Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I was still a bit poorly on Monday. It's just a nasty cold, but every now and again I get all hot and I don't feel well and I wish it would go away! We decided to go to Playgroup anyway, and I'm glad we did because I had a lovely time playing with my mate Ewan and Bella. I had a nice surprise in the afternoon because Aunty Cheryl came to visit! She apparently doesn't have to go to work on Mondays anymore which is great because it means she can come and see me.

I felt a bit better on Tuesday and we went to Tots in the morning. We would normally go swimming in the afternoon, but the pool was closed and so we couldn't go. So Mum invited Bella round to play instead and we had a lovely time playing with my toys. We also made some yummy buns:

We went to Gym Tots with Becka this morning, and we both had a great time rushing about and playing on things. We stopped at the Really Big Shop on the way home to get some things, and we ended up staying for lunch as a bit of a treat: I had an enormous backed-potato with beans all to myself and it was yummy. I was very tired after all the running around that I lay down and went back to sleep after Mum woke me up for my nap! I fell asleep on Mum's bed and when I finally got up I found that The Mog had decided to join me. She was all warm and cuddly.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I was full of beans on Thursday and it ended up with me leading the singing at Playgroup! We normally do singing by sitting around in a big circle with one of the Playgroup leaders telling us what to do. But this time I thought I should do it, so I helped the leaders by dancing and clapping in the middle of the circle the while time. Everyone thought it was very entertaining, especially my rendition of the moves to the "Hokey Cokey" (Mum says that I obviously take after my Aunty Sally and my Aunty Ceri).

However, I wasn't quite as bouncy on Friday as I didn't feel very well: I was a bit sick and had a bit of a temperature that got steadily worse as the day went on. In the end Mum had to leave her School early to come and pick me up from my lovely Childminder, and I was very pleased to be home.

I was feeling a bit better on Saturday morning, so me and Mum went out to Cosmeston with Bella. We had a lovely time playing on the adventure playground, and then we had an even better time eating Cake and Danish Pastries in the Cafe!

I wasn't very well again in the evening, and poor Mum and Dad had to get up a lot during the night to look after me. Everyone was very tired in the morning, so Mum and me had an Aunty Ceri style breakfast of Milk Chocolate Buttons and Banana Muffins which made us feel much better. I was feeling a bit better after lunch so we went out to Roath Park to meet my mate Ewan and Ellie. We had a lovely time looking at the ducks and playing on the swings, and we saw some very exciting remote-control boats. Then on the way home, we stopped off to see some of Mum and Dad's friends from Badminton. I had a lovely time there: yhey had Chocolate Biscuits!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mum called me a "silly sausage" on Monday because I managed to spill my drink on two different sets of trousers. We had been at Playgroup for a short while when I decided it was time for a drink and a biscuit. Unfortunately, the biscuit was so yummy that I forgot what I was doing with my drink and it ended up all over my trousers! Then when Mum had changed them, I did it all over again! She wasn't very pleased.

In the afternoon we went to the Park, but it was freezing and I got cold hands so we didn't stay long. When we got home, Mum and me made Banana Muffins which was great because I got do mixing and I helped make sure all the bananas and branflakes tasted right (I had quite a lot of the raw ingredients, which had some rather smelly consequences over the course of the next day...)

All the Mums were a bit distracted at Tots on Tuesday. They seemed to be talking about going out for a meal in the evening, and they all seemed very excited about it. We all wondered if the restraunt knew what it was letting itself in for: nine Tots Mums out and about without us to rein them in sounded a bit scarey! We went Swimming in the afternoon as normal, and I did lots of good swimming and even learnt how to put my face in the water like some of the big kids do.

I got lots of praise from the Teacher at Gym Tots on Wednesday morning. She was very impressed by my "Hokey Cokey" dance (I've been practising with Mum). She was also surprised when it came to doing the forward-rolls as I will now bend in the middle instead of standing bolt-upright. I reckon I;ve got this Gym stuff sussed.

We met my mate Ewan at Softplay in the afternoon, and we had a great time chasing each other around and pushing each other over. Ewan is quite a bit bigger than me, and I go quite a long way when he barges into me. I usually think it's very funny, but I wasn't very impressed when he managed to push me right off the bouncy castle. I didn't stay upset for long though and we were soon tearing round after each other again. I was very tired by the end of the day: Gym Tots and Sofplay are good fun but hard work!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I had a lovely time at my Childminder's on Thursday, and so I was a bit concerned on Friday morning because we didn't stop at my Childminder's when we left the house. But I soon cheered up because we went to the Hospital to go to Clinic (I recognised it as soon as we got into the carpark). I had a lovely time playing with all the toys in the waiting room; so much so that I almost had a temper-tantrum when the Nurse dragged me away to weigh and measure me (I'm now 22 lb). A short while later we saw my Consultant, and she chatted to Mum for a long time. Everyone seems really pleased with me: I'm apparently doing everything I should be doing for a child of my age. I've officially caught up!

Mum took me to my Childminder's when we were all done at the hospital, and I had another lovely day playing. I was so tired b y the end of the day that I didn't want to go in the bath! Mum and Dad were a bit confused as I normally love going in the bath. It took them at least twenty minutes of screaming to figure out that I wanted to go straight to bed instead. I was much happier as soon as I got there though.

We met lots of my friends at Softplay on Saturday morning: Ewan, Ellie, Bella and even Rowan were there! We all had lovely time playing on the bouncy castle and things. After that, I helped Mum and Dad at the Big Shop and then I had an giantnourmous lunch because I was so hungry after all the running about. After lunch we all went to the Library and I showed Dad how to choose books and played with the furniture (I like rearranging all the chairs in the libary, although the ones with people on them are a bit tricky).

I went to Church with Mum on Sunday morning and had a lovely time waving at the Choir and playing with all the toys. The weather changed in the afternoon (it started hailing!) so we all went out to Castle Coch for a bit of an adventure in the rain. I was very exciting: we found a huge Castle with giantnormous doors and a bridge! I had a great time knocking on the huges doors, but noone seemed to be in.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I was a bit naughty on Monday morning. Mum was trying to get us ready to go out to Playgroup, and I was hungry and a bit bored so I had to try really hard to get her attention. I didn't to anything really bad, but I did lots of small things to really wind Mum up. She wasn't very happy, so I gave her a hug and a kiss to say I was sorry. I tried really hard to be good after that but somehow sharing toys at playgroup seemed very difficult... In the afternoon we went to play in Roath Park even though it was a bit rainy. Me and Mum got all dressed up in our pac-a-macs and had a good time even though we looked silly.

On Tuesday I had a lovely time at Tots and Swimming. I was very tired by the end of swimming though, and fell asleep in the changing room play pen waiting for Mum to changed!

I had a great time at Gym Tots on Wednesday. The lady in charge played some music really loud, and after investigating the music box carefully for a while, I made Mum laugh by doing my best roundy-round dancing to "The Conga" and other great party hits. Gym Tots is fun!

After lunch, Mum had to go to Work, so she bundled me into the car and we went to Dad's Office! Dad's office has lots of toys in it: I really like playing with the Big Ball and the Toy Car (Dad must really enjoy going to work). Then we went home on the bus! It was all very exciting, especially when we saw an Ambulance with Flashing Lights go by at high speed. When we got home, we played with the Red Elephant from Thailand (he seems to be settling in nicely). Me and Dad had lots of fun posting him through the windows on my Cardboard Castle until it was time for tea.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

We saw a lot of Bella this weekend. I took Dad to softplay on Saturday morning which was very exciting because Bella was there and then Ewan and Ellie arrived and then Rowan arrived too! We all had a great time running about on the bouncy castle, and Ellie invented a hilarious game where she rolled me and Ewan out like pastry with a huge softplay rolling pin. Bella came round to play in the afternoon, and then stayed for tea. We had roast dinner; it was yummy!

We went shopping for shoes for Mum on Sunday morning. It wasn't too bad though, as the shoe shop wasn't open when we arrived so we went for a walk to the top of a nearby hill. The view from the top was great: I could see the mountains and the sea at the same time! Mum pointed out the Millenium Stadium, but I was more interested in the blue and yellow Ikea building.

When we got back down, the shop was open so me and Dad left Mum looking at shoes while we went to look at the pets in the shop next door. I really liked looking at the goldfish, but the bunnies were my favourite. After we'd collected Mum from the shoe shop, we went to Ikea to play in the playground (no swings, but they've lots of other interesting toys), and then we went inside to get some lunch. We had a nice surprise inside as Bella was there too! I helped her eat some of her chips; Bella is very kind!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mum had to go to work on Monday so Dad stayed home to look after me. We had lots of fun at Softplay with some of my friends from Tots on Monday morning: I had a great time rushing about and jumping on things, and this time I even managed not to bump into anyone else. Things got even more exciting after lunch as I got to help Dad make a Rocket in my New Room!

The Rocket is from Aunty Sal and it's very exiting (although I did get a bit bored when Dad was making it and had to go and wave at the Bin Men for a bit). The best bit is that it's got a door! I like getting in and out all on my own.

Everything was back to normal on Tuesday so we did Tots in the morning following by my swimming lesson in the afternoon. There were lots of new people in my class today and I helped show them what to do. Mum was very proud because I can swim about all by myself now.

We also had a great time at Gym Tots today. After I got bored of climing on the softplay, I discovered the Teacher's Stereo and spent several happy minutes experimenting with the various dials and buttons before I got told off. I tried putting my ears to the bits where the music comes out, but I couldn't do it for long because it was very loud. Gym Tots is fun!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

We saw a lot of my mate Ewan and his sister Ellie this week. We met up with them on Wednesday afternoon at the leisure centre where we all went to Softplay and then we all went swimming. It was very exciting! And we also met them at Roath Park on Thursday afternoon, where we all had a great time chasing ducks. I like my mate Ewan.

We went to Tots on Thursday morning, but it was a bit different to normal. For a start, only two other people came! Mum and the other mums got all the toys out and put them in piles all over the hall, and then they started to clean them. Me and the other Tots had great fun helping by moving the toys from one pile to another (I think we annoyed Mum a bit by doing this though).

We went to the Big Shop on Friday morning (we had toast in the cafe!), and then in the afternoon we went with Ewan and Ellie to see Baby Olivia who belongs to Aunty Gemma. Ewan and Ellie were very impressed by Baby Olivia, but after I'd sussed out that she said "Wah! Wah!" I lost interest and wanted to play with my toys.

We met up with Bella at Softplay on Saturday morning. I like Softplay, although in this session I was a bit sad as I managed to have a head-on-collision with a big boy in a tunnel I'd made and I cut my lip. After I'd recovered we went out shopping for some new shoes because I've grown a lot in the past few weeks and my current ones are too small. My new shoes are really cool: they have lights in them that flash when I run around! Bella came round again in the afternoon, and we all went out to the park until it got dark.

It got very dark after tea: I was playing in the bath when all of a sudden all the lights went out! It was very dark, and I was very sad because I decided I didn't like it at all. Dad said it was a "powercut" as all the lights in our street had gone out too. I was very worried and Mum had to get me out of the bath in the complete blackness while Dad went off to find some candles. It was a bit better when the candles arrived, although I wasn't too happy to have my bedtime story by candlelight. Fortunately, all the lights came back on halfway through my story and I was much happier after that (I said "Yeaahhh!" when they came back on).

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great 2007!

I had a great time on New Year's Eve: we all went round to my mate Ewan's house for tea and we had Chicken Nuggets and Christmas Cake and lots of other yummy things. I was very excited, and spent a lot of time chasing Ewan and Ellie around the house. After tea, I went in the bath and then I went to sleep in Ellie's room. Mum and Dad came and got me much later on; I was very tired but managed to stay awake all the way home.

It was sunny in the morning so we went up to Castle Coch for a walk around the woods. I was so tired after my late night I managed to fall asleep in the back carrier for a bit, but Mum and Dad woke me up when we got to the Fox. I liked playing with the Fox:

Today we went out on the bus to meet up with Ewan and Ellie at the Museum. Riding on the bus was very exicting and I stood up on the seat all the way there. We all had a great time running around the exhibits and climbing up all the stairs. Then we went to see the Dinosaurs (they say "Rahhh!"). My favourite ones were the Woolly Mammoths, although Ewan thought they were a bit scarey.

After we visited the dinosaurs, we went for some lunch in the cafe and then we went to Winter Wonderland! The Big Wheel was very exciting and very tall; me and Ewan had to sit very still and it was a bit scarey. I liked looking down through the gaps in the bars though.

Then we went on some Reindeer and some spinning Horses. It was all very exciting!

We all went home on the bus after that. I was very tired after all the excitment, but I managed to stay awake and look out of the window the whole way home.

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