Sunday, November 12, 2006

I went to my lovely Childminder on Thursday. Unfortunately I made a really big fuss when Mum left as I didn't want her to leave me (I think I got used to having her around all the time during half-term). Fortunately, my tantrum didn't last long, and I make an equal amount of fuss when Mum came to take me away! I had a lovely time at my Childminder's on Friday though, mainly because we had lots of yummy things to eat.

We all went swimming on Saturday morning. I normally go a bit blue round the edges when I've been in the pool for a bit (I seem to have inherited Dad's circulation), but Mum found me a wetsuit to wear and we thought we'd better try it out before my lesson on Tuesday. It was great: I was really warm and I didn't go blue at all! Even better, it makes me more buoyant so swimming all on my own is now much easier (swimming all on my own is hilarious, but laughing underwater isn't).

In the afternoon, we met up with Bella and her parents at the Llanishen Farm Shop. Me and Bella had some William Dribble cake and then we all went outside to play on the toys and to look at the goats (they tried to eat my coat!)

Sunday was fairly quiet, but we had a bit of a disaster at lunchtime when I managed to fall out of my chair! It's got a removable tray which keeps me pinned in when I'm eating, but I've never managed to release the catches before. As you might imagine, I was rather surprised when the tray suddenly came loose! However, I was less than pleased to find my head bouncing off the table and the radiator on the way down to the floor. I wasn't very happy! Luckily, other than managing to bite my tongue on the way down and dribbling blood all over my new jumper, I wasn't too badly damaged. Needless to say, I was very well strapped in at teatime...

Bad luck Will - but nice to know you bounced!

I like the sound of the wet suit. Can we have a picture of you modelling it - some of your Aged Relations might want one for when they're tempted to swim in the sea

Nana xxx
Hi Will,

I am in Europe getting ready to come and see you and it is freezing!! For sure it is wetsuit weather i am tempted to buy one just for walking around rainy North Germany :( - Cant wait for next weekend, be good and stay in that chair!

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