Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mum was right about this weekend: I went to three birthday parties!

I was a bit poorly and coughy on Friday night and I woke up in the late evening with a nasty snuffle. Normally when I wake up with a cold, Mum or Dad will come and pat me for a while, but this time Aunty Cheryl came and patted me instead! It was a bit odd, but I didn't worry about it too much and I went back to sleep straight away. I slept really well after that, and didn;t wake up until 8am!

On Saturday morning we went to the Big Shop (I had toast in the Cafe!), and we came home with a Christmas Tree! But we didn't do much with it until later. Just after lunch, we went to Jessica's birthday party at Alphabet Zoo. We got a bit lost on the way there; I knew where it was (I went there with my lovely Childminder earlier in the week), but Mum and Dad didn't listen to me. Alphapbet Zoo is great for toddlers like me: there are loads of things to play on and I played with my friends on everything: the toys, the slides, in the ball pool, with the kitchen set, in the train tunnel. It was great! Then we had some yummy food and we all sang "Happy Birthday". I was very tired after all the running about and I fell asleep straight away on the way home.

When I woke up, I was very excited because Dad had carried the Christmas Tree into the front room! It got even more exciting when me and Mum decorated it with lights, lots of shiny balls and bits of tinsel (The Mog likes tinsel). I was so excited by it I kept pulling Mum and Dad into the front room to come and see it. I really like my Christmas Tree.

Sunday was even busier. Me and Mum went to Church as normal, and after lunch we went to Ben's party at Jump. It's a bit like Alphabet Zoo, but there's lots more things for bigger children (I want to come back when I'm older!). I liked playing with the lights in the Disco Room, and the Ball Pool was so deep I nearly drowned in it. We had some yummy Chicken and Chips, and then we all sang "Happy Birthday", and then I had some cake while a very clever lady made me a Dog from some balloons.

And after that, we went to another party! As well as being Ben's birthday today, it was also George's Dad's Birthday. But it was a surprise: George's Dad didn't know there was going to be a party! We all snuck off to a Pub, and George's Dad arrived later. When he came in the door, we all shouted "Happy Birthday!" and he was very surprised! We had some more Party Food and we played with some of George's toys on the floor, and then we had to go home because it was rather late. I was very tired, and I was very pleased to be in bed.(Poor Mum had to miss this last party because she was singing with the choir at church - dad said we had a "lad's night out"...)

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