Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We had a very exciting time at Gym Tots on Monday. We went with my mate Ewan and his Dad (who had to squeeze between our child seats), and while Gym Tots was good, the best bit was when we finished: we went out to watch the Really Big Diggers working near the carpark. They're huge! And very exciting!

Tuesday was its normal busy self: we went to Tots in the morning and then we went to my Swimming lesson in the afternoon. It was the last lesson in the series, but we'll be going back again next term.

We went to Roath Park with some of my friends on Wednesday morning, and we all had a lovely time running about, chasing the ducks and playing on the swings. However, we couldn't go on the Big Slide because someone was fixing it with a big Machine that made lots of noise. We watched it very carefully. We had yummy Baked Potatos for lunch at the Cafe (and Mum said I was much better behaved than at the weekend!)

Mum had to go into School in the afternoon, so she dropped me off at Dad's Work and we went home on the Bus. It was very exciting: we was lots of Diggers and I waved and blew kisses at lots of people (some of them even waved back). We played in the garden when we got home, and then Aunty Jenny came round and we all played with my Train Set until it was time to go in the bath.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I went to a lot of parties this weekend! It all started on Friday evening, when we came home from my lovely childminders, had tea, and then went out to a Twmpath at Mum's School! It was great: I ran around a lot and listend to the band play and did dances with Mum and did lots of dancing on my own and then I got about eight of Mum's Big Girls to play with me! I also managed to eat a whole hotdog all by myself and then I munched my way through some yummy chocolate too. It was so exciting that I managed to stay awake the whole way home, even though it was really quite late by then.

Saturday was very exciting because after I'd gotten up and had breakfast, Uncle Jonathan and Aunty Aileen appeared! I played with a fab Singing Fire Engine they gave me and then we went out to Roath Park for some fresh air and to play on the swings. Uncle Jonathan was very kind and pushed me the whole way round the park on my Trike. We stopped for lunch at the Cafe, but I was too tired to do anything sensible with my baked potato, even though it was my favourite sort with Beans and Cheese on and everything (I stopped screaming when Mum brought me a cake to eat though).

In the afternoon, we went to a Softplay party for one of my friends from Tots. Uncle Jonathan had never been to Softplay before so I had to show him what to do and pretty soon he was chasing me around the Bouncy Castle trying to take pictures of me. Uncle Jonathan is great fun and he makes me laugh, especially when he built some really tall tall towers from the Big Blocks and then tried to jump over them.

There was loads of yummy party food:

I was very tired by the end of the party, and I was very relived to get into my bed.

Dad said that the clocks changed on Sunday morning (I didn't really understand, but as far as I could see, he was the one that made them change). We played with my toys after breakfast and then we went down the the Bay for a run around. We ended up having lunch at Pizza Express: I had some tasty bread things despite being very tired (all this partying is hard work!). After that, we said goodbye to Uncle Jonathan and Aunty Aileen and then we all went home.

In the afternoon, we went to another Softplay party! This one was for my old friend Rowan; my friend Mabli was also there. We all had a lovely time:

I ate loads of party food. I think could quite happily eat cake, crisps and sausages for every meal!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

There was lots of blue sky and sunshine on Monday so we did a lot of walking. Or rather, Mum did a lot of walking and I did a lot of riding in my Pram. We walked to Playgroup in the morning to meet my mate Ewan, and we all had a lovely time there and then we walked all the way to a Pub the Leisure Centre to go to a Birthday Party (we had lots of yummy food and then we all had some Cake!). We played inside in the afternoon because we were all a bit tired after all the fresh air.

We went to Tots on Tuesday morning as normal, and I had a lovely time at my Swimming Lesson in the afternoon. And after tea, my mate Ewan came round to play for a bit while our Mums went out for a run. We played with my garage and then we helped Dad make a tower from Lego by finding blocks to put on the top. The tower didn't get very tall though, because most of the new blocks we found came from the the bottom of the tower and it kept falling down. Mum and Aunty Clair were very hot when they got back, but they looked like they'd had good fun.

We had a busy day on Wednesday. We went out to the Big Shop in the early in the morning, and it was very exciting because we saw lots of Diggers on the way there. And then we went to Gym Tots, which was great because I got to do loads of running about and dancing in front of the Music Box. I was very tired afterwards and nearly fell asleep in the car, but Mum kept me awake by singing and tickling my feet. I was glad I didn;t fall asleep though because I was starving when we got home and I ate a huge lunch with Bread and Cheese and Scrambly Eggs and some yummy fruit I've not tried before. In the afternoon we went to play at Grace's house (our Mum's kept going on about "Will and Grace" but we didn't get the joke) and we all had a fab time there.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

By comparison with the past few days, Wednesday was a bit boring. But I had loads of fun at my lovely Childminder's on Thursday and Friday. Friday was especially fun: we made some yummy Red-Nose-Day cakes and and then we made some Mother's Day cards to go with them. I was very tired on Friday evening, but I was very pleased by some new PJs that Mum bought me:

We went to softplay with my mate Ewan on Saturday morning, which was great but it was a bit busy and it wasn't quite the same as having the entire place to myself like last weekend. We had lots of fun though: me and Ewan helped build a Pirate Ship with some big children and then we all had fun jumping off it into the Shark Infested Waters (Dad was being a Shark). In the afternoon we played out in the garden and I helped Dad make a step-stool from some left-over wood we found in the Garage. Dad said I was very handy with the screwdriver, although he wasn't very pleased when I decided to sort all the screws out by tipping them all over the floor. The step-stool is useful: I can now reach the taps in the bathroom on my own, so I can get all soggy whenever I like.

Today was Mothering Sunday! I got up especially early so as not to miss anything. I gave Mum my presents (she liked the chocolates), and then me and Dad went downstairs to make Mum some breakfast in bed. We played with my toys while she had a Lion, and then after we'd all gotten up, we went round to Bella's house to feed her Mog. Then Mum took me out to Church where I got to help Mum sing in the Choir: it was very exciting. After my nap, we went round to see Aunty Cheryl, where I spent a happy hour runnning round and round and round and round in circles between the doors that link her Kitchen, her Dining Room and her Sitting Room. It was great!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I spent the day with Dad on Friday, and we went to the Museum on the Bus! We had a lovely time chasing each other around the exhibits and up and down the stairs, and then we went to see the Dinosaurs. We had the exhibits to ourself, and I was a bit scared of the shadows and noises (they say "Big Rah!"), but they were really good. I liked the Mammoths the best: we had to go back and see them twice! We dropped into Dad's work to say hello (I played with the big ball) before we headed back home on the Bus again. In the afternoon we went to the Park on my Trike, which was great.

Saturday turned out to be a very exciting day indeed! It started pretty quietly: I went to the Big Shop with Dad in the morning and then I helped Mum tidy up and then we had some lunch. But when I woke up Aunty Ceri was here! It was very exciting! I was very pleased to see her. It got even more exciting after that: we went to Softplay, and we had a party, a Birthday Party for me! We got to Softplay before everyone else and I had a lovely time rushing about for a few minutes on my own. And then loads of my friends arrived! It was very exciting! I played a lot with Aunty Ceri at softplay: she's very funny!

We were all a bit hungry after we'd played for a bit, but just before we all exploded, some people brought in loads of Party Food and we all sat down for some yummy Party Tea:

When we were neasrly finished, Mum and Dad appeared with a Cake with Candles on it and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I was very pleased with my cake (although I needed quite a bit of help to blow out my Candles).

I was very tired when I got home. I went into the bath and then Aunty Ceri read me a Bedtime Story and then I went straight to sleep.

Aunty Ceri was still here on Sunday, and it was very exciting! We went to Roath Park to feed the ducks and play on the swings, and then we went to the Pub to meet Aunty Cheryl for lunch. I had some Sausages and Mash (well, I ate the yummy Sausages but Dad needed to help me with the Mash), and I played outside on a playground the the Pub. We played in the house after my nap, because I was still a bit wiped out after all the excitments of my Party.

I looked after Aunty Ceri all by myself on Monday, because Mum and Dad had to go to work. We had a lovely day: I took her to Playgroup to meet my mate Ewan in the morning, and then in the afternoon we played out in the garden for a bit and then I showed Aunty Ceri how to dance to "Walk this way". She thought it was hilarious:

I was very pleased to find Aunty Ceri still here again this morning. We went out to Tots in the morning, and after that we went out to lunch at a Cafe where I had some yummy Baked Potatos and a huge piece of Chocolate Cake! And then I showed Aunty Ceri how good I am at swimming when we went to my Swimming Lesson. I was very tired after all of that and but we'd had a great time.

We were all a bit sad after tea because Aunty Ceri had to go home. We waved her off, but then she arrived back again a few minutes later because she'd forgotten her swimming costume! It was very funny. I've really enjoyed having her to stay, and we all miss her. I like my Aunty Ceri very much.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's my birthday! It's my birthday! It's my birthday! It's all been very exciting and I've had such a lovely day! I'd like to give a big hug and a kiss for everyone who sent me a present!

I was a bit suspicious at Tots on Tuesday: everyone sang "Happy Birthday" as normal, but this time everyone was looking at me! And I was allowed to open the present (normally we have to give it someone else), which was also very confusing. I was very pleased to get a very exciting book all about Diggers however.

But it didn't really sink in that it was my Birthday until this morning, when Mum started singing "Happy Birthday" when Dad went downstairs to fetch me a drink. When he came back, he didn't just have a drink, he had a Trike! It was very exciting!

I wanted to ride it all around the bedroom, but Mum then appeared with a big bag of presents and we all sat down to open them. I'm a very lucky boy as I had loads of lovely things:

After that, we all got dressed and went downstairs (the Trike had to come too) for a special Birthday Breakfast of Banana and Jaffa Cakes (Mum said it was an Aunty Ceri Special). Then when we all had gotten up, Dad went off to work and Mum took me for a walk round the block on my Trike. It goes really fast and it makes lots of noise: I think it's great! When we came home, we played with some of my other presents for a bit (I particularly liked playing with the train set) and then we went off to Cafe Junior to meet some friends. We had a great time running about and playing on all the lovely toys:

I even got to choose a cake from the shop for my snack: Mum was very pleased because I chose an enormous Chocolate Muffin! When we were all done, we went over to Dad's Work (it's quite close by) and I played with the Big Ball and we went over to a small Park for a yummy picnic lunch.

After my nap, we went out on an Expedition to the Park on my Trike:

To Mum's dismay, I got the hang of steering on the way there and because of that it took quite a long time to get back. We had a yummy tea of Baked Potatos, Beans and Cheese and then I screamed in excitment at a Digger DVD I got from funny Aunty Ceri. I was very tired but very happy at bathtime though: it's been a great day!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thursday was Saint David's day, and Mum made sure that I was wearing my Rubgy Shirt. I had a lovely time at my Childminders because we made cards and some yummy Welshcakes (I ate so many that I didn't want any lunch!). And I had a lovely time at my Childminders on Friday too.

We tried to go to Roath Park on Saturday morning, but the weather was terrible so we ended up going to Softplay instead. It was pretty busy (my mate Ewan and his sister Ellie were there, as well as Bella and one of my friends from Tots), but we had a great time. It had stopped raining by the afternoon so we all went outside to do some jobs in the garden. I helped Dad wash the car while Mum did some Gardening:

(I really liked playing with the Hosepipe: water just keeps pouring out of it and if you wave it around you can make Dad all soggy!)

I went to Church with Mum on Sunday morning, and then we went out to the Pub for lunch with Rowan's family. We couldn't run about outside because it was too wet, but it didn;t matter because me and Rowan had a great time charging about inside the Pub instead. I had some yummy meatballs to eat (although I did get into trouble when I tried to thrown them on the floor like I do with the balls in my toy collection). It was still wet in the afternoon so we had to play inside again. But it was quite exciting because we watched some people from TopGear doing silly things with some Tractors, and then I hepled Mum make some yummy Banana cake while Dad played with my blocks (he likes to make towers; I like to knock them down). It was a good day!

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