Wednesday, February 28, 2007

When I woke up on Monday morning, I had a bit of a surprise: Nana, Aiden, Amirah and Aunty Emma were still here! I could have sworn that I waved them all goodbye the night before. It wsa very exciting. Nana explained it all to me later in the day: they'd tried to go home in the evening but they were forced to turn back because of some sticky Traffic Jam (see Amirah's comment for her viewpoint on the journey).

Even more exciting was that we went to Techniquest in the morning. It was great! There were loads of things to play with, and there were lots of machines that you were allowed to push buttons on. As well as Nana, Aiden, Aunty Emma and Amirah, we met some of my friends from Tots there too. My favourite things were the buttons that made the Balloon go up in the air and all of the things that had water in them (I got very soggy):

It was very busy so we went out by lunchtime to Nandos where I had some yummy chips and things. Nana, Aiden, Aunty Emma and Amirah all went home after that, and I was very sad to see them go again. On the way home we went to the Big Shop because we were all out of things to eat (Mum said it was like we'd been visited by the "Tiger Who Came To Tea").

I woke up early on Tuesday as I wanted to see if Nana would appear again. When she didn't I got a bit bored and so decided to invent a new game. This one involves throwing your soft toys out of the cot and shouting "Wheeeee.... Splat!" If you manage to knock something in your room over with the toy you also have to say "Oh-oh!". It's a good game: even Dad thought it was very funny even though it was really quite early. Other than that, we went to Tots in the morning and the to Softplay and Swimming in the afternoon. Needless to say, I was very tired by the evening!

I was very busy being Ultraman on Wednesday:

Me an Ultraman go way back (see this post for some early footage). Ultraman is really good for the "Wheee... Splat!" game because you can make him bounce if you throw him really hard.

We took Dad to work and then we went to Gym Tots in the morning. Gym Tots was very exciting because we got to watch some Giant Diggers at work in the car-park (Mum says we stood and watched them for over ten minutes, but it only felt like a few seconds to me). After Gym Tots I helped Mum do some Gardening by planting some seeds in a funny plastic box with a cover. Mum said they'd grow, and although they didn't do anything while I was watching I did enjoy watering them. In the afternoon, we went round to Jamie's house to play. Jamie has some great toys and we had a fab time playing with them all.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

We had a quiet day on Wednesday, which was just as well because we were a bit tired after our busy weekend away. We did some shopping, and I helped Mum with some gardening. I didn't go to my lovely Childminders on Thursday because of Half Term. Instead, Mum invited my friend Jamie round to play and we had a lovely time playing with all my toys. In the afternoon, Ellie and Ewan came to play and we all had a great time at the park.

We met my mate Rowan at Roath Park on Friday. We had a lovely time feeding the duck, running about, playing on the swings, and then we went to the cafe for some cake! The afternoon was very exciting because Aunty Libby and one of her Big Girls came round to visit! They even brought me a Big Ted to play with. Her Big Girl was very kind and played with me the whole time. Then after they left, Aunty Cheryl came round!

Saturday was very exciting. When I woke up in the morning, my cousin Aiden was there! And then Aunty Emma and Amirah came down the stairs! And then Nana came down the stairs too! I was very pleased to see them all. Me and Amirah played at bouncing on Aiden's bed in the front room (this later turned back into a sofa when I wasn't looking):

When we had all finished our breakfast, we went down to the Bay to run around for a bit. Me and Amirah played sailing ships in the playground:

We went to Ikea for some yummy meatballs and chips and after that we wandered around the shop for a bit. I was very tired after all the running about, and I fell asleep in the car on the way home. In the afternoon, we played out in the garden with Dad and Aiden. We played in my Little House and splashed in some water, and then Aiden pushed me and Amirah round the garden in my Car, which was fab:

I was very tired and slept in late on Sunday (Mum and Dad were very pleased for some reason). We went to Roath park again after we'd all got up, and we had a great doing all the usual things: feeding the ducks, running about, splashing in puddles and playing on the swings and the slides. Me and Amirah had our all-in-one suits on, and we went really fast down the slides, especially the Big Slide (Mum had to catch me a the bottom to stop me flying off the end!).

After we'd played in the park for a bit, we went to the cafe and had yummy Welsh Cakes:

In the afternoon, we watched "The Incredibles" and then we went swimming! It was very exciting, especially because of the Wave Machine. We were all very hungry when we got home, and I was very tired.

Nana, Aunty Emma, Amirah and Aiden had to go home after tea. I was a bit sad to see them go, as I've really enjoyed playing with them this weekend.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I've been on Holiday and I've had a lovely time!

Dad took me to Softplay on Saturday morning as normal, and I had a lovely time charging about and and climbing on things. My friends Mabli and Rowan were there, and it was really nice to see them again. When we got back, Mum had made a big pile of bags and boxes of things in the hallway. It was very exciting!

After lunch, Dad put the big pile of stuff into the car and we set off to go on Holiday. I was very excited, although I was also a bit tired from all the running around at Softplay so it didn't take long for me to fall asleep. We were still travelling on the road when I woke up; Mum and Dad were having some Words about being lost and it took rather a long time before we arrived at the Holiday place. Everyone was very pleased when we arrived, and I was very excited because my friends Bella, Aunty Aimee and Uncle Mark were there too!

The house we stayed in was lovely. Me and Bella took our Dads out for a walk in the afternoon and we were very pleased to find a Little House just like the one I've got at home. I showed Bella how to make the door go open and shut. Then we found a Park with Swings right next to the Little House, which was very exciting indeed!

We went to the Beach near Tenby on Sunday morning. I thought the Beach was amazing and I ran off shouting "Wow!" as soon as Mum and Dad let me loose:

Dad caught up with me just before my feet started to get wet, and then I spent some happy time running about in the surf and generally getting a bit wet and sandy. It was a bit cold, so when me and Bella finally got tired we went off into Tenby to look at the shops and to find some lunch. I had Chips and Beans and Sausages for lunch and it was yummy (I think I managed to eat chips and beans a sausages every day on holiday!)

We went back to the house after lunch, and then after naps we went Swimming! It turns out that the house has a Swimming Pool right beside it! We had the pool all to ourselves and it was great. I showed Bella how much fun Swimming was and we all had a great time.

It was Aunty Aimee's Birthday on Monday, and after she'd opened all her presents we went to Folly Farm. The weather was horrible: all cold and wet but we didn't mind because Folly Farm was great. We saw lots of little animals and then I found some Softplay so we spent some time playing on that. Then we went off to a place with big animals in it (I liked the Donkeys and the Piggies the best) and I played with some Circus Sticks (it was just like Gym Tots):

We went on some Roundabout Horses and then we had lunch (I had Chips and Beans and Sausages again) and then the most exciting thing of all happened: We went on a Tractor!

We had to go outside to go on the Tractor and the weather was still horrible, but the nice man came out and let us onto the Tractor anyway. We went round the whole of Folly Farm; Mum said that there were lots of animals and things to look at, but all's I saw was the Tractor. It was amazing! Me and Bella were very tired after all the excitment and fell asleep pretty much straight away, but Mum and Dad managed to wake me up long enough to show me a toy tractor that they'd found for me in the shop. I clutched it all the way home.

We went swimming again after our naps, and this time I worked out how to get out of the pool all by my self! I was very pleased with myself, although I think Mum and Dad got a bit bored of chasing after me each time I got out of the pool. Bella did really well at swimming: I think she could be a real water baby if she wanted to.

On Tuesday, Mum and Aunty Aimee did a lot of tidying up so me and Dad and Bella and Uncle Mark went out to play on the swings. Me and Bella ran about for a bit and we really enjoyed playing on the little park, but we were both a bit tired and I nearly fell asleep on the swing! When we got back to the House, Mum and Aunty Aimee had made a big pile of things! After a bit more tidying, we went off to the Beach again. There were some big waves at the beach:

I invented a Game where you have to find a stone and throw it into the Sea to make a splash. Sometimes the Sea runs away from you so you have to chase after it so you can make a splash. I played the game with Dad for a bit, and then I played it with Mum, but she got a bit wet when a big wave came along and Splashed us! We were both very soggy and we both needed a change of trousers.

We went off to find some lunch (I had Chips and Beans and Sausages again!) and then we all went back to the car where we said "Di-Di" to Bella and her Mum and Dad. I fell asleep on the way home, but when I woke up we were still driving. I was very pleased to get home, although I was a bit sad not to be on holiday with my friends anymore. We all had a lovely time!

Friday, February 16, 2007

I went to my lovely Childminders as normal on Thursday (no snow this week!). It was very exciting because my Childminder's son Luke was home from School and I think he's great. We all went to Alphabet Zoo and I had a great time chasing Luke and some other Big Children around. I went to Mum School after my nap where I saw two NooNoo's eating the carpet! It was very exciting!

Friday was great because Luke was home from School again. We went to the Wacky Warehouse and Luke helped me play on all the Big Children's things. He's great! I did a lot of running about after Luke and I was very tired when I got home. As you may recall, when I'm tired I sometimes get a bit naughty and I got into quite a lot of bother with Mum when I pulled her hair three times in a row. She made me sit in a room on my own for a bit and I didn't like it; she said it was a "Time out". I had to give her a big hug to say sorry, and after that we were friends again. Mum is scarey when she's cross!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We went to Gym Tots with my mate Ewan again on Monday morning. Ewan said "Gym Tots! Gym Tots! Gym Tots!" the whole way there, so I said "Trac-tor! Trac-tor!" in reply because we always see a tractor when we get there (it's very exciting). Me and Ewan had a great time running about and playing on all the soft things, and then we went to the Slowest Cafe In The World for lunch (we were all very hungry by the time our food arrived!) After my nap, me and Mum made some yummy buns. They were so yummy that I wanted them for my tea, but for some reason Mum didn't think that was very suitable (I was a bit cross).

We did the usual round of Tots and Swimming on Tuesday, and I had a great time at both. I was really good at swimming: I managed to float like a star for the whole of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and I also managed to put my face under the water at least twice when I was supposed to. In the afternoon we played out in the garden: Dad put the door on my Little House at the weekend and I think it's great. I had a lovely time playing with it (open the door, climb inside, wave to Mum while saying "Di-di!", shut the door, look through the window, open the door, climb out, repeat...)

On Wednesday morning we went to meet some of my friends from Tots at Ben's house. We had a good time, but I was rather tired (I got up quite early), and wanted to go home to bed. In fact I was so tired I had a late lunch because I fell asleep on the way home! The afternoon was very exciting: we went to the Garage to get the car, and then Mum dropped me off at Dad's Work because Mum had to got to her School. I showed everyone in Dad's Work my Radio Controlled Car, and I played at rolling their Big Ball, and then we went to catch the Bus to come home. The Bus was very exciting to start with, but then it went really slowly for a long way and I got a bit bored and I wanted to get up and explore (everyone on the bus thought I was very cute though). We played out in the garden again when we got home: I like my Little House!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

When I woke up on Thursday the world was all white: it was snowing! In fact, it snowed so much that Mum's School was closed and she had to work at home! All the childen on my street were out playing in the snow, so after breakfast we all went outside and helped them make a snowman:

I went to my lovely childminder's after that, and we played in the snow there too. Mum came and collected me after lunch as she wanted to play out in the snow too. When we got home we made another snowman:

There wasn't much snow left by Friday morning, so I went to my childminders as normal and Mum went off to School. But then it started snowing really heavily, and when she got there her School was closed again! She had to stay for a bit to help send people home, so I stayed at the childminders for the morning; I had a lovely time playing with my friends. We all had to go out at lunchtime to collect her son, because his School had closed too! The snow made the journey back from School really hard, and in the end I had to be dragged backwards by three people all the way home!

I had a quiet weekend. We went to softplay on Saturday morning, and met my mate Ewan, Ellie and Bella. We had a lovely time, and I didn't manage to hurt myself at all! In the afternoon, Dad did some work on my House in the rain and I watched Wales lose with Mum (she wasn't very happy). And on Sunday, I went to Church with Mum in the morning and in the afternoon Bella came round to go to the park. Bella played with my toys for a bit before we went, and even played with my Digger (I had to watch her very carefully). The park was a bit cold, but we both had a great time on the swings.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I've been absolutely starving this week. Mum says I'm like the "Little Caterpillar" when he gets to Saturday and he eats everything he can find! I've been driving Mum mad though because when I'm hungry I get very wingey and bad-tempered and she doesn't like my wingey noise.

I was very hungry all day on Monday. We went to my mate Ewan's house, and we had to have a round of toast as soon as we got there! Then we all got in our car and we went off to Gym Tots. Ewan hadn't been before so I had to tell him about the tractor all the way there (me: "Trac-Tor!", Ewan: "Tractor?", me: "Trac-Tor!" and so on...) Ewan really enjoyed Gym Tots, and I had a great time showing him how to do everything (although he didn't want to do any dancing by the stereo or singing). I did really well at balancing the beanbag on my head too: Teacher said that I was very clever.

I was starving again after Gym Tots; so much so that I had to have a banana before we could go upstairs to the cafe to have lunch! I was much happier after that though. On the way home we stopped off at the park because the weather was really nice. It was still nice later on in the afternoon, so Mum and me went out and played in the garden.

We made Alien Masks at Tots on Tuesday morning, and in the afternoon we went swimming. I was very hungry again the whole day: I was so hungry at swimming that I didn't really enjoy it at all (and Mum didn't enjoy my complaining). I only cheered up when we'd finished and I'd eaten a banana and a biscuit.

We invited lots of my friends over to play on Wednesday morning. I helped Mum tidy up and play with Noo-Noo before they all arrived, and then I we to go outside to play because Mum didn't want me to mess anything up before they arrived! Lots of my friends came round, and we all had a lovely time playing with my toys. Mum was very proud of me because I shared my toys with everyone very nicely (this is something I've been practising). In the afternoon we went to the Park for a bit, but it was freezing and we had to go back after a short while because my hands got a bit cold (I've got Dad's circulation).

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mum took me to Softplay on Saturday morning as Dad wanted to do some things in the garden. Ewan and Ellie and Bella were there, and we all had a lovely time (although I did manage to give myself a nasty bump on my head when I fell through a hole at the back of one of the chairs). When we got back, Dad had cleared lots of trees and plants from behind the garage, and The Mog was looking a bit cross about the whole thing. I helped Mum and Dad do some more digging after lunch. I helped them move the Compost Bin, which was very exciting as it utrned out to be full of Worms and a family of Mice!

Mum took me to Church on Sunday morning while Dad carried on in the garden. I wore my Rubgy Shirt and lots of people thought it looked very smart. After my nap, Mum and me watched the Rugby: it was very exicting although Mum wasn't very happy about the men in the Green shirts as they kept stealing the ball from the men in the Red ones.

Bella came round later in the afternoon and we all played in the Garden again. Dad and Uncle Mark started carrying large wooden panels out of the Garage and fitting them together on the place they're cleared. Suddenly, there were four walls: they were making a house! It was very exciting! Me and Bella helped by playing with the bits. After that, we all had yummy baked potatos and yummy cake for tea.

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