Wednesday, February 28, 2007

When I woke up on Monday morning, I had a bit of a surprise: Nana, Aiden, Amirah and Aunty Emma were still here! I could have sworn that I waved them all goodbye the night before. It wsa very exciting. Nana explained it all to me later in the day: they'd tried to go home in the evening but they were forced to turn back because of some sticky Traffic Jam (see Amirah's comment for her viewpoint on the journey).

Even more exciting was that we went to Techniquest in the morning. It was great! There were loads of things to play with, and there were lots of machines that you were allowed to push buttons on. As well as Nana, Aiden, Aunty Emma and Amirah, we met some of my friends from Tots there too. My favourite things were the buttons that made the Balloon go up in the air and all of the things that had water in them (I got very soggy):

It was very busy so we went out by lunchtime to Nandos where I had some yummy chips and things. Nana, Aiden, Aunty Emma and Amirah all went home after that, and I was very sad to see them go again. On the way home we went to the Big Shop because we were all out of things to eat (Mum said it was like we'd been visited by the "Tiger Who Came To Tea").

I woke up early on Tuesday as I wanted to see if Nana would appear again. When she didn't I got a bit bored and so decided to invent a new game. This one involves throwing your soft toys out of the cot and shouting "Wheeeee.... Splat!" If you manage to knock something in your room over with the toy you also have to say "Oh-oh!". It's a good game: even Dad thought it was very funny even though it was really quite early. Other than that, we went to Tots in the morning and the to Softplay and Swimming in the afternoon. Needless to say, I was very tired by the evening!

I was very busy being Ultraman on Wednesday:

Me an Ultraman go way back (see this post for some early footage). Ultraman is really good for the "Wheee... Splat!" game because you can make him bounce if you throw him really hard.

We took Dad to work and then we went to Gym Tots in the morning. Gym Tots was very exciting because we got to watch some Giant Diggers at work in the car-park (Mum says we stood and watched them for over ten minutes, but it only felt like a few seconds to me). After Gym Tots I helped Mum do some Gardening by planting some seeds in a funny plastic box with a cover. Mum said they'd grow, and although they didn't do anything while I was watching I did enjoy watering them. In the afternoon, we went round to Jamie's house to play. Jamie has some great toys and we had a fab time playing with them all.

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