Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I've been on Holiday and I've had a lovely time!

Dad took me to Softplay on Saturday morning as normal, and I had a lovely time charging about and and climbing on things. My friends Mabli and Rowan were there, and it was really nice to see them again. When we got back, Mum had made a big pile of bags and boxes of things in the hallway. It was very exciting!

After lunch, Dad put the big pile of stuff into the car and we set off to go on Holiday. I was very excited, although I was also a bit tired from all the running around at Softplay so it didn't take long for me to fall asleep. We were still travelling on the road when I woke up; Mum and Dad were having some Words about being lost and it took rather a long time before we arrived at the Holiday place. Everyone was very pleased when we arrived, and I was very excited because my friends Bella, Aunty Aimee and Uncle Mark were there too!

The house we stayed in was lovely. Me and Bella took our Dads out for a walk in the afternoon and we were very pleased to find a Little House just like the one I've got at home. I showed Bella how to make the door go open and shut. Then we found a Park with Swings right next to the Little House, which was very exciting indeed!

We went to the Beach near Tenby on Sunday morning. I thought the Beach was amazing and I ran off shouting "Wow!" as soon as Mum and Dad let me loose:

Dad caught up with me just before my feet started to get wet, and then I spent some happy time running about in the surf and generally getting a bit wet and sandy. It was a bit cold, so when me and Bella finally got tired we went off into Tenby to look at the shops and to find some lunch. I had Chips and Beans and Sausages for lunch and it was yummy (I think I managed to eat chips and beans a sausages every day on holiday!)

We went back to the house after lunch, and then after naps we went Swimming! It turns out that the house has a Swimming Pool right beside it! We had the pool all to ourselves and it was great. I showed Bella how much fun Swimming was and we all had a great time.

It was Aunty Aimee's Birthday on Monday, and after she'd opened all her presents we went to Folly Farm. The weather was horrible: all cold and wet but we didn't mind because Folly Farm was great. We saw lots of little animals and then I found some Softplay so we spent some time playing on that. Then we went off to a place with big animals in it (I liked the Donkeys and the Piggies the best) and I played with some Circus Sticks (it was just like Gym Tots):

We went on some Roundabout Horses and then we had lunch (I had Chips and Beans and Sausages again) and then the most exciting thing of all happened: We went on a Tractor!

We had to go outside to go on the Tractor and the weather was still horrible, but the nice man came out and let us onto the Tractor anyway. We went round the whole of Folly Farm; Mum said that there were lots of animals and things to look at, but all's I saw was the Tractor. It was amazing! Me and Bella were very tired after all the excitment and fell asleep pretty much straight away, but Mum and Dad managed to wake me up long enough to show me a toy tractor that they'd found for me in the shop. I clutched it all the way home.

We went swimming again after our naps, and this time I worked out how to get out of the pool all by my self! I was very pleased with myself, although I think Mum and Dad got a bit bored of chasing after me each time I got out of the pool. Bella did really well at swimming: I think she could be a real water baby if she wanted to.

On Tuesday, Mum and Aunty Aimee did a lot of tidying up so me and Dad and Bella and Uncle Mark went out to play on the swings. Me and Bella ran about for a bit and we really enjoyed playing on the little park, but we were both a bit tired and I nearly fell asleep on the swing! When we got back to the House, Mum and Aunty Aimee had made a big pile of things! After a bit more tidying, we went off to the Beach again. There were some big waves at the beach:

I invented a Game where you have to find a stone and throw it into the Sea to make a splash. Sometimes the Sea runs away from you so you have to chase after it so you can make a splash. I played the game with Dad for a bit, and then I played it with Mum, but she got a bit wet when a big wave came along and Splashed us! We were both very soggy and we both needed a change of trousers.

We went off to find some lunch (I had Chips and Beans and Sausages again!) and then we all went back to the car where we said "Di-Di" to Bella and her Mum and Dad. I fell asleep on the way home, but when I woke up we were still driving. I was very pleased to get home, although I was a bit sad not to be on holiday with my friends anymore. We all had a lovely time!

What a fab holiday! You'll be able to tell Cousin Amirah all about it when she comes to see you in a few days time. She's especially looking forward to playing in your rocket 'cos the only den she's got is a big cardboard box (tho' it does have a door and a window cut into the side and a cushion to sit on)

See you soon xxx
Hi Will! - sounds like you had a great holiday, those waves look really fun also.. i always spend my holidays playing in the sea but i think i would not have enjoyed the farm too much (big animals are scarey if you ask me). So your birthday is coming up soon right? must be exciting!!


Uncle Dave
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