Sunday, December 03, 2006

I was full of beans on Thursday and Friday. There was no particular reason, I was just very happy with the world. So happy, in fact, that I would run into a room, shout "Rahhh!" and then run out giggling. I think my poor Childminder was quite worn out by the end of Friday!

Saturday turned out to be rather exciting. We went swimming in the morning and I had a lovely time playing with the Crocodile (it says "Snap! Snap!"). I also showed Dad how to play "Humpty Dumpty" and I practised swimming all by myself (it's much easier now I've got the hang of keeping my mouth closed!) I like swimming, especially now I have my wetsuit to keep me warm.

In the afternoon, I was just about to go down for my nap when Bella arrived! Her Mum wasn't feeling very well, so we had to look after Bella while her Mum and Dad went tosort her out. Bella was a bit surprised to be at my house to start with and awas a bit sad to be without her Mum and Dad, but she soon cheered up when playing the Animal Parade game (although she really didn't like it when Noo-Noo ate Po's scooter and La-La's ball). Bella was very tired, and eventually went to sleep in my cot. I woke up first and went to the Big Shop with Dad. She was awake when we got back and her Dad had come to collect her, so we all played in the front room for a bit. I think she was very pleased to see her Dad.

I had a great time at Church with Mum on Sunday. On the way there, we saw a huge Fire-engine parked outside someones house (it says "Deee Dooo"). Then when we were in the Church a boig dog came and sat down beside us! Mum explained that it was a very clever dog, as it told its Mum what she could see. I also helped Mum sing in the choir too. In the afternoon, I played with my cars and then Aunty Cheryl came round and I had a lovely time showing her all my toys, and she helped me do some colouring.

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