Sunday, January 07, 2007

We saw a lot of my mate Ewan and his sister Ellie this week. We met up with them on Wednesday afternoon at the leisure centre where we all went to Softplay and then we all went swimming. It was very exciting! And we also met them at Roath Park on Thursday afternoon, where we all had a great time chasing ducks. I like my mate Ewan.

We went to Tots on Thursday morning, but it was a bit different to normal. For a start, only two other people came! Mum and the other mums got all the toys out and put them in piles all over the hall, and then they started to clean them. Me and the other Tots had great fun helping by moving the toys from one pile to another (I think we annoyed Mum a bit by doing this though).

We went to the Big Shop on Friday morning (we had toast in the cafe!), and then in the afternoon we went with Ewan and Ellie to see Baby Olivia who belongs to Aunty Gemma. Ewan and Ellie were very impressed by Baby Olivia, but after I'd sussed out that she said "Wah! Wah!" I lost interest and wanted to play with my toys.

We met up with Bella at Softplay on Saturday morning. I like Softplay, although in this session I was a bit sad as I managed to have a head-on-collision with a big boy in a tunnel I'd made and I cut my lip. After I'd recovered we went out shopping for some new shoes because I've grown a lot in the past few weeks and my current ones are too small. My new shoes are really cool: they have lights in them that flash when I run around! Bella came round again in the afternoon, and we all went out to the park until it got dark.

It got very dark after tea: I was playing in the bath when all of a sudden all the lights went out! It was very dark, and I was very sad because I decided I didn't like it at all. Dad said it was a "powercut" as all the lights in our street had gone out too. I was very worried and Mum had to get me out of the bath in the complete blackness while Dad went off to find some candles. It was a bit better when the candles arrived, although I wasn't too happy to have my bedtime story by candlelight. Fortunately, all the lights came back on halfway through my story and I was much happier after that (I said "Yeaahhh!" when they came back on).

Just to set the record right, I did NOT kidnap your little red elephant which Uncle Dave brought you from Thailand.

As you and I know, his cousins (one red, one brown, from the patterned side of the family) insisted that your red elephant attend a familiarisation and orientation course before setting off to seek his fortune in Cardiff.

I am pleased to confirm that he successfully passed his Level 1 "UK skills" course at Wilmslow Academy For Little Thai Elephants. There wasn't time for him to do any specialist Welsh units, but I hope that you will ask your mum and dad to make sure that he is introduced to a dragon as soon as possible so that he can learn to distinguish between A Trunk and A Flame - newly arrived elephants often confuse these, with painful consequences.

I hope the little red elephant is settling in well and isnt to homesick

Love Nana xxx
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