Saturday, December 30, 2006

I've just got back from a very busy trip Up North to see everyone for Christmas. We arrived at Ma and Pa's house on the night before Christmas Eve; it was very late when we arrived and I was very tired and I was a bit shy.

I was much brighter by the morning and after running around Ma's house for a bit we all went out for a Pub lunch with Aunty Ceri, Nana, Grandpa and Granny. I had some yummy chips to eat. In the afternoon, I helped Aunty Ceri make some biscuits, and then we all went round to Nana's house to meet up with Aunty Sal and Aunty Dani and my cousins Jamie, Aiden, Scott and Naomi.

Nana's new house has loads of places to hide, including a cupboard under the stairs that's just the right size for me! I spent a lot of time playing in the cupboard, particularly after Nana put some balloons in there for me to play with.

In the evening we all went out to Ma's Church to sing carols. I was a bit tired at the Church and I was very wriggly, but I enjoyed the singing.

Chistmas Day was very exciting. I got up late (Mum and Dad said that they don't think it will happen next year), and then we all went down stairs to open our presents. I had a lot of presents! I had so many that I could barely take them all in (Dad had real trouble squeezing them all into the car for the journey home). Christmas morning was lovely:

Ma had an Open House after we all had breakfast and got dressed, and lots of people came to see us. I had a lovely time shyowing everyone my new toys. After lunch, I watched a bit of "One of our Dinosaurs is missing" with Mum and Aunty Ceri (it's a very funny film: I said "Rah!" whenever I saw the dinosaur) and then we went round to Nana's new house for Christmas Dinner.

Nana and Grandpa gave me a really cool chair. It's just like the ones my Mum and Dad have at home. I helped Dad and Aunty Ceri out it together:

Christmas Dinner was yummy, and I had to have seconds of Christmas Pudding!

After we'd all eaten, we played some more and then it was time for my bath. I tried out some really cool bath paints from funny Aunty Ceri, and with the help of some of Nans's brushes, I soon made a really big mess!

The rest of the week was also lovely. We went for a long walk on Boxing Day (I went in the Back Carrier), where we saw Lamas, Horses, Goats and even an Owl. On Wednesday, we went round to Aunty Ceri's house for lunch (she makes a very yummy Chilli) and we ended up playing at ther house for the rest of the afternoon. On Thursday, we went round to Ma and Pa's house again to meet up with Aunty Sal, Aunty Emma and my cousins Aiden and Amirah. I spent a lot of time playing in the cupboard again.

It was very wet on Friday, so we went to the Wacky Warehouse with my cousin Amirah. Dad and Aunty Ceri had a great time chasing me around, but I spent most of my time playing on Thomas The Tank Engine and in an Icecream Van with Amirah:

In the afternoon, we met up with Aunty Danute and Uncle Laurie and my third cousins Jo and Olivia (you'll have to ask Ma to explain what a "third cousin" is). We all had a great time playing with my toys while Mum and Dad packed up everyting else. We set of for home after tea on Friday. I woke up just as we arrived, and I was very excited to be back in my own house again. Mum said I was just like The Mog when she gets back from the Vet, as I ran around the whole house shouting "Whoooo". It took me a long time to settle down to go to sleep.

We were all a bit tired today, so I quite enjoyed spending the day playing with all my old toys while Mum and Dad tried to find homes for all the new ones. Dad tried to take me to Soft Play, but it was closed (I was very sad), and so we went to the cafe at the Big Shop for some cake instead (I was much happier after I'd eaten a gianormous ginger raindeer). It seems very quiet here without all my family around; I miss them all.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

There was no Playgroup on Monday, so we went to Softplay with people from Tots instead. It was great: they've got a new Bouncy Castle which is very exciting. When we were done, my mate Ewan and his Mum came for lunch with some yummy Big Muffins and I showed Ewan the Christmas Tree. When I woke up from my nap, Bella was there! Bella's Mum had brought us Chocolate Orange to eat: they're really yummy! I had a lovely time playing with Bella, particularly when we ran all the way up the stairs to my New Room to hide in the cubby holes.

Mum seemed a but flustered on Tuesday morning, and we got to Tots really early. Quiet a few other Mums were there too. I was a bit worried when they started to put out the toys though: they were doing it all wrong! I tried to tell them, but they kept telling us to "go and play nicely until we're done". It took them a long time to finish, but when they were done everything was set up for a Christmas Party! We all had a lovely time at the party: we sang songs and had some yummy food and played Pass the Parcel and then Father Christmas arrived! It was very exciting.

After lunch we went to meet my mate Ewan at Softplay, and we had a lovely time rolling around on the mats. Ewan kept trying to jump on me, but I kepy wriggling out of the way! After that I went to my Swimming lesson. I was very tired by the end of the day.

Lots of people came to see us on Wednesday. We went to Gym Tots in the morning, and I had a great time playing the Falling Over game and joining in with the Stick Bashing Song. Then after lunch, the doorbell rang and Aunty Ros was there! It was very exciting, particularly as she gave me a very nice Music Box that plays a tune when you open the lid. A bit later on, the door bell went again and Aunty Jenny was there. She had come to return some cards that she'd found outside on the drive (I've no idea how they managed to post themselves through our letterbox, honest!). Aunty Jenny is very funny and she makes me laugh a lot, especially when she pretends I'm a bowling pin and she tries to knock me down with my bowling ball.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mum was right about this weekend: I went to three birthday parties!

I was a bit poorly and coughy on Friday night and I woke up in the late evening with a nasty snuffle. Normally when I wake up with a cold, Mum or Dad will come and pat me for a while, but this time Aunty Cheryl came and patted me instead! It was a bit odd, but I didn't worry about it too much and I went back to sleep straight away. I slept really well after that, and didn;t wake up until 8am!

On Saturday morning we went to the Big Shop (I had toast in the Cafe!), and we came home with a Christmas Tree! But we didn't do much with it until later. Just after lunch, we went to Jessica's birthday party at Alphabet Zoo. We got a bit lost on the way there; I knew where it was (I went there with my lovely Childminder earlier in the week), but Mum and Dad didn't listen to me. Alphapbet Zoo is great for toddlers like me: there are loads of things to play on and I played with my friends on everything: the toys, the slides, in the ball pool, with the kitchen set, in the train tunnel. It was great! Then we had some yummy food and we all sang "Happy Birthday". I was very tired after all the running about and I fell asleep straight away on the way home.

When I woke up, I was very excited because Dad had carried the Christmas Tree into the front room! It got even more exciting when me and Mum decorated it with lights, lots of shiny balls and bits of tinsel (The Mog likes tinsel). I was so excited by it I kept pulling Mum and Dad into the front room to come and see it. I really like my Christmas Tree.

Sunday was even busier. Me and Mum went to Church as normal, and after lunch we went to Ben's party at Jump. It's a bit like Alphabet Zoo, but there's lots more things for bigger children (I want to come back when I'm older!). I liked playing with the lights in the Disco Room, and the Ball Pool was so deep I nearly drowned in it. We had some yummy Chicken and Chips, and then we all sang "Happy Birthday", and then I had some cake while a very clever lady made me a Dog from some balloons.

And after that, we went to another party! As well as being Ben's birthday today, it was also George's Dad's Birthday. But it was a surprise: George's Dad didn't know there was going to be a party! We all snuck off to a Pub, and George's Dad arrived later. When he came in the door, we all shouted "Happy Birthday!" and he was very surprised! We had some more Party Food and we played with some of George's toys on the floor, and then we had to go home because it was rather late. I was very tired, and I was very pleased to be in bed.(Poor Mum had to miss this last party because she was singing with the choir at church - dad said we had a "lad's night out"...)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Monday was a very busy day. It started by a trip to Playgroup to see my mate Ewan. Going to Playgroup is very exciting at the moment because they're fixing the road by it and I get to see lots of lorrys and builders. Ewan was very pleased to see me, and we had lovely time playing with the toys. I tried very hard to say "Ewan", but it came out as "U-en" and he didn't really understand, but Mum was very impressed. I also managed to help some of the bigger children use the glitter (it ended up all over my hands and all in my hair).

After Playgroup, we went straight to the Wacky Warehouse to meet my friends from Tots for a Christmas party. We did some playing and then we all went to get some food. Mum had been clever and arranged for all our food to arrive at the same time, and so all us Tots had a great time eating things off each other's plates. And then we did a "Secret Santa": I got a cool book about animals.

And after that, Mum whisked me off to her School, but I was a bit tired and fell asleep just as we arrived. I was a bit bleery when Mum woke me up a few minutes later, and I was quite surprised to find myself ina large hall full of big children all looking at me. Mum explained that we were going to see the dress rehersal of Mum's Christmas Show! I'd practised Christmas Shows with my Childminder on Friday when we went to see Luke performing in his, so I was very good during the show (although I was entertained by Aunty Gail, Aunty Denise and Aunty Mel during the slow bits). By the time it ended it was way past my nap time and I went straight to sleep as soon as we got back to the car!

On Tuesday we went to Tots and then went Swimming. My teacher said my Floating Like a Star was very good and that I'd been doing so well that I could have my next "Little Ducking" certificate! When I woke up, Dad was there as Mum had to go back to School for the show. We played quietly until Aunty Jenny came round: I think she's hilarious and she makes me scream with laughter, particularly when we both played the "Hiding in the Cupboard" game.

On Wednesday went to the Doctors and then went to get some biscuits for The Mog. I was a bit upset when I realised that the biscuits were for The Mog, and grumbled all the way to the Big Shop. However, when we got there Mum gave in and we had Emergency Tea and Toast in the Cafe! It was yummy, and I ate the whole lot. After a bit of shopping, we went over to Gym Tots for some falling-over-on-purpose and sliding down the train slide. I was very excited when it was bashing sticks time as I'd spent some time practising with felt pens at home. My gym teacher said I did really well, especially during the bash behind your back manouvre. Me and Mum were a bit tired in the afternoon, so we decided to stay in and play in the house instead of rushing off somewhere else. I discovered a Big Box, and I had a lovely time playing inside it. Mum called me "Calvin" and said that the box was a Transmogrifier, but I've no idea what she was on about.

Mum says the weekend is going to be even busier...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It was dry on Saturday so we all went to Roath Park. After chasing the ducks and playing on the swings, we were all a bit cold so we walked down to the Conservatory to get warm.

It was very steamy in the Conservatory, and I had a great time running about and looking at the huge fish in the pond. And we also found the Naughty Duck that chased Mum and me earlier this year:

(It didn't try to chase us this time though). After that, we went to the Cafe for some lunch. I was so hungry I ate a whole Cheesey baked potatoe all by my self!

Sunday was great: I went to Church with Mum in the morning, and had a lovely time playing with all the toys. Then in the afternoon we went to the Hospital to the SCIPS Christmas party! It was very exciting: Rowan and Mabli where there and there were loads of toys to play with and lots of the Nurses who used to look after me were there too. We played Pass the Parcel and then we had some yummy Party Food and then Father Christmas arrived!

After that we went up to the Unit to sing Christmas Carols to the little babies. I saw some little babies inside some funny plastic houses, and Mum explained that I used to live inside one of those too. I liked seeing the babies (they say "Wahh! Wahh!"), and it was great to see everyone at the Unit again.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I had a lovely time playing with my mate Ewan at Playgroup on Monday morning. We mostly played with a Telly-Tubbies JigSaw; this was very exciting because I got to say "Eh-oh" everytime Ewan said one of their names. My mate Ewan is very clever and can name all the Telly-Tubbies. He also has some cool clothes, and I really liked his T-Shirt: it has the words "Can't stop! No Brakes" written on it, which is pretty much our approach to life.

We went to the Library in the afternoon, which was great because I found a book all about diggers and tractors and trucks and things. I tend to scream with joy when I see a digger or a bus, and this book was filled with them. I made so much noise that some of the staff were a bit worried and I think I managed to embarrased Mum. I had a great time reading it all the way home too: I was tucked up all warm and snug under the raincover while Mum pushed me home through the driving rain and howling wind (I think Mum was a bit jealous really).

I invented a new game on Tuesday. We went to Tots as normal in the morning, and we were about to go swimming just after lunch when I had a brainwave: we could play hide and seek! Mum was washing up when I had my idea, so I wandered over to her, waved, said "Di Diii", and ran off to hide. I'm not sure she understood the game right away, as she carried on doing the washing up for a few minutes. But eventually the sudden stillness made her worry and she came to find me. As she passed the understairs cupboard, I leapt out and shouted "Da!"! She was very surprised and it was very funny. After that, I played hide-and-seek a lot. It's great fun, and I don't seem to get bored by it at all even after doing it ten times in a row (although Mum and Dad don't seem to find it quite so funny now).

I was very well-behaved on Wednesday morning and I joined in with pretty much everything at Gym Tots on Wednesday. I even had a really good go at doing some of the harder moves with the Sticks, and I even managed to clack them behind my back. However, I think I must have used up all my Good in the morning, as I just wanted to cause trouble the rest of the day and I think I drove Mum a bit potty. Luckilly, Aunty Aimee saved the day by inviting us round to her house to play with Bella, and I had a great time playing with her and her toys. We also had some Giant Choc Chip Cookies that were really yummy: I managed to eat a whole one all by myself!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I was full of beans on Thursday and Friday. There was no particular reason, I was just very happy with the world. So happy, in fact, that I would run into a room, shout "Rahhh!" and then run out giggling. I think my poor Childminder was quite worn out by the end of Friday!

Saturday turned out to be rather exciting. We went swimming in the morning and I had a lovely time playing with the Crocodile (it says "Snap! Snap!"). I also showed Dad how to play "Humpty Dumpty" and I practised swimming all by myself (it's much easier now I've got the hang of keeping my mouth closed!) I like swimming, especially now I have my wetsuit to keep me warm.

In the afternoon, I was just about to go down for my nap when Bella arrived! Her Mum wasn't feeling very well, so we had to look after Bella while her Mum and Dad went tosort her out. Bella was a bit surprised to be at my house to start with and awas a bit sad to be without her Mum and Dad, but she soon cheered up when playing the Animal Parade game (although she really didn't like it when Noo-Noo ate Po's scooter and La-La's ball). Bella was very tired, and eventually went to sleep in my cot. I woke up first and went to the Big Shop with Dad. She was awake when we got back and her Dad had come to collect her, so we all played in the front room for a bit. I think she was very pleased to see her Dad.

I had a great time at Church with Mum on Sunday. On the way there, we saw a huge Fire-engine parked outside someones house (it says "Deee Dooo"). Then when we were in the Church a boig dog came and sat down beside us! Mum explained that it was a very clever dog, as it told its Mum what she could see. I also helped Mum sing in the choir too. In the afternoon, I played with my cars and then Aunty Cheryl came round and I had a lovely time showing her all my toys, and she helped me do some colouring.

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