Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We went to Gym Tots with my mate Ewan again on Monday morning. Ewan said "Gym Tots! Gym Tots! Gym Tots!" the whole way there, so I said "Trac-tor! Trac-tor!" in reply because we always see a tractor when we get there (it's very exciting). Me and Ewan had a great time running about and playing on all the soft things, and then we went to the Slowest Cafe In The World for lunch (we were all very hungry by the time our food arrived!) After my nap, me and Mum made some yummy buns. They were so yummy that I wanted them for my tea, but for some reason Mum didn't think that was very suitable (I was a bit cross).

We did the usual round of Tots and Swimming on Tuesday, and I had a great time at both. I was really good at swimming: I managed to float like a star for the whole of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and I also managed to put my face under the water at least twice when I was supposed to. In the afternoon we played out in the garden: Dad put the door on my Little House at the weekend and I think it's great. I had a lovely time playing with it (open the door, climb inside, wave to Mum while saying "Di-di!", shut the door, look through the window, open the door, climb out, repeat...)

On Wednesday morning we went to meet some of my friends from Tots at Ben's house. We had a good time, but I was rather tired (I got up quite early), and wanted to go home to bed. In fact I was so tired I had a late lunch because I fell asleep on the way home! The afternoon was very exciting: we went to the Garage to get the car, and then Mum dropped me off at Dad's Work because Mum had to got to her School. I showed everyone in Dad's Work my Radio Controlled Car, and I played at rolling their Big Ball, and then we went to catch the Bus to come home. The Bus was very exciting to start with, but then it went really slowly for a long way and I got a bit bored and I wanted to get up and explore (everyone on the bus thought I was very cute though). We played out in the garden again when we got home: I like my Little House!

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