we went to the Museum on the Bus! We had a lovely time chasing each other around the exhibits and up and down the stairs, and then we went to see the Dinosaurs. We had the exhibits to ourself, and I was a bit scared of the shadows and noises (they say "Big Rah!"), but they were really good. I liked the Mammoths the best: we had to go back and see them twice! We dropped into Dad's work to say hello (I played with the big ball) before we headed back home on the Bus again. In the afternoon we went to the Park on my Trike, which was great.

Saturday turned out to be a very exciting day indeed! It started pretty quietly: I went to the Big Shop with Dad in the morning and then I helped Mum tidy up and then we had some lunch. But when I woke up Aunty Ceri was here! It was very exciting! I was very pleased to see her. It got even more exciting after that: we went to Softplay, and we had a party, a Birthday Party for me! We got to Softplay before everyone else and I had a lovely time rushing about for a few minutes on my own. And then loads of my friends arrived! It was very exciting! I played a lot with Aunty Ceri at softplay: she's very funny!

We were all a bit hungry after we'd played for a bit, but just before we all exploded, some people brought in loads of Party Food and we all sat down for some yummy Party Tea:

When we were neasrly finished, Mum and Dad appeared with a Cake with Candles on it and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I was very pleased with my cake (although I needed quite a bit of help to blow out my Candles).

I was very tired when I got home. I went into the bath and then Aunty Ceri read me a Bedtime Story and then I went straight to sleep.

Aunty Ceri was still here on Sunday, and it was very exciting! We went to Roath Park to feed the ducks and play on the swings, and then we went to the Pub to meet Aunty Cheryl for lunch. I had some Sausages and Mash (well, I ate the yummy Sausages but Dad needed to help me with the Mash), and I played outside on a playground the the Pub. We played in the house after my nap, because I was still a bit wiped out after all the excitments of my Party.

I looked after Aunty Ceri all by myself on Monday, because Mum and Dad had to go to work. We had a lovely day: I took her to Playgroup to meet my mate Ewan in the morning, and then in the afternoon we played out in the garden for a bit and then I showed Aunty Ceri how to dance to "Walk this way". She thought it was hilarious:

I was very pleased to find Aunty Ceri still here again this morning. We went out to Tots in the morning, and after that we went out to lunch at a Cafe where I had some yummy Baked Potatos and a huge piece of Chocolate Cake! And then I showed Aunty Ceri how good I am at swimming when we went to my Swimming Lesson. I was very tired after all of that and but we'd had a great time.

We were all a bit sad after tea because Aunty Ceri had to go home. We waved her off, but then she arrived back again a few minutes later because she'd forgotten her swimming costume! It was very funny. I've really enjoyed having her to stay, and we all miss her. I like my Aunty Ceri very much.

Happy Birthday Will! I'm glad you had a lovely day on Thursday and your party sounds like it was great. And the trike - well, what an excellent present. I can just imagine how much fun you will have tearing around on it. You're a very lucky boy. It's always great to read your blog and find out what adventures you've been having. Take care and lost of love from Berlin,

Jen xxxxxx
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